A Guide On The Trending Curtain Bangs

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A Guide On The Trending Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs are a trending hairstyle that brings a simple look and elevates your general appearance. This style is commonly known to give off some summer vibes, making you look more desirable as the season kicks off.

The hairstyle makes you look distinct from the crowd because it is not usually very common. Having the hairstyle done correctly is important to have the desired outstanding results. It creates an easy way to shape your face while the rest of the hair lies backward. Below is a guide on curtain bangs for all hair textures and all face shapes.

1. What Is Curtain Bangs?

Just like curtains do for the windows in your house, the curtain bangs are a kind of art done to your hair and set on the face, specifically the forehead.

The bangs are meant to highlight certain features of the face and make the bone structure more defined. Well-done bangs bring softness to the face and also add balance to the facial features.

It does not matter whether you are going for long or short bangs; the goal is to bring out some outstanding positive facial features.

2. Who Should Get Bangs

Anyone can get bangs since the most important aspect is to weigh out if they will be suitable for your lifestyle all around.

There is a sheer physicality that comes with bangs. You should not rush to get bangs if you are someone who gets uncomfortable with hair falling on your face.

The bangs also require more careful maintenance than the other types of hairstyles. This is because unkempt hair falling on your face might cause damage to your skin, especially for people with sensitive skin.

The bangs also require you to schedule random visits to the salon to have them trimmed. These appointments take time which makes them unsuitable for people who have tight schedules with little free time.

However, as long as you know how to do and maintain your own curtain bangs, it will be easy to have them regardless of how tight your schedule is.

3. How To Cut The Bangs

It is always wise to leave the procedure to the experienced experts because any mess-ups with the process might cost you trimming all the hair in your head.

Before making a decision on getting bangs, you should first consult the experts because it needs important considerations put into places such as your face shape and your lifestyle in general. 

It is important to carry out personal research before going for the appointment to be aware of what will work best for you. 

In most cases, people go to the hairdresser carrying pictures of people with different face shapes and expecting to get similar results from the process. This is not practical as different people have different face shapes, and it is very key for everyone to understand theirs when it comes to bangs.

4. How To Style Bangs

When it comes to styling bangs when the hair is wet, it works to your advantage. You should take your time to comb the hair down towards the forehead using a flat brush. If the bangs are longer in length, you should consider blow-drying them first before combing them down with a round brush.

You should have shoulder-length hair with bangs that fall freely at all costs after styling to help compliment your facial features.

If your hair is curly, it is more effective to let the hair air dry than using a blow dry to avoid messing with the texture. To bring more definition to the curls, you can do finger coiling or do the common two-strand twists on the hair on the front sides when the hair is damp.

The same rules apply to kinky and coiled hair textures. Once the hair is completely air-dried, you can style it by placing it perfectly on the forehead to come up with the style you are looking for.

5. Maintaining Bangs

Bangs maintenance is easy as long as you follow two rules. First, you need to visit the salon regularly to have the bangs trimmed to prevent them from falling all over the face. Secondly, curtain bangs require regular refreshing and cleaning because they fall on the face.

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