Why Do Random Dogs Come To Me?

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Why Do Random Dogs Come To Me

We all know that dogs are social animals and that they like to spend their time with other dogs. But why do they do this? Is it to feel like they’re part of a pack? Or is it to get a little bit of human attention? It’s probably a little bit of both, but dogs are social by nature, and they’re also very desperate for affection.

Unfortunately, getting a hold of a random dog isn’t usually an option. You can’t just go to a store, or a park, and hope to find a friendly doggy. You need to understand that your random dog is probably looking for a reason to approach you. It could be that they’re confused and don’t know how to act in front of a human being. Or maybe they’re feeling lonely and are looking for someone to cuddle with. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to at least be aware of the possibility.

Why Do Random Dogs Come To Me?

I don’t know. I mean, I’m not worthy of them. They have a destiny to fulfill and they need to go around the world to find their purpose. They do come to me when they feel like it and I just tell them how beautiful they are and how lucky I am for having them in my life for a brief moment. I also tell them that we’re all in this together, but there is only one master plan and we don’t know what it is. But we just need to be patient, because everything will happen at the right time.

What To Do If You See A Random Dog?

  1. Don’t panic. Dogs are not a threat to humans.
  2. Don’t run away from the dog. Running away from dogs can make them chase you and bite you, even if they have never bitten anyone before, so don’t do it! The dog is just curious about you and wants to come to say hi to you, but it doesn’t know how to approach you yet, so it will chase after you if you run away from it.
  3. Do not act like an alpha dog: don’t try to show dominance over the dog by standing tall or making eye contact with the animal or growling at it or anything like that because that makes dogs feel threatened by your actions and they may bite you in self-defense! Just look at the ground and ignore the dog until it walks away on its own accord, then goes about your business as usual. If the owner comes out of their house or runs toward you to grab their dog, let them grab the dog and keep walking. It’s not your fault that the dog was loose and it’s not your responsibility to take care of them!
  4. Do not pet or touch a strange dog: if you want to pet a dog, ask the owner first if it is okay to do so before touching or petting their animal. If they say yes, then go ahead and pet the dog but don’t touch it without permission!
  5. Do not feed a stray animal: put away any food items in your backpack or pockets so that you don’t accidentally feed a stray animal by mistake. It is illegal in most places in the world for people to feed strays because animals that are fed by humans often become dependent on human food sources and can no longer survive on their own in nature. Feeding strays also spread diseases like rabies among wild animals and this is why it’s against the law in most places.
  6. Do not try to catch a stray animal: if you see a dog that seems to be lost, do not attempt to capture or trap the dog in any way because you might hurt it or get bitten by accident! If the dog is a stray, then it’s probably used to surviving on its own and doesn’t need your help. It can find its own food, water, and shelter without your help so don’t worry about it too much. If you really want to do something helpful for a stray dog, call your local animal shelter and they will know what to do!
  7. Do not take care of stray animals yourself: if you find an injured animal that you want to help out, take the animal straight to your nearest vet or animal hospital instead of trying to nurse it back to health at home! You are probably not qualified enough for that kind of job and even if you are, it’s illegal to keep an injured animal at home. You can become the subject of an animal control investigation if you do so and you may even be charged with animal cruelty or neglect!

How To Respond To A Random Dog That Approaches?

Say hello back.

Dogs are very social animals, and they love it when you say hello back! Most dogs will be happy to talk to you, and if the dog comes up to ask for a treat, you can give them one.

Give them a treat.

It’s not hard to figure out why dogs approach you! They want something from you! This is the easiest response because it doesn’t require any training – all you have to do is give your dog what they want! Most dogs will be happy with a piece of food or a toy, but if your dog is looking for attention, then petting them might help. A good rule of thumb is that if the dog seems friendly and relaxed, then they just want some attention from you; if the dog seems nervous or aggressive, then they probably want something else from you (like a toy or food). If the dog does come up in an aggressive way, then you should avoid eye contact and back away from them slowly.

Say no.

If your dog is looking for a toy or food, then saying “no” might be a good way to get them to go away! However, if the dog is looking for attention, this probably isn’t going to work – they’re going to keep following you around until they get what they want! It’s important to remember that dogs don’t have the same idea of “personal space” that we do – it doesn’t mean anything to them if you tell them “no”.

Move away from the dog.

If you don’t want your dog following you around, just start walking in another direction! You can say “no” or give them the treat to let them know that it isn’t okay for them to follow you, but if they just keep following you around, then you should just walk away from them. This is especially important if you’re with other people – it’s not fair for your dog to make your friends uncomfortable!

Avoid eye contact.

Some dogs might get aggressive if they see you making eye contact with them! If a dog is looking at you and barking, growling, or jumping up on you, then it’s a good idea to make sure that they don’t think that they can intimidate you.

Bottom Line

If you see a dog that approaches you uninvited, or you think they might be lost, you should definitely approach them. Even if you don’t know the dog, you should still be able to speak to them and ask them if they need help.

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