5 Pinterest Features You Should Know

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5 Pinterest Features You Should Know

Pinterest is the 14th largest social media site in the world and it boasts 431 million monthly active users. Whether you’re an individual, a brand, or a blogger, this platform can be the best place for you to make yourself get discovered by a relevant audience.  

Most people often think about how to increase Pinterest followers to achieve their Pinterest marketing goals, however, it’s not hard to get traction as most of the pins are automatically ranked on Google as well.

You can even utilize some awesome Pinterest features to make your account handling and management a breeze. Therefore, this article will mention 5 new Pinterest features (or maybe you didn’t know they existed) to escalate your social media strategy. Read below to discover!

1. Cinematic Pins

Video pins are named “cinematic pins” by Pinterest. They are more like GIFs that you can post on your feed to help your pins stand out among other static pins. As a user scrolls through the feed, they will be able to notice the small video of your pin.

This may work best for some businesses such as food, makeup, or clothing to make sure your targeted audience gets attracted to click the pin and take action.

2. Pinterest Browser Extension

The Pinterest browser extension is available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Although this feature isn’t new, many Pinterest users don’t know about this.

Rather than having to copy-paste the link of the blog or an image you liked and having to switch between tabs, you can enable the browser extension. Whenever you’ll hover over an image, you’ll see a red “save” button.

This way, you can add it directly to your board without wasting your time.   

3. Organize and Sort Your Boards

Many users aren’t familiar with this handy feature. By clicking on one of your boards, you can move several pins from one board to another at once. All you have to do is click on a board, opt for the “organize” button at the top of the page, and select and reorder the pins you want.

You can also organize boards by merely dragging them according to any order you like. This will make sure your pins or boards are well-sorted for the ease of targeted users.  

4. Leverage the Pinterest Lens Feature

Whether you want to enhance your shopping experience or you want to get inspired for upcoming content on your account, this Pinterest lens feature will not disappoint you.

From the mobile app, you can tap on the camera button in the search bar to take a picture of the interior, food, or outfit. This will then display all the relevant results on one page so you can see similar content and take inspiration from them.

5. Stay Private on Pinterest

If you are going to launch a new campaign but now isn’t the right time, you can make your boards secret. Even if you just want to remain private with a board, the “secret board” feature has got you covered!

After you have created a board, you can click on the pencil to edit it and scroll down to opt for “keep this board secret” under the settings section. You can keep it private to yourself or the collaborators of the board you have added. 

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