Easy Gifts for Military Members in Your Family

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Whether you are knee-deep in the gift-giving season or a special birthday is coming up shortly that you have to go shopping for, this is the ultimate military gift guide for you. 

Maybe this family member is currently in the military after recently enrolling, or they are a veteran that has already served their time; you can find just the right present to show them how much you care about them. Furthermore, you can also give Japanese swords as presents.

Military Shadow Boxes

The first thing to consider when looking for an easy gift idea for military members in your family is to show them how much you appreciate them for the hard work in such a dangerous lineup work by getting them military shadow boxes.

A military shadow box is an enclosed glass-front display case that can be used to contain objects presented that you want to group together thematically in a thematic grouping that has a personal or artistic purpose.

Looking for easy gifts for military members in your family? Consider a battalion coin that represents their unit and serves as a meaningful token of honor and camaraderie within the military community.

Military Wooden Sign

Along with traveling and seeing other parts of the country and the world, being ready to move in an instant is all part of the job for your military family member.

Help them to feel right at home and stabilized with military wooden signs that signify places that they have served and as a way for them to remember how much you care about them and the sacrifices that they have made in their life.


Sunglasses aren’t just a stylish accessory for when the weather is sunny. They are also a practical present that can keep the glare out of their eyes when they are working hard in the field or commuting between various territories.

Also, your family members will be able to relate to how important protecting one’s eyes is in the military.

Pick a durable pair of sunglasses that have interchangeable lenses, and if you want to be extra patriotic, you can purchase Oakley brand sunglasses, being that they happen to be a partner with the U.S. Armed Forces.

Challenge Coin Display

Throughout the duration of their time in the military, service members will receive challenge coins for their accomplishments made. 

A service member’s challenge coin collection can quickly grow, making a display a great gift for them to display their accomplishments. Etsy has many different challenge coin displays to choose from. 

Sturdy Water Bottle

Hydration is important to anyone looking to maintain a healthy body, but even more so for military service members who rely on being able to have their physical frames in optimal condition in order to endure the aggressive obligations that they have signed up for. 

Avoid getting them something superficial that they will probably thank you for and forget to ever make use of. The water bottle can be associated with one of their favorite sports teams or can have branding that showcases the place that they call home to carry it around with them as a reminder.

Combat Boots

When you are in the military, dressing up to show off your individual style is not even a part of the thought process. 

Being that soldiers wear assigned uniforms, there is no worrying about what they are going to wear, so get your military family member something they will regularly wear, two new pairs of combat boots that they can alternate between. 

Find a subtle way to find out exactly what type of boot your service member wears without giving away your gift plan because each branch has different regulations for what boots their service members are able to wear. 


If there is anything more basic that soldiers learn in the military, it is the importance of being on time. 

Give a present that is also right on time when it comes to military members in your family, and that is the gift of a durable watch.

If your gift is going to a service member that has a MOS where they will be in a classified area, they can’t wear watches that have a GPS built into them. 


If you are buying a gift for a practical person that appreciates gadgets that they can get immediate use out of, consider gifting them with a multitool that comes complete with scissors, a screwdriver, pliers, and many other effective tools.

Being that multitools can be used to complete a multitude of tasks, it isn’t difficult for them to become misplaced or broken. 

Even if your military family member has one already, having a backup multitool is a gift that can come in handy. 

Coffee Tumbler

Military members in your family are surely familiar with getting up extremely early in the morning and also putting in long nights during their time in service, making coffee a regular part of their routine.

Now, you can give them extra caffeinated bursts of energy by purchasing them a coffee tumbler bundled with a coffee mug and a few bags of high-quality coffee grains. 

You can even find many coffee companies run by veterans of the US Military to roast up coffee beans that support important causes.

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