How Much Does It Cost To Take The Health Dare? Health Dare Programme Explained

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How Much Does It Cost To Take The Health Dare

Health dare is an intensive intervention program. Its focus is on weight loss through better nutrition. It aims at transforming a person’s eating behavior, exercise, and other day-to-day habits.

After signing for the program, one works with trained experts. These experts are health educators, dieticians, nutritionists, and psychologists.

The program’s goal is to help the client lose a certain amount of weight within a set period of time. Losing excessive weight helps counter a lot of diseases.

All these can only be achieved through targeted behavior coaching, which brings us to the question.

How much does it cost to take the health dare?

Its cost is not defined. It varies depending on the reputation, location, and credentials of the hospital or coach. The health dare services cost between $550 to $7585.The charges for a private coach vary anywhere from $75 per session.

Besides, health dare also depends on the amount of time you would wish to spend with your coach and the cost of your grocery bills.

Where Can I Access Health Dare Programs?

1. Health Dare

It was founded in 2015 by Bridget Trammel. It is a non-nutritional organization that offers 90 days consultation services.

Its professional team gives one on one health coaching sessions. This is done by the testing and evaluation coach assigned to you. You can also access private consultations with certified therapists, certified health coaches, licensed behavior counselors, and more.

The health locations are; Greenville SC, Raleigh SC, Columbia SC, Greensboro SC, charlotte SC, Charleston SC, Wilmington SC, and Asheville sc.

2. Duke Diet and Fitness Center

It is located in Durham, NC. It offers one of the best services related to health dare.  Patients attend five-day-long activities a week. Services include; lab tests, fitness instruction, behavioral therapy, a medical consultation, and cooking classes.

It costs between $ 4999 to $7585 plus an additional $855 for those who wish to continue after the set four-week program.

3. The Cooper clinic

It is located in Dallas, Texas. It offers a variety of medical dare-designed programs. Services at the clinic are a diabetes management program, metabolic testing, and nutritional counseling.

The prices carry according to the length of the program and services rendered.

Why Health Dare Is The Best Option?

Most people think and wish about losing their weight to maintain good health. They then decide on leaping over it on their own.

Starting by yourself is pretty easy since you are always so bashed up and extra motivated. You create the weight loss plan, focus on the best available diet, and do the exercise and fitness regimens.

After some time, the motivation fades away, and you are back to your old ways. Start skipping the after-work runs and gym sessions.

Signing for the program is the wisest decision since a weight loss coach shall be assigned to you. A weight loss coach will keep you honest and help you stay focused on your goals. In short, the weight loss coach will keep you on track.

Why Should You Join Health Dare?

They Design a unique weight loss plan

The weight loss coach assigned to you will come up with a plan that well suits your needs. The coach finds the right diet, exercises, and balance. That aligns with your metabolism and lifestyle.

The coach ensures the diet is manageable by coming up with a diet consisting of your best foods.


Following the plan on your own, you will be difficult. Many tend to flatter after a few months into the program. A weight loss coach will help you stay on track even if you don’t feel like it and ensure you stay objective and focused.

A weight loss coach will be objective and will ensure you make up for a skipped workout session.

They objectively look at your weight loss needs

A weight loss coach will look at your issue from an outside perspective. He/ she will constantly encourage and remind you that it’s your duty to ensure you achieve the set objectives.

A weight loss coach will help in killing any negative thoughts that come to your mind, like the idea of quitting by always saying the positives to you.

Help keep you honest and hold you accountable

Honesty is one expensive virtue. That’s why many people lack it. It is easy to backslide from the plan when you have no one to keep you honest and accountable.

You cannot rely on your friends or partner to keep you honest. They also have their own issues.

A professional weight loss coach will constantly be reminding you about your progress. It is their duty to double-check all your activities. This will help you to reach your goals sooner than expected.

How to achieve or maintain a healthy body?

One might decide on dealing with his weight issues. You must be willing to change your weekly, monthly, and yearly routine.  There are some of the critical life changes you are expected to make:

Plan ahead

Find time to shop for groceries and healthy meals. This might happen once a week. You can then store them in clean containers in the refrigerator.

Timely planning will help you avoid take-outs, which are always junky and unhealthy.

