What Are The Signs Of Removing And Replacing The Roof?

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What Are The Signs Of Removing And Replacing The Roof

If your home is starting to show signs of age, consider replacing your roof. While it’s one of the most expensive home improvement projects, it’s also one of the most crucial in terms of protecting your home from the elements. Using a single person lift can make this task more manageable and safer.


Following are some signs that indicate you may need a new roof:

  • More than 20 Years Old: Most roofs usually last between 20 and 25 years. Depending on the materials used, some roofs can last longer – but eventually, all will need to be replaced sooner or later. If yours is getting older, it may be time to consider a replacement.
  • Shingles Are Curling or Cracked: This is the most obvious sign that your roof needs attention. If shingles are curling or cracked, they’re not doing their job properly, and water could leak into your home.
  • You See Daytime Ceiling Spots: Do you notice dark spots on your ceiling during the daytime? This could be a sign that water is leaking through and causing damage to your ceiling and, ultimately, your home.
  • Your Energy Bills Have Gone Up: A leaky roof can cause drafts throughout your home, making your furnace work overtime and driving up energy bills in the process. So, It is important to contact a professional to get an expert opinion.

What To Consider Before Hiring A Replacing Roofing Contractor?

When it comes to replacing your roof, the right contractor can make a huge difference. In some cases, it’s preferable to ask an expert for guidance rather than assuming something. To learn more, you can consult specialists like APEX Roofing. However, before you hire a contractor for your roofing project, there are some essential points that you should consider:

  • Experience: Make sure any contractor you hire is experienced and has been working in the roofing field for several years. Ask a prospective contractor for evidence of their past projects, including photos and references.
  • Licensing:  It’s important to hire a licensed roofing contractor that follows local building codes to make sure the safety and quality of your new roof. Make sure any contractor you’re considering is properly licensed in your state before committing.  
  • Cost:  Before hiring a contractor, get bids and estimates to compare prices. Also, ask about additional fees or charges that may not be included in the initial bid, like labor costs or materials.
  • Insurance: It’s essential to hire a contractor with proper insurance coverage, like general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. This will provide financial protection in case of an accident or injury during the roofing project.
  • Warranty:  Make sure to ask a contractor about the warranties they offer on their workmanship and any material guarantees that may be included with your roof replacement project.

By doing your research, you can find a reliable and trustworthy contractor who will provide quality workmanship at an affordable price. With the right contractor on board, you can be sure that your roof will be properly installed and last many years.

The Bottom Line

If you are seeing any of these warning signs, it may be time for you to consider replacing a roof. It is time for an upgrade to keep your family safe and sound from anything mother nature has in store. You need a long-term solution that offers safety, security, and peace of mind. That solution is removing the existing roof and replacing it with something entirely new. 

Investing in a dependable new roof system can provide great benefits; it may even lower your monthly energy bills due to special construction techniques used today. Find the perfect remove and replace roof installation team that knows how to safely install this long-term investment in your home.

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