How To Start Drinking Coffee

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How To Start Drinking Coffee

Coffee is a delicious beverage, however, if you have not yet decided to give it a taste you are missing out. There are some people who aren’t a big fan of coffee, but the truth is that this distaste is usually down to no experimentation. 

Coffee is about experimenting. You could hate Lattes, but adore an espresso. Perhaps you have not tried adding syrups to it, or maybe you just have not tried the glory of an iced coffee in the summer heat. It’s also possible you have been exposed to horrid office coffee, so we can’t blame you!

So learn how to enjoy a tasty coffee with us and start getting your caffeine on, whether you want to use a cafetière, an espresso maker, or pod machines.  

Starting Drinking Coffee

Coffee is something of an acquired taste, some people can be turned off by it when they first give it a try, but you can take a few steps to make it a more regular part of your routine. 

So, here are some things you can do to better enjoy that cuppa.

Understand All The Types Of Coffee Beans

One thing you may want to do is look at the many different types of coffee as there are several major types, all of which have different flavors, uses, and aromas. 

Let’s take a little look at some of these. 

The first of these is Arabian coffees, which we know as arabica, or mountain coffee. This makes up for about 60% of all worldwide coffee and is grown in Latin America. These beans are sweet and soft with a fruity flavor. 

They have a higher level of acidity which is why this coffee often has its taste likened to wine. However, since they are often grown at a high altitude and are not easy to harvest, this does make them on the more expensive end. 

Then there are Robusta beans, which make up the other 40%, these are grown in southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, and in Africa. They have a stronger taste and even more caffeine. They are often harsh and grainy with a nutty after tone. 

However, they are easier to grow and are often cheaper than Arabian beans, often used in instant coffee.

There are other types of coffee beans, but these are the primary two.

Consider Different Methods Of Brewing

The right gear will make your coffee really shine. If all you have had is instant coffee then you may not like it with good reason but using a grinder and a quality coffee maker will make your coffee something totally different.

You could try an espresso machine, an aeropress, an auto-drip, moka pot, French press, or Turkish pot. Even using pod machines like Nespresso makers can yield great coffee. There are so many options for you to try. 

Coffee is very versatile, and you can prepare it in a multitude of different ways, each method will result in a different flavor, texture and taste. This is why it is worthwhile experimenting to find the way of making coffee that most appeals to you. 

Espresso is a popular option, forcing a small amount of water through fine coffee beans, to create a thick and high concentration of dissolved solids. It has a concentrated flavor and is the base of many beverages. 

Espressos are the base for cappuccinos, mochas, flat whites, lattes and more. This is why if you are just starting to experiment with coffee, espressos are a wonderful place to start, since they can be so versatile.

If you like espressos but want something a little different, or don’t want to break the bank buying a fancy machine, a French press is a great choice. With a mesh plunger and filter, your coffee is steamed in hot water for up to 4 minutes. Then your plunger separates the grounds. This is a great option if you want coffee with a rich but smooth taste.

Try Something Different

However, if you are a bit more tentative with coffee, and are not quite sure where you want to go with it yet, or if you will even like the taste, try out some other things with coffee flavors first! 

Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee ice cream will introduce you to the flavor of coffee while being in the form of delicious ice cream. You can appreciate coffee this way, and even if your palate is extremely sensitive you can enjoy it.

Coffee Flavored Beverages

Would you believe that coffee flavored beers are a thing? They are! If you enjoy beers but are cautious of coffee, this can be a great way to get to know the taste through something you are familiar with.

Coffee Cake

Who doesn’t like cake? Try some authentic coffee cake with real coffee in it. It may be strong, but it will also be sweet and is very worth it! 

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