Why Do My Eyelashes Hurt? – The Ultimate Guide To Safe And Effective Eyelash Growth

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Why Do My Eyelashes Hurt

The natural process of eyelash growth is something that we take for granted. As babies, we have eyelashes to keep us occupied while we’re sleeping. As they grow, they curl and curve to reach their targets. The curled tips provide support and grip when we’re extending our lashes. But the natural process of eyelash growth can get damaged by the wrong stimuli. This can create unwanted side effects like inflammation, infections, and even pain. The right factors are present when eyelash growth is at its optimal level. However, in some cases, the wrong stimuli can cause harm. This article is meant to explain the different causes of eyelashes hurting and how you can effectively treat them. It’s not just a “what’s happening” article. It explains why your eyelashes hurt and what you can do to prevent or treat them.

Why do my eyelashes hurt

There are a lot of reasons why eyelashes can hurt, but the one most people focus on is lash extensions. eyelash extensions are meant to mimic natural eyelashes, and when they get too long or too heavy, they can cause problems for the person wearing them. this is why many people have problems with their lashes hurting, and what can be done about it.

What Causes Eyelashes To Hurt?

1. Your Eyelashes are Too Stiff

When your eyelashes are too stiff, it causes them to be more brittle. This is a common problem that many people face. The stiff eyelashes make the lashes more brittle and prone to breaking. If you’re constantly rubbing your eyelids, you can damage the delicate skin underneath the lashes. It’s important to keep your eyes moisturized so that it doesn’t dry out and become dehydrated.

2. Your Eyelash Extensions Are Too Thick

Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your natural lashes but they can cause irritation if they’re too thick or long for your lashes. You need a good lash extension adhesive to keep everything in place and prevent breakage. It’s also important to not over-exfoliate with harsh chemicals or harsh scrubbing during the application process to avoid damaging the lash extensions and causing breakage.

3. Your Natural Eyelashes Are Damaged

Your lashes are naturally made of keratin and collagen. Without proper care, these proteins can become damaged. This can lead to an infection or even breakage. If you have damaged eyelashes, it’s important to go to the doctor for treatment so that you can prevent infection or breakage.

4. Your Eyes Are Damaged

If your eyes are damaged from years of poor hygiene, it can damage the lashes on its own. It’s important to take care of your eyes when they’re healthy so that they don’t become dry and irritated over time. If your eyes are dry and irritated, it can cause damage to the lashes as well as the skin underneath.

5. Your Eyelashes Have Been Pulled Out

If you have been pulling out your eyelashes in anger or frustration, it can cause breakage in the lash underneath them and cause them to grow back longer than what they should be growing at that point in time. You need to stop pulling out your eyelashes and learn to deal with them instead.

Why Do My Eyelashes Hurt?

You Have Dry, Cracked Lashes

If the skin around your lash line is dry, it can cause irritation. This can cause the lash to be brittle and break. You can also develop infections if you have a lot of bacteria collecting under your lash line.

You Are Exfoliating Too Much

Exfoliation is a great way to remove old skin and build-up debris under your lashes but if you’re constantly doing this without using a good exfoliation product, it can cause irritation and infections. Exfoliation should be done once or twice a week instead of every day or every night.

You Have Lashes That Are Too Long for Your Eyelids

If the eyelids aren’t able to close properly, it will cause pain when you’re trying to blink or extend your lashes because they’ll rub against each other when you try to open them up. Your eyelids will also open wider than normal which causes more pressure on the eyelashes at the base of your eyelid.

You Have Dry Eyes

If you have dry eyes, they can cause eyelashes to become brittle and break easily. Having dry eyes can also lead to irritation in the skin around your eyes as well as in the lashes themselves. This can be treated by moisturizing and with a good lash serum that contains oils and emollients to keep it hydrated.

You Have an Infection Under Your Eyelash Line

If you have an infection under your lash line, it’s likely the cause of all the pain and irritation in your lashes. If you do not treat this infection, it will cause your entire eyelid to become infected as well as the skin under your eyelashes causing more pain and irritation. Using a good lash serum or eye cream is a great way to stop and prevent infections from occurring in this area of the face as well as keep them at bay if they do occur.

How To Stop Eyelashes From Hurting

1. Use the Right Eyelash Adhesives

Eyelash adhesives are made to hold on to your eyelashes and prevent them from breaking off. Some lash adhesives can be used as a base for your extensions while others can be used alone. The best adhesive is one that is easy to apply and doesn’t rip your eyelashes off when you remove them. It should also not irritate your eyes or cause any discomfort.

2. Clean Your Lashes Regularly

It’s important that you take care of your natural lashes by cleaning them regularly so that they don’t become brittle, dry out or fall out naturally. You’re second eyelashes need to be cleaned each time you remove the extensions so that they don’t become infected with bacteria or yeast, which can cause irritation and infection in the corners of the eyes (the most commonplace for infections). Wash your lashes with warm water and a gentle cleanser like baby shampoo or an eye cream designed for sensitive skin. If you’re using a lash adhesive, remove it with warm water and a gentle cleanser. If you’re using a lash adhesive and extensions, remove them at the same time to avoid irritation.

3. Apply Moisturizer to Your Lashes

After removing your extensions, apply a good quality eye cream designed for sensitive skin or eye cream that contains natural ingredients like vitamin A. The best eye creams are ones that contain vitamins C and E as well as essential oils like lavender or rosemary oil which can help to soothe irritated eyes if you’re experiencing eyelash pain due to over-exfoliation or infection.


If your lashes are causing you pain, there are many things you can do to help them. For example, you can apply moisturizer around your eyes at night and remove any extensions before going to sleep. You can also use lash curlers or an Olympus eyelash curler to keep your lashes in great condition for when you wear them in the morning. If the pain is too great, you may have to have a professional remove the extensions and treat any infections. Or if this isn’t possible, make sure that your lashes are taken care of properly so that they don’t cause any problems for you in the future.

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