Common Contact Lens Issues And How To Solve Them

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Common Contact Lens Issues And How To Solve Them

A huge number of individuals choose to wear contact lenses for their comfort and convenience. Other people choose to wear them as a fashion statement. There is nothing wrong with getting a pair and wearing them over your eyes. Doing so is a decent way to improve your current lifestyle for the better. But the thing is that contact lenses are not perfect at all. They can wear down and have damage over time. Not only that, but they can also irritate your eyes. Either you do something with your lens or get new ones via Crystal Aqua Daily. Let’s check out the common contact lens issues and how you can solve them.

Common Issues When Wearing Contact Lenses

Eye redness

You can suffer from eye redness. This issue is the result of extended contact lenses usage. It can also be due to your lens being already expired.

Light sensitivity

Some people are sensitive to light. This condition is called photophobia. Like eye redness, this issue can be due to wearing your contacts for an extended duration. It could also be that your pair might be too ill-fitting for your eyes.

Eye itch

Wearing contact lenses can also cause your eyes to itch. This aspect can happen even more once you have sensitive eyes. Several factors can cause your eyes to itch. Such include pollen, dust, dryness, and so on.

Foggy or blurred vision

The old and damaged contact lens can cause you to have foggy or blurred vision. But it may not be the case once you take off the lenses, and you still have blurry eyesight. That means you might have an eye disease.

Random discomfort

Wearing contact lenses can also be the cause of random or general discomfort for your eyes. Once you feel uncomfortable and uneasy with them on, it would be best to take them off.

What You Can Do


The first golden rule to solving contact lens issues is to be clean. It is imperative that you keep yourself – and the lens – clean at all costs. You cannot skip over this factor. Using dirty fingers to touch the lens can be troublesome. Wearing unclean or unchecked contacts will definitely cause eye irritation and other conditions. That is why you have to keep your hands and fingers clean no matter what.

Eye Drops

Eye drops can also be beneficial for any contact lens issues you might be having. What you can do is ask your optometrist for the appropriate eye drops that will go well with your lens.

The right solution

There are several kinds of contact lens solutions out there. Everyone knows that you have to keep your contact lens in the appropriate solution. It is not a wise decision to place your lenses on other solutions. It might affect their overall quality. They can also affect your eyes. 

Different sizes

You can also try out a different-sized contact lens. It is a fallacy that contact lenses have a one-size-fits-all concept. So you cannot expect to have the right one every time you get a pair.


Another way to get rid of contact lens issues is through supplements. They can help with providing the necessary hydration for your eyes and lens. Not only that, but they also give other nutrients your eyes can benefit from overall.

Another Alternative

You can try out all of these approaches and still have contact lens issues. You might feel like it is the end of the world. But the thing is you still have an option. That comes in the form of orthokeratology. You can get in touch with your doctor for Ortho-K lens variations. These specialized lenses are durable and versatile. Not only that, but you can also wear them overnight.

One More Thing

You cannot go around trying out methods to deal with contact lens irritation without professional assistance or advice. It is paramount that you talk to a doctor once things get too serious or complicated. It would also go a long way to remove your lens for the time being. You can use them after you have gotten some rest or once your eyes are no longer irritated. 

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