Which Streaming Service Is Best In Australia: Hulu Or Discovery+?

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Which Streaming Service Is Best In Australia

Both the streaming platforms have some of the best shows, but have one thing in common: none of them is available in Australia. In order to watch Hulu or access Discovery Plus in Australia, you need a VPN.

There are various streaming services available in the market. In comparison to others, Discovery+ and Hulu have a separate segment for the audience due to their latest and most exclusive content.

It is hard to distinguish between both the platforms, since both have their pros and cons. Discovery Plus entertains its audience with its unique library of channels whereas Hulu provides all the cable channels on one platform. 

In this article, we’ll discuss which streaming platform in the best! 

What Is Discovery Plus? 

Discovery Plus is a home to some of the most extensive content and on-demand streaming. Discover Plus’s collection is about to surpass 1500 titles. Its reality-based shows appeal to people of all ages because the range is diverse.

However, this streaming platform has its pros and cons. 

Pros & Cons

We analyzed some pros and cons of Discovery Plus, here’s a quick look: 


  • Budget-Friendly Subscription option
  • 7-day free trial
  • Offers simultaneous streaming options


  • No Live TV option
  • No free tier
  • Content limitations outside the USA

What Is Hulu?

Hulu is a popular streaming site because it offers exclusive shows. It has almost every movie category covered. You can also view live shows. Hulu has increased its subscribers rapidly in recent times. This is because Hulu put all the cable channels on one platform. 

Pros and Cons

Although it gained massive popularity in the market, we have figured out some pros and cons of Hulu.  


  • 2500+ content library
  • 60 fps HD available
  • Live TV shows streaming available 


  • More expensive than Discovery Plus
  • No sports streaming 
  • Doesn’t support simultaneous streaming

Difference Between Discovery Plus And Hulu

Here is the comparison between both platforms that helps to decide whether watch Hulu or get access Discovery Plus in Australia.

Features Discovery Plus Hulu
Price Ad-supported: AU$ 7.59/m (US$ 4.99/m)

Ad-free: AU$ 10.62/m (US$ 6.99/m)

Ad-supported: AU$ 12.14/m (US$ 7.99/m)

Ad-free:  AU$ AU$ 22.78/m (US$14.99/m)

Channels Discovery Planet, Food Network, Animal Planet, History Channel CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Magnolia TV, Crime+ Investigation
Volume of Library 1500+ Shows 2500 Shows
Ads Yes Yes
Subscribers 24 million  48 million
Quality 720p,1080p, 4k Ultra HD 720p,1080p, 4k Ultra HD, 60fps HD
Devices 4 2

How To Watch Discovery Plus And Hulu In Australia? 

If you’re looking to watch Discovery+ and Hulu in Canada, you need a VPN. 

Hulu is not available in Canada which means you need a VPN to use the streaming platform. With a VPN, you can break geo-restriciton barriers and access different content libraries to stream your favorite shows. 

Once you connect to a VPN, you need a Hulu subscription to access the shows and movies from its content libraries

On the other hand, Discovery+ is available is Canada but it has a very limited content library due to which a VPN is required to help you bypass geo-restrictions. After that, all you need to do is get Discovery+ subscription to access its various channels and watch the shows. . 

Some Popular Titles On Discovery+ And Hulu 

We have jotted down some popular movies and shows that you can watch on both platforms.

Discovery Plus Hulu
The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story Attack on Titan
Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed Snowfall
This is Life with Lisa Ling History of the World: Part II 
Love Off the Grid Modern Family 
Naked and Afraid La Brea
Real Life Nightmares Abbott Elementary
Crikey! It’s the Irwins The Company You Keep
Tournament of Champions Triangle of Sadness 


Now it’s up to you whether to go with Hulu or Discovery Plus subscription in Australia since both the platforms have a lot to offer. 

Select wisely, as both offer extensive advantages to their subscribers. Additionally, both the streaming platforms are filled with some of the best shows and movies as they continually update their content libraries.

Discovery Plus is a perfect option for those who want to stream; nostalgic, classic, science, and history-based shows and docu-series. On the other hand, Hulu provides a wide range of cable channels that are enough to fulfil your demand while streaming. 

Choose wisely and enjoy streaming! 

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