How Outside Space Could Help Sell Your Home – Even In Winter!

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How Outside Space Could Help Sell Your Home

Putting your home on the market? Worried winter is a bad time to sell?

Then you need to do everything in your power to entice prospective buyers over the threshold. 

Question is – how?

Easy. Make the most of your outside space.

A study by property website Rightmove has revealed that, since lockdown, the percentage of people searching for properties with gardens has more than doubled. Putting attractive outdoor space firmly at the top of house-hunters’ search criteria.

So if you’re going to secure a sale, this is a great place to focus attention. And the good news is, it doesn’t have to mean major upheaval or waving goodbye to your Christmas spends!

Here we take a look at 5 quick fixes guaranteed to showcase the potential of your outside space and help sell your home this winter.

 #1 – Tidy 

So obvious it tends to get overlooked but the importance of a clean and tidy space shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Fallen leaves, debris, and the depressing remains of summer left lying around (burst paddling pools, garden furniture or a tired looking BBQ), can all make a garden look shabby and unkept – and may raise doubts about the condition of the rest of the property and how well it has been looked after. 

Little things – like cutting the grass, sweeping up leaves and tidying away toys – can all help to create a more favourable impression. 

#2 – Fix Boundaries

While you’re out there making things look spic-and-span, it’s also worth checking over gates and fencing. 

Are any panels damaged? Is the paint peeling or faded? Does the side gate close properly? Take an objective look around to assess what could benefit from a quick lick of paint or a little TLC. 

Don’t forget to check over the shed, front and back door, and window frames too. 

#3 – Hide The Bins 

You can’t escape the need for bins but that doesn’t mean people want to stare at them, so try to make sure they’re tucked out of view.

A great trick here, especially if space is limited, is to build a bin store. Use wood, low maintenance composite decking boards or even garden trellis, to disguise the designated ‘bin area’ and create discreet but easy access. A sure-fire winner with potential buyers.

#4 – Build A Decking Area

If you already have wooden decking, great, but check its condition. Has it seen better days? 

If so – or if you don’t yet have decking – then it’s worth considering composite decking boards. 

Seen as the modern alternative to wood, composite decking looks great and is extremely low maintenance (so you can be confident you won’t put buyers off by adding to their chores list). 

Not onlydoes installing decking help to extend living space, but it makes your home more attractiveandadds value – meaning you can nudge up the asking price! 

#5 Create Shelter

If gardens have such selling power, imagine the pull if you create a space that can be used all year round.

Everyone wants more for their money, so buildingan outside area that extends living space and offers the freedom to get outside whatever the weather, is a definite winner. 

Keep things simple – and cost down – by creating abasic shelter to protect from the elements or go all out with a full garden room or outside bar. 

Tick off these quick fixesbefore your property’s sales photos are taken and you could be exchanging contracts sooner than you think!

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