Latest Twitter Updates You Need To Know  

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Latest Twitter Updates You Need To Know

If you own an online business or personal brand, you would know that Twitter is one of the easiest social media platforms to grow. It’s not because of the simple layout or mechanism. Instead, it’s due to the high engagement rates and infrequent updates.

Almost 500-million tweets get exchanged daily. That’s a lot of people interacting with the platform. We can also phrase this as a lot of opportunities to market and promote. 

Plus, Twitter rarely receives new features and updates, especially when compared to giants like Facebook and Instagram. While this doesn’t mean much to the general users, it provides more stability in algorithms for a brand or linked Twitter growth service to run successful strategies.

However, recently, Twitter has seen a series of changes. In this article, we’ll go through the 4-latest updates and see how they will affect your account insights. Read more!

Twitter Communities

The Twitter Communities feature is like Facebook Groups and Subreddits. It allows people to create groups about specific topics that they feel interested in and want to discuss with like-minded individuals. The admin has full control over who can join the community.

It can be either open to all Twitter users, invitation-based, or ask-to-join only. All accepted users become community members and can engage in the discussion. What’s the best part, all the tweets sent into a community do not show up on your feed.

So, influencers and brands can use communities for promotional purposes and avoid risking feed aesthetics. Twitter Communities also helps increase conversion rate by bringing all potential followers into one group. Your promotions will be far more fruitful!

New Tweet Composer Bar

With limited functionality and a simple interface, Twitter is quite easy to use and navigate. Unfortunately, some new users still find it difficult to start tweeting. It’s because the blue button at the bottom looks confusing with a plus and feather symbol. 

So, the management has improved the design and replaced the button with a new composer bar. It appears directly above the navigation menu at the bottom, making it incredibly easy to tweet. However, this update has little to no effect on your account stats.

It’ll probably just lead to an increase in the number of users. Thus, there are high chances of more people discovering/following your account and even buying your product/service.

Tweet Takes

Tweet Takes is an innovative feature that enables people to upload a picture or video in reply to tweets. So, instead of quoting a tweet, you can capture your image and reply in your style. Also called tweet reaction videos, Tweet Takes seem to have received inspiration from the famous TikTok video replies.

It functions the same way as what Twitter has released for its users. However, Twitter is not the only one to be doing so. Previously, Instagram also announced that users can now reply to comments with reels.

All that said, Tweet Takes has the potential to double engagement rates on the platform. We may also find a rise in the time an average user spends on tweeting. Currently, this feature is available on iOS. 

Topics Bar

Twitter has come up with another effective way to increase usage of the platform – the topics bar. It is a thin bar showing topics based on the particular user’s interests. You will find it at the very top of the main timeline. 

The topics will be present in bubble tabs that you can easily click and connect to the recent discussions. Sometimes, all trending topics and issues will pop up in the bar so that you can engage with a diversity of content. For brands, this can serve as a great tool to find out what people are currently interested in.

Knowing that can help create promotional content around the trending topics for more reach and visibility. However, like Tweet Takes, this feature is only for iOS users right now.

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