6 Tips For Shooting VR180 / 3D Videos

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There are currently a few reasonably priced VR180 cameras accessible to customers, like the Insta360 EVO and Vuze XR. These cameras enable the creation of 3D 180 movies that are ideal for VR headsets. The 3D effect may make a video very engaging by giving depth to the topic. Follow this instruction of VR180 – Utimate Live Video Stream Experience that make the greatest 3D video possible.

Tips on Filming VR180 / 3D Videos:

Shooting using a dual lens 180 camera differs from shooting with a smartphone or DSLR. It would help if you kept the following considerations in mind to prevent the viewer from experiencing VR sickness.

1. Keep the lenses horizontal:

To guarantee the 3D effect works, you must ensure that both lenses are always parallel. Even with these cameras, you must ensure that the camera is horizontal.

2. Choose Your Topic With Caution:

Consider if it is worthwhile to film a 3D video. This video style is most successful when the subject in front of the camera is in motion, and the backdrop is clear. It distinguishes the topic in 3D. One of the finest ways I’ve discovered to film a 180-degree 3D movie is by standing behind the camera while holding an item. The only three-dimensional elements are the item and my arms; the rest of the scene is flat.

3. Maintain Your Distance:

Maintain the subject at least 60 cm from the lenses to avoid a distorted 3D effect. If an item is too near the lenses, it can appear to be a second image when seen via a virtual reality headset, which may be very disorienting and unpleasant. Also, consider whether the viewer would be okay with what you are shooting being so near to them in the VR area; for instance, if you are filming a person, make sure they are far enough away that the viewer does not feel as if their personal space is being invaded (sounds silly but in the VR space it can feel weird to have people so close).

4. Keep Still:

Idealistically, it would help if you did not move your 180-degree camera since movement increases the likelihood that the viewer will feel uneasy. Ideal video subjects should be moving, although the camera remains still. Even though many VR 180 cameras provide stabilization, they are not intended to be used as action cameras. A tiny amount of deliberate movement may be appropriate, but it will diminish the 3D effect’s quality.

5. Evaluate Your Camera’s Position:

When capturing footage, the two lenses should be treated as if they were the viewer’s eyes. For the most realistic viewing experience, you must consider where the viewer’s eyes will be when viewing the movie. Ordinarily, the viewer will be sitting; therefore, putting the camera at the approximate height of a seated person will provide the optimal viewing experience.

If you need to position your camera higher, you may always inform viewers that the video is best seen when standing before the video starts.

6. Keep the Subject Front and Center:

The 3D illusion is strongest in the image’s center and weakens as you approach the image’s boundaries. If you wish to display a particular item in 3D, ensure that it stays exactly right in front of the lenses for about as long as possible.

It may appear to be a lot to remember, but it will eventually become second nature with practice. Even as the number of VR headset users increases, so will the need for material; thus, it is preferable to begin practicing immediately.

How to Use VR180 3D Streaming Camera

VR180 is a live-streaming camera for 360° video recording and VR viewing. The camera has two built-in sensors that allow you to record in 3D and watch events from any angle. You can also use the VR180 to create 3D videos of your own.

To use the VR180, first install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Then download the VR 180 viewer app from the App Store or Google Play store. Once you have installed the app, could you open it and select your camera? From here, you can start recording your event. To view your footage later, open the VR180 viewer app on your device and select a clip. You will then be able to pan around the scene and explore it from all angles.

Is VR180 3D Streaming Camera Safe For Live Video?

VR180 is a 3D streaming camera that lets you immersive view events from any angle. Unlike traditional live video cameras, VR180 captures 180 degrees of footage so you can see everything around you. It allows you to create live videos that are more immersive and engaging than ever before.

The downside to VR180 is that it is only sometimes reliable. Because the camera records in 3D, there is a chance that some parts of the footage will be cut off or unfocused. Additionally, because VR180 uses a micro camera instead of a traditional lens, it can be difficult to get good footage in low-light settings. However, these issues are mitigated by the fact that VR180 can capture high-quality videos even when the lighting isn’t perfect.

Overall, VR180 is an innovative and exciting new way to experience live video. While its reliability has some limitations, VR180 offers a truly unique and immersive experience that no other live video camera can match.

Benefits of VR180 3D Streaming Camera

VR180 is a revolutionary 3D streaming camera that lets users immersive view events from any angle. The device has been designed to provide an unparalleled live video experience that lets users view events from any angle, making it the perfect choice for event organizers and viewers.

The VR180 provides a unique way to experience events by allowing viewers to see everything from close up to far away. It allows spectators to get a true sense of what is happening at the event, no matter where they are standing. You can also combine the camera with other devices, such as VR headsets and smartphones, to create an even more immersive experience.

The VR180 also has other benefits over traditional live-streaming cameras. For one, the VR180 is significantly cheaper than traditional cameras, making it a great option for smaller organizations that don’t have access to more expensive equipment. Additionally, the VR180 doesn’t require a large space, making it perfect for use in cramped quarters or locations where space is at a premium. Finally, the VR180 offers users a global audience by allowing them to watch events from anywhere in the world.

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