Attention to portion size

Measure the amount of food you consume. From cereals, salad dressing, peanut butter, etc., this will help control overheating habits. Make use of small utensils, plates, and bowls. They will help control the amount of food taken.


If you too busy to be a part of the program. You might create your own weight loss plan of even 10 minutes work out a day.

It should not necessarily be a 1-hour workout. Wealth is not created in a day. Instead, do plan fun activities such as walking, cycling, running, or even jumping jacks.

Have a food diary

Writing down what you eat and keeping off from unhealthy foods is a proven way of losing weight. You can record it in actual diaries or smartphone apps.

You can also record the exact stores that you get your food from. On your lists of food, indicate the calories and nutrients that they offer.

Keep track of your activities

You can use the digital fitness monitors worn on wrists, attached to clothing, on carried in pockets. They help to measure your steps, calories, and weight.

Some capture heartbeats, sleeping patterns, and temperature. The digital fitness monitor reminds you to be more active during the day.

Frequently check your weight

Step on the scale often. It can be daily or once a week. This will help you to know if you are making positive progress or not.

Doing this on your own and being successful show reflects on the amount of discipline you have. It might take some time, but it is worth the shot. But if you want quick results, I will vouch for you the health dare program.

Health Conditions Related To Obesity or Excessive Weight

Obesity is a condition whereby one has an unhealthy or harmful distribution of body fat. Other serious health issues accompany obesity.

It leads to the strain of organs and bones and may make complex changes in hormones and metabolism.  Being obese does not necessarily mean you have or will develop the diseases. It only increases the risk of having them.

1. High blood pressure

Having extra fat tissue in the body means the body will need more oxygen and nutrients. There the heart works extra hard to ensure the whole body gets blood.

An increased amount of blood circulating the body leads to increased pressure on your arterial walls. This added pressure is referred to as blood pressure.

2. Type 2 diabetes

It occurs when the sugar level is higher than expected.  Severe type 2 diabetes might lead to other conditions such as vision problems, stroke, heart disease, kidney disease.

Losing your body weight by 5 to 7 percent and doing regular exercises is advisable. It might delay or prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.

3. Heart disease

With time the extra fats might accumulate in the arteries that do transport blood to the heart. People with obesity tend to have higher blood pressure and blood sugar.

They all lead to heart disease. Due to accumulating fats in the arterial walls, one might have a heart attack. Also, blood clots in the arteries might result in a stroke.

4. Sleep apnea

This is a condition where someone might stop breathing momentarily during sleep. Overweight and those living with obesity are at risk of having sleep apnea.

This is because more fat accumulates around the neck, making the airway smaller. Smaller airways cause breathing problems and snoring. Cutting weight might help lower the risk of getting sleep apnea.

5. Liver disease

Overweight or those with obesity might develop a liver disease known as fatty liver disease. It is caused as a result of excessive fats accumulating up in the liver.

Fats damage the liver and cause the growth of tissues which are known as cirrhosis. The bad thing is that liver disease does not have any symptoms or signs, but it might lead to liver failure.

6. Stroke

It shares a lot of risk factors with heart disease. This happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off. Further, it damages brain tissues.

It is accompanied by many issues such as language and speech impairment, weak muscles, and changes in thinking and reasoning strength.

7. Gall bladder disease

Gall bladder stores bile, and bile help in the digestion of fats. Obesity increases the chances of one developing gall stones formed when bile hardens in the gall bladder.

It is always so painful, and one requires surgery. Maintaining a proper diet helps prevent gallstones.

8. Pregnancy complication

Overweight pregnant women may develop issues such as increased blood pressure, e.t.c. This issue may bring about complications during pregnancy and delivery, such as stillbirth, miscarriage, heavy bleeding, blood clots, etc.

9. Some cancers

Several cancers affect overweight. The relationship between cancer and is not well researched.

But it is believed that obesity increases the chance of getting certain types of cancer, such as colon, gall bladder, prostate, kidney, breast, etc.  Women are at the risk of also getting cervix, uterus, and ovarian cancer.


Health dare is quite important for your physical and mental health. You might be unsure of how to begin. But through the program, you will be given steps on how to manage your health.

This will prevent you from many complications. You will be given a guide to better diet and exercise by a professional.

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