4 Common Causes Of A Smelly Shower And How To Fix Them

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4 Common Causes Of A Smelly Shower

Showers are commonly a relaxing part of a person. After a long, hectic, and stressful day at work, you cannot think of anything better than taking a shower and letting the water remove your stress. Nonetheless, there is another side to showers where they can be discomforting. Lex’s Plumbing offers help in detecting the causes of a smelly shower. More so, they offer water heater repair in Friso, TX. We have gathered the common causes of a stinky shower can go from various reasons.

Determining The Root Cause Of The Smell

When you notice unusual new shower drain smells that make you crumple your nose in the restroom, the first thing you should do is list down the foul odor so you detect where the smell is coming from and take the necessary action. 

Dirty Or Dry P-Trap

If your shower drain smells of sewage, it is a sign that your P-trap is not efficiently stopping sewer gasses from leaking into your restroom. If you encounter mildew or foul odor and your P-trap is still clogged, perhaps, it is because it needs cleaning. 

What Is A Shower P-Trap, and How Can Shower P-Trap Cause Foul Odors?

Many bathrooms have an extra drain fitting, and we call it a P-trap. The common cause of smelly shower drain is usually because of this plumbing piece, which homeowners use to prevent sewer gasses from backing up into your property using your drain system. The P-trap holds water that creates a seal that stops the stinky smell from backing up into the house. Facing plumbing problems? Find water damage repair near me on Emergency Plumbing Squad now.

If there is no water in the trap or it has dried out, the foul odors will spread into the bathroom.  

How To Clean Shower P-Traps

To clean this out, inspect around for any dirt or debris in its P-trap. If it looks like something is stuck inside there, get an old paper towel or rag to remove anything obstructing its passage. Once you remove all the dirt from inside it, fill your sink tub with cold water before pouring it into the P-trap. It can help flush any debris or blockage that could be causing the stinky smell. 

Leaky Pipes

If your shower smells like sulfur or rotting eggs, it is commonly an indication that a leak is present somewhere in the drain lines underneath your house. The usual causes of smelly shower drains are corroded pipes, dripping faucet joints, faulty valves, and many other similar reasons. 

What Can Be The Cause Of Leaky Pipes?

These leaky pipes can cause the most annoying shower smells because they send sulfurous gasses, which can stink like rotten eggs, spreading through your drain system. The typical causes of stinky smelly shower drain include rusty sections of pipes and loose faucet joints, such as those on your sink taps or under your toilet seat. 

How To Fix Leaking Pipes

To remove shower smells from your drain system due to leaky pipes, you will need to fasten every rusty joint and change sections of pipes that could be corroding. It can be a challenging task. Yet, it is a task that is significant for maintaining the safety of the environment in the bathroom. 

Furthermore, if you are more of an outdoor person who enjoy Sunday pick nicks and still wants the comfort of your own bathroom, did you know that their are available portaloo hire.

Drain Clogs

If there is a clog in your shower drain line from debris or hair, you will have to address this issue immediately before the smell turns worse. The common causes of smelly shower drains are drain clogs, leaky pipes, and clogged pipes because when the water stays for too long under your home, it starts to decay and rot fast. 

What Can Be The Cause Of Clogs In The Shower?

The most usual causes of clogs in your shower drain are overflow from the bathtub and heavy use, but these issues can accumulate over time due to dirt and other foreign objects that clog the plumbing system of your home. Drain blockages are often since many causes might easily lead to clogged shower drains, including:

  • Sand
  • Debris
  • Dirt
  • Hair
  • Small objects
  • Soap Scum
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Dast

How To Remove A Drain Clog

To remove the clogged drain, you will need to take off the face shield on your plunger, so you can understand before plunging it into the blockage. The common cause of stinky smell drain such clogged drain can be tough because it requires you to use one hand inside the uncleaned P-trap while using the plunge- which is discomforting at best. 

Garbage Disposal

If the stinky smells are coming from your kitchen drain, then your problem is likely that some wasted or food scraps have become stuck in your garbage disposal and are beginning to decay. Decaying food has a unique smell, and it is easy to tell when this is the situation. And much like P-trap, this problem has an easy solution

How To Run Garbage Disposal

Turn on the kitchen faucet for a few minutes, and run the garbage disposal while allowing the water to flow for about 15 to 20 seconds. It should give your garbage disposal enough time to chew up any waste or food scraps that have been there inside it for too long. Optionally, you can use lemon to make your garbage disposal to have a good smell. In addition, orange, lime, and other scented fruit can do it. Slice the fruit into small pieces and toss these pieces into the garbage disposal and turn your system on. The grinder will shred the fruit, producing its pleasant-fruity juices all over the garbage disposal. It helps sanitize and mask odor inside the garbage disposal- thanks to the excellent power of citric acids in orange, lemons, lime, and many fruits. 

Lex’s Plumbing Is Your Local Plumbing Expert In Frisco, Texas

If you are experiencing a smelly shower, we got you. Call our team now for expert plumbing services. Our team of professionals will be glad to help you and make your bathroom a relaxing place again. 

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