5 Wooden Gift Ideas to Give on Your 5th Anniversary


Five years of marriage is certainly a milestone, and the best means to symbolize the continuous love you have for your partner is with the timeless material, wood. After all, the fifth anniversary is the wooden anniversary, as the material represents the strength and solidification of the milestone date. Countless opportunities exist for gifts in honor of this date, and each of them will further validate the solidity of your marriage.

1. A Grow Old With Me Bench

The goal of marriage is to grow old together, and most people use sitting on a porch together as a symbol of aging while maintaining the youthful love they once shared. A wooden bench scorched with the saying, “grow old with me,” is an effective way to show your partner that you have every intention of staying for the simpler times ahead in a comfortable, romantic manner. Of course, wood does not tarnish easily, so regardless of how far becoming an elder is in your future, the bench will remain intact by keeping the same important message.

2. Puzzle Piece Wall Veneers

A lot can happen in five years, including the expansion of your family. A puzzle is a means to take incomplete structures and make them whole–ultimately completing a masterpiece. Wooden veneers designed to look like puzzle pieces that are punctuated with slots for photographs is a gift that keeps giving as it grows with your family. A new baby gets a new piece to fit perfectly with the rest; a memorable occasion follows the same concept. This material is easily engraved, so adding names, dates, or quotes is never a difficult task.

3. A Wine Box

If you received wine as wedding gifts or even have a blend that you and your partner fancy, a wine box is a vintage present that serves a timeless purpose. Accent the box with the date of your wedding, your anniversary, or even a date that is significant enough to toast to. These boxes allow for plenty of creative influence, and can be styled, stained, or painted in a multitude of ways. Of course, not everyone is a wine lover, so these boxes are practical for any desired beverage. Depending on the size, multiple bottles could line the inside of the box, and the clever song lyric, “you be my glass of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey,” by Blake Shelton could line the exterior.

4. An Engraved Tree Slice

The rings of a tree tell a story, and when refinished as a gift, it can tell your story. “Signifying strength, age, and wisdom, the slice of a tree is also a blank canvas that is easily branded with art, a significant quote, or a message for your partner,” said Palmetto Wood Shop. Consider incorporating natural expressions, like “you are my greatest adventure,” or a compass pointing to adjoining hearts to guarantee this gift is perfect for this particular anniversary. Talented craftsmen are able to scorch portraits onto this element that would make for a personal and timeless gift as well.

5. Serving or Cutting Boards

If a quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant is not for you, and a party celebrating the day is in the works, then this is the perfect gift as it is both visually appealing and serves a practical purpose that is put to use immediately. Wood is durable and easy to clean, and a delightful cheese and cracker display would look even more enticing sitting atop your family crest, wedding date, or last name. In varying sizes, these could compose a set used for the best occasions for decades to come.