3 Reasons The Nvidia Shield TV Pro Is My Favourite Media Player

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3 Reasons The Nvidia Shield TV Pro Is My Favourite Media Player

Nvidia has a long history of being at the forefront of developing the latest computer technology. It has had brilliant success in the realm of graphic cards, chips, and microprocessors but what a lot of people aren’t aware of is Nvidia’s partnership with Android.

Their Nvidia Shield TV line is based on the Android operating system that is explicitly designed to provide the best and most immersive media and gaming experience that Nvidia can muster from its impressive hardware. But somehow you can’t watch everything on nvidia shield tv pro because of geo-restricted content, for that You can use Nvidia Shield VPNs with it.

Nvidia launched its first Shield TV back in 2015. Nvidia has been pushing its gaming and media device line for a long time. The OG Shield TV came with the very powerful Tegra X1 processor that holds up even today. The device itself is supported even today.

But this blog will not focus on the 2015 variant of the Shield TV, rather, it will focus on the 2019 variant known as the Shield TV Pro. First, we will outline reasons why it might be the best option for a media player out there.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro – Why It’s The Best Media Player

Nvidia Shield TV Pro – An Overview

Before we get into the reasons why it’s the best and a personal favorite, let’s talk about the features and the overall device itself.

Price Point

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro was released at a price point of $199.99 back in 2019. This puts the device on the higher end of media streaming devices. But you will be surprised to know that it is cheaper than the Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2017 variant), which was released at a $280 price point.

Its competition is the Apple 4K TV with the A11 Bionic chip. The price point is quite similar to the Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019), but you will get a better bang for your buck with the Nvidia Shield TV Pro than the Apple 4K TV.


Regarding design, the 2019 Nvidia Shield TV Pro variant certainly feels like it has grown and gotten chunkier. The device’s height is twice the size of the standard variant and thrice the width. It is also made from plastic throughout but feels sturdy and strong when one is holding it.

Although, if you are wondering how to place it on your desk or TV table, we recommend putting it down horizontally rather than keeping it upright. Keeping it upright would make it prone to falling should you accidentally tug on the wires.

It has two USB 3.0 ports, both Type-A, an HDMI 2.0 port, and a Gigabit Ethernet controller. The device also comes with a redesigned remote that is long and thin in design.

Content & Performance

The Nvidia Shield Pro is brilliant for streaming. It provides access to all kinds of platforms, like  Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube, and even platforms like ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer.

It supports 4K HDR10 just like the older variants, but it also has added support for Dolby Vision HDR, which is great for people with TVs that support this feature. It also has a Dolby audio suite and DTS-X surround sound. It comes with an Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor and a 256-core GPU, and 3GBs of RAM, which makes it quite powerful for a media device.

3 Reasons The Nvidia Shield TV Pro Might Become Your Favourite

1. Highly Advanced AI Upscaling Tech

As the world advances, people want the best performance from their devices. Streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max do offer 4K streaming but this feature is only reserved for the higher-end packages. Not everyone can afford to pay those exorbitant prices.

Thankfully, Nvidia Shield TV Pro saves the day here. It comes with a native AI upscaling feature that works far better than any other AI upscaling tech in the market. So, even if you have a 1080p streaming package, the Nvidia AI upscaling technology will work on upscaling the resolution to 4K to enhance your viewing experience.

So, you don’t necessarily need to pay the extra subscription price. All you need is a 4K TV, and you are good to go. There are other options in the market for AI upscaling, such as the Amazon Omni TVs, but even the high-end 65” model didn’t hold up against the Nvidia Shield TV Pro’s performance.

2. Redesigned & Revamped Remote Rocks

The original Shield TV remote was clunky. Its design seemed to be unrefined, and it had terrible battery life. It also has a weird touchscreen bar for volume control which did not endear itself to users.

The 2019 variant has fixed all that with a completely new and revamped design that is much sleeker. The new design is quite minimalist compared to that of its predecessor and it does the job wonderfully. However, its design is also quite traditional, with a round dial for navigational buttons.

It also takes AAA batteries that, despite the backlight, make it last for months on end without worry. So, battery life isn’t an issue anymore either. It even has a dedicated Netflix button that you can use to open the app directly.

3. A Brilliant Cable Alternative

Are you looking for an excuse to finally get rid of cable? Here it is. The Nvidia Shield TV Pro not only supports all the brilliant streaming services but it also has ethernet ports for particularly demanding streams that would be too much for a wireless connection.

You can even set up your own media servers or media network. This is where the AI upscale shines, as it will upscale those custom 1080p streams to 4K with ease. Even if you simply want to play pirated movies/TV shows or your Blu-ray rips that you’ve downloaded onto your drive, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro can handle it all.


This is such a brilliant device that it is selling like hotcakes. Many places have run out of stock and are scrambling to stock more to keep up with the demand. That, alone, should tell you how good this device is.

So, don’t wait around. Get your hands on one of these as soon as you can.

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