Easy MBOX To PST Conversion: Do You Need Any Third-Party Tools For It?

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Easy MBOX To PST Conversion

An MBOX file is an email message archive based on UNIX systems similar to the PST archive used by Microsoft Outlook to store emails, calendars, tasks, etc. In fact, an MBOX file contains email messages that are stored in a concentrated format, so each message is stored one after another, starting with the “From” header. The MBOX file type is used by Google today to store Gmail messages in a single .mbox archive, but you cannot open an MBOX file on Windows without using a third-party program. For example, you can use the mailing client supporting the MBOX files (such as Gmail) to view these files. 

However, what should you do if you need to migrate from Gmail to Outlook? How can you perform this complex migration? Fortunately, today there are some specialized file converters such as MBOX to PST converter by Outlooktransfer able to cope with this task.

Why Use MBOX To Outlook Transfer?

People are usually not prepared for the migration from one mailing service to another. So, when such a situation occurs, they simply don’t know how to properly perform this task and make sure that all the files are safe. Fortunately, third-party tools like MBOX to Outlook Transfer allow to safely and accurately transfer all the data files in just a few moments. Besides, it also works for other mailing clients supporting this format, you can also safely transfer your data from: 

  • Pegasus Mail, 
  • Mozilla Mail, 
  • Ubuntu Evolution, 
  • Pine, 
  • Gnus, 
  • Kmail, etc. 

Here are a few situations when you may need the first-class mail converter:

  • You work in the IT department of a large enterprise, and deal with multiple migration tasks;
  • You are the freelance IT specialist, working on a freelance basis with multiple individual clients;
  • You are an employee of a medium or small-sized enterprise, who suddenly faces the need to transfer all the correspondence from one mail service to another;
  • You are a new employee, who has to transfer some data from an individual mailbox to the corporate one;
  • You are the security service chief, who is responsible for the corporate data integrity and considers the relocation of the business correspondence to another mail service as the best decision.

Well, there may be many more reasons why you may need to migrate from Gmail to Outlook. Now, all that you need to do is to download the corresponding software and initiate the migration.

Demo Version

If you don’t want to pay for a pig in a poke, you can download and install the demo version of the program. This is what makes the Outlooktransfer products unique, as the developer offers a fair “try before you buy” deal. This option is available for every license type – Home, Business, and Technical. What is the difference between them?

  • The home license is suitable for the individual use (up to 5 devices), and you can convert data belonging to you and your family members;
  • The business license is good for corporate tasks, such as butch file conversion, and can work on 50 devices simultaneously;
  • The technical license provides an unlimited number of activations and can be used to convert data belonging to staff or individual clients.

Having tried the demo version, you will dispel some doubts regarding the software functionality and choose the license type, that better meets your expectations.

Benefits Of The License Purchase

The first and the main advantage of purchasing a license is that it removes any limitations of the demo software, and allows transferring any volume of MBOX files to PST. All you need to do is to enter the license code issued after the purchase. If you frequently face the conversion task, it is worth having a specialized tool at your disposal instead of looking for free online converters with suspicious security standards. 

In the end, no one wants to watch their files leaked or damaged, while desktop solutions will guarantee the integrity and security of your data. Besides, you will not need to give this simple task for the outsourcing and pay even more than for the annual license. So, install the official software on the Outlooktrasfer website, and let the conversion process begin.

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