How To Grow Up Your Tik Tok likes

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How To Grow Up Your Tik Tok likes

The TikTok app is not only a simple video and music sharing app, it’s an online social community. With an increasing number of people joining the site every day, it has become essential to have a good amount of followers to get noticed. In this post, we will explore some ways that you can grow your TikTok likes.

1. Share Short And Funny Videos

With the most amount of views, there are also the most amount of comments. Wait… what? You ask why that’s important. When you post a video on to TikTok, your viewership will be increased as well as your engagement rate. You want to make sure that people see your videos since it shows how popular you are on the app. This means that you should try to create short and funny videos so people will like them and comment on them. By creating short and funny videos, you will make your audience happier and they will probably be more engaged with you.

2. Add Filters And Effects To Your Videos

Adding filters to a video makes the video to appear better. You can add multiple filters to your videos and make them look way better. There are two types of filters: Normal and Style filters. The first two types of filters need no artistic skill, while style filter requires an artist to apply it for the video to look amazing. In addition, you can also adjust the frame rate so that it can make the video look more beautiful. Adding effects to your videos to catch more attention from your audience. You can add a vignette effect and a split-screen for a better contrast with your audience. By adding effects, it will attract viewers because it is an artistic touch to the video.

3. Buy Tik Tok Likes

It seems like a normal thing to do when you want to grow your TikTok likes. You can buy likes to increase your number of followers faster or to attract more views to your videos. You need to make sure that you are buying likes from reputable websites and not under some scammer. A reputable website will usually provide you with real people. Here are some things that you should consider when choosing a website to buy tik tok likes from:

  • Service Quality: Check the reviews of the website first. If it has a lot of negative reviews, then it’s a no-no for you. It is important to choose a website that provides good service. You will be dealing with them after all.
  • Customer Support: Make sure to contact their customer support and see if they can give you proper assistance.
  • Price: Make sure the price is affordable for you.

4. Use Video Optimization Tips

There are many video optimization tips that you should know. These will help to increase the views of your videos and attract more people to like them. They will also help to increase the engagement rate with your videos. You may think that you are not going to attract more people with these tips, but if you apply them regularly, they will improve the quality of your videos. When you are filming and editing your videos, the setting should be correct so that the video quality and presentation can look better. You can apply auto-fix for images or turn on auto-rotate. This will allow them to rotate correctly with one click of a button. Auto-rotation enables you to rotate your video every 0.5 seconds to improve its appearance quality in video cameras.

5. Share Videos with Appropriate Titles

The title of your videos is important for it to be seen by others. You should make sure that you are sharing the right title for your video. There are specific titles that you can use to fit both the music or song in your video and the description of your video. Here are some examples:

If your video is a cover or a parody of a personalized song, then you can use this format. If you have a video of your own and it is based on a song, then you can use this format.

6. Make it Your Own Way

Don’t just share other people’s videos because they are popular. Share your own content because they are yours and that makes them unique and different from others. You will also be able to gain popularity with your account if people see that you are uploading original content. The funnier, the better as long as it is not inappropriate or anything. You can also make a group of people who can share and comment on your videos so that they gain more popularity.

7. Share Your Videos on Social Media

You can share your videos on the different social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. To maximize your video views, you should make sure that you are posting it on different places so people will see them. You can also get your friends and family members to like it. So if they also share it on their own page, you are more likely to gain more views for your video.

8. Make Great Content for Liking Videos

You can make your own content for sharing on TikTok. The content should have consistent messaging, have a clear and catchy title, and be interesting so people will want to see it. You can also share your own video content to increase the views of your video. The more people like the video, the better.

9. Use Promotion Video on YouTube

It is important to promote videos that you share on YouTube with a promotion video so it will be seen by many users. This can be a video or animation that you can have created. You can also have your video shared on TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms. This is one of the ways that you can increase the views of your videos.

10. Use TikTok Advertising

TikTok advertising is a great way to promote your videos. If you have a lot of followers on TikTok, then you can use their platform to advertise your own video and get more views. This is one way that you can monetize your videos so they can make money in the long run.


The more views your videos have, the more people will want to watch them. It is important to promote your videos to increase their popularity because getting a lot of views on TikTok will help you to gain more popularity. In addition, it can make you money in the long run if you are going to be doing business for this platform. You need to start by taking advantage of the tips that we’ve listed above and we hope that these will help you in your journey as a video creator on TikTok.

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