How Long Should You Wait To Dye Your Hair Again? Maintaining Your Dyed Hair

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How Long Should You Wait To Dye Your Hair Again

Dyeing of hair has become a very popular and fashionable option these days for both males and females. Whether you have short or long hair, dye will make it look awesome.

You could dye your hair to change its color or to enhance its initial color.  It is important to get the right color and maintain it to keep your style.

The dye will fade away with time, and you would need to dye your hair again. Failure to do so will give you a disappointing look, and doing it too early would be wasteful.

Dyeing your hair too often can also damage your hair, so this interval is crucial. You need to know the exact time to redo your hair, so let us answer the important question;

How long should you wait to dye your hair again?

The professional stylists recommend you wait at least four weeks before you dye your hair again. This is the earliest time, but it would be best if you wait five or six weeks to be completely safe. Dyeing is a chemical process, and it is bound to take a toll on your hair if overused.

Details On Intervals To Dye Your Hair

The time you need to retouch your hair depends on the color and type of dye you use. The rate of your hair growth will also have a big role to play in this timeline.

If your hair grows fast, you need to apply dye more often to ensure that your hair color is uniform.

Therefore, you will need to keep a keen eye on your hair growth rate so that you know exactly when to dye it.

Many people worry that they will damage their hair by coloring it too often. There are several types of dyes, and they each differ slightly in terms of when to reapply.

Permanent color:

You could use this to either lighten your hair or to cover grey hair. It is advisable to dye your hair after four weeks.

This time will ensure that you keep all your hair color is even. Missing the time will cause uneven colored strands of hair on your head, and nobody wants that.

Demi-permanent color:

This type is mostly used to refresh the ends or enhance the natural color of your hair. It will require a little less attention so that you can dye it after every four to six weeks.

Semi-Permanent color:

This type could be a high maintenance color like red or bright pink; then, you would need more frequent remakes. You can use it after every two weeks.

If you take too long, the color will fade and look raged. To be safe in this frequency, use a dye that is ammonia and peroxide-free. Using the wrong dye a lot of times might damage your hair.

Your habits could also have a lot to do with the time before your dye fades. For instance, if you wash your hair or swim in chlorinated water, then the dye is bound to fade faster.

Things To Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair

Your hair is something that will be very noticeable to everyone you meet. You will have to ensure that it looks amazing with the correct color dye.  Some factors to check before dyeing your hair are;

1. The head color

If you decide to dye your hair, pick the right color. There are a lot of color options available to select from with a countless number of shades.

There is permanent color, semi-permanent and reversible hair color. This variety offers you even a wider range to select from. Ensure you make a well-informed decision to avoid regrets.

If you are going to a party and need the dye for a few days, you can use reversible. It can easily get washed off. Semi-permanent hair colors will last for about three weeks.

Permanent hair colors are made to last for up to 30 washes. You should pick a color that you are completely comfortable with since you will be stuck with it for some time.

You should avoid dyeing your hair with a shade that is lighter than your natural hair. This is because you would need to strip your natural hair color using harsh chemicals to bleach.

2. Components of the dye you are planning to use

Most hair dyes contain a lot of components that you might be allergic to. Before you use a color, be keen to know what is in the dye.

Permanent and semi-permanent colors have ammonia. Ammonia will post a challenge to you if you use them for a long time. Ammonia tends to make your hair very brittle, and this will cause hair loss.

If you plan to use the dye constantly, avoid ones with ammonia. You should go for those that are PPD free to ensure your hair remains healthy. Some organic and medicated brands are available in the market today.

Organic colors would be a good option for those that have allergies to dyes. They are more expensive than the usual, but they are much safer.

Another problem associated with organic dyes is that they wear off faster. They will wear out after 15 days (3 or 4 washes), and you would have to use them again.

3. Do not wash your hair beforehand

Washing your hair with shampoo before you dye it might cause you a lot of damage. You might burn your scalp severely; it is best to leave your hair as it is.

Virgin hair is the best for dyeing. Virgin hair refers to healthy hair that has not been treated with chemicals, heat, or color. So if you plan to dye your hair, go natural. Condition it well and frequently as you prepare.

4. Length and texture of your hair

Short or shoulder-length hair is much easier to dye and maintain. You would not use too much dye to finish all the hair uniformly.

However, if your hair is longer and thicker, you would need a ton of dye to style your hair uniformly. You will need to be keen and patient since it will take more time to dye.

You also need to check your hair texture if you plan to get it dyed. If your hair is thin and fine, it won’t absorb many colors, making it easier to dye.

On the other hand, coarse hair will need a lot more dye and time to dye. This is because the hair will absorb more dye.

Things To Avoid After Dyeing Your Hair

You need some tips to help you maintain good hair color. You need to avoid some simple things to ensure that your hair does not lose color.

Here are some simple things you can avoid to ensure that your hair remains healthy and stylish after dyeing.

Do not wash your hair under 48 hours

This is the same as any other hair treatment. Washing your hair will cause the dye to wash off since it won’t be well settled in the hair.

Using shampoo on the dyed hair

The shampoo is made to clean your hair, and so it will remove the dye in your hair which will make you need a retouch sooner.

There are products specifically designed for dyed hair. You should use those to make sure you don’t compromise the look of your hair. If you have a problem finding them, order them online.

Washing with hot water

After 48 hours have passed, don’t wash the hair with hot water. If you need to wash it, use cold water since hot water will make it fade faster.

Drying too much with a towel

If you scrub your hair too thoroughly with a towel, it will cause it to lose color. The best choice is to blot the hair and let it air dry.

Exposing it to too much sun

If you plan to spend long hours in the hot sun, it is advisable to wear a hat. Dyed hair is very sensitive to heat, and it will fade off faster if exposed for too long.

Overusing curling iron, blow dryers, or any other hot tool

Dye is sensitive to heat. You, therefore, have to protect your hair from extreme heat, which will take out the color and hydration in your hair if you expose it without a protectant.


Dyeing your hair is a step you could take to an awesome look. There are a lot of important factors you need to look into before you dye your hair.

You should also be careful even after dyeing your hair so that you keep stylish.

For your hair’s sake, avoid using dyes with ammonia in them. This is because ammonia will make your hair brittle and cause hair loss. It would be better to use organic dyes.

You can dye your hair more frequently with organic dyes since they won’t cause any damage. For the usual dyes, leave the dye for at least four weeks before using it again to stay healthy.

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