How To Increase YouTube Views: Top Recommendations

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How To Increase YouTube Views

YouTube is the most popular video hosting site in the world with over 2.6 billion active users (according to And this number only increases every year. No wonder that the advertising promotion of goods and services on YouTube is an extremely promising area. Earning money within the site is a very interesting proposition.

There are different ways to attract an audience on YouTube. Channel owners spend a lot of time on improving the quality of their videos. The competition is huge, so increasing YouTube views with the help of various services is no less important in promotion than the content itself.

But the algorithms of video platforms have technical features that can also be used to boost YouTube views. It is necessary to understand the mechanisms of these algorithms.

Considerable influence on the popularity has a significant impact on viewing time. The longer people watch the video, the more often YouTube will offer it to users and rank it higher. Viewings will increase.

Why Is It Important To Learn How To Use Statistics?

Every account owner has access to statistics. Active bloggers know how to use this tool in order to increase views on YouTube. Immediately after registration, there will be no evaluation. You need to start publishing videos and wait until enough information is gathered. In the analytics section you can track:

Truthful estimation of content popularity helps to make the right conclusions and then to correct mistakes which were made earlier.

Influence Of The Audience Retention And Number Of Views On The Popularity

YouTube tries to respect the interests of viewers and bloggers at the same time. If the channel owner offers really interesting and high-quality content, it will definitely be appreciated, the video will get to the top and will appear in the recommended ones.

There are special counters on the site which gather information about the parameters of the video and the interest of the audience. Video ratings of video content are compiled with the help of video hosting, because it is impossible to ask the opinion of millions of viewers.

When evaluating a video on Youtube, it is important:

  • Number of viewers. The more people who watched the video, the more chances it has to get into the TOPs and recommendations.
  • Audience retention is the main indicator of the video’s relevance to the resource users. It would be perfect if it was 100% of the total duration of the video to be viewed. The higher the percentage of video content is, the better it is for promotion on YouTube.

If you know how to increase YouTube views, you can raise the number of interested users and, therefore, the total income from the project.

The Best Ways To Maximize Views On Youtube

1. Creating videos on topics that match key queries on the web

A common mistake among beginners is publishing personal videos about their own activities. If the blogger is not yet popular, no one will be interested in his/her daily activities. It is more appropriate to use topics with the potential for search traffic. It is necessary to be guided by the questions that people ask online and answer them.

If you choose a niche with high search traffic potential and get it to the top on YouTube, it will greatly increase the chances of further success among users. This system will help promote even a channel without subscribers.

To choose a suitable topic, you can use special services (VidIQ) to search for keywords and phrases on the web. You just need to enter any related word or sentence and the most popular keyword phrases and statistics on them will appear.

2. Increase click-through rates with viral headlines

Even if your video appears in the first place in your search engine to get views, you need to get people interested. Creating catchy headlines will help attract more attention. However, you should not write untruths and blatantly cheat visitors. It will reduce trust and increase the number of negative feedback.

3. Make playlists to increase the number of recommendations

If your channel is small or newly created, it is hard to get on the recommendation lists of other people’s videos. New account owners need to make sure that the videos will appear in the “next” on their own channel. Series playlists are used to do this. This is how sets of clips are formed to be watched together.

4. Buy YouTube views

Do not worry, it is absolutely legal if you order promotion from trustworthy websites. You should pay attention to the service quality. We recommend to buy real YouTube views and do not deal with bots.

Ordering YouTube views functions well in addition to the main strategy.

5. Post videos on popular forums

Sometimes videos help people find the answer to a question they have asked on a forum or Q&A site. This tactic will be more effective if you find relevant topics with regular traffic from Google and give an answer with a link there.


With the help of these tips, you can learn how to grow views on YouTube, but the popularity of the channel will get as a result of hard work. It is necessary to improve the quality of content taking into account all the listed requirements and users’ needs. Only channels with a clearly structured video marketing strategy attract real views.

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