What Color Shoes To Wear With A Navy Dress? Best Tips For Your Navy Dress

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What Color Shoes To Wear With a Navy Dress

We all have that one favorite, trendy and classy navy dress. The funny thing is that of all the colors in the closet; navy is the trickiest to style.

You can have millions of ideas on how to pair it with shoes, accessories, and bags. When done, you notice it doesn’t look as perfect as imagined. The navy dress does not lend itself easily to be paired with other colors.

Choosing the right shoe color for the navy dress is quite challenging. You must bring some level of creativity into it. This will make the choosing fun and successful. To get you started, let’s get to the question.

What color shoes to pair with a navy dress?

Color and the eyes, black shoes are the first and most obvious choice for a navy dress. This combo is a timeless classic. Black shoes are our usual, and every closet has a pair.

Black shoes pretty much match with everything, and the navy dress is no exception. Both colors are deep and look suitable for any formal activity. The two will give you a classy look while at the same time help you to keep a low profile.

There are two styles that you can rock when it comes to the navy dress. You can do it the classical way; this gives you a professional look. The bold look is slightly wild and fashion-forward.

The Classic Look

1. Silver shoes

Flaunt that fitted navy dress with a pair of shiny silver heels. This combo will be great for a girl’s night out. They are excellent party wear.

The silver shoes catch the light and do grab attention.  They also stand out from the navy dress dark fabric while emphasizing your legs and feet.

For a more casual look, pair your navy dress with a comfortable and stylish pair of Hey Dudes shoes.

2. White shoes

White is classy and straightforward. White shoes can make a terrific pair with the navy dress. However, the combination of light and dark colors will make your outfit pop.

Some fashion experts are against this match. They argue that it portrays a little bit of the nautical dynamic. This doesn’t wholly disqualify the look. The pair is excellent, and if you are good with the nautical look, you can rock in them.

3. Red shoes

Red shoes work wonderfully with the navy dress. Red is eye-catching and will make you look more confident. Fierce women who aren’t afraid of capturing attention rock the red and navy colors.

Many political figures do wear the two colors. Besides, the two colors are a part of the national flag, and they happen to look great together.

4. Nude

Many closets tend to have nude shoes. Every woman should at least have a pair. Like black shoes, nude goes with almost everything. However, they are less predictable compared to black. They give a softer look compared to the vibrant white.

Nude shoes can help you to contrast the dark nature of the navy fabric without capturing much attention.  The nude shoes come in many different shades. The beige nude is the most preferred, and it does look great with a navy dress.

5. The bold look

It is the most preferred look if you want to showcase a unique style. It does capture people’s attention. Some of the shoe colors that can bring out the bold look are:

6. Green shoes

Green shoes are unique in their way. The green shoes still give you that fashionable attention when paired with anything. It brings out the essence of youth in the air.

Green comes in different shades, and they all look fabulous with the navy dress. The apple green is the best color to match with anything dark blue. It’s beautiful and not too loud because of its calm tone. The emerald and forest green does look amazing with the navy dress.

7. Yellow shoes

It’s the perfect bold color match for your navy dress. In art, and colors blue and yellow are seen as complementary.  Yellow is vibrant color and radiates energy. The partnership says you are professional and fun. This match will brighten everyone’s day as well as yours.

8. Pink shoes

Any fashionable lady knows how much attention the pink color captures. Like red-pink gives a fantastic contrast to the navy dress.

Pink shoes are flirty and less severe, making it the perfect pair of prom shoes for a navy dress. Pink is also a feminine color, which is why most women choose their style in it.

9. Purple

Purple, lavender, and warm burgundy look phenomenal with the navy outfit. However, some fashion critics and people say that navy and purple do not fit.

You can still choose to go with purple; this is what we refer to as the bold choice. Also, purple and navy are from the same family and share various hues. It makes them compatible when it comes to fashion.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Shoe Color For Navy Dress

The navy dress pretty much goes with everything. However, it would be best if you were considerate of several things to avoid looking ridiculous. Ensure to be of the following items when selecting shoes for your navy dress.

1. Style

We all have that unique style that differentiates you from the rest. Make sure the shoe you select is in line with your style. Choosing the wrong shoe might reduce your confidence level.

The navy dress indeed goes with almost everything, but you should at least have preference. Please do not choose a pair of shoes because it matches your dress color. It should also be in line with your style and accessories.

2. Occasion

It’s an event or occasion that makes us stress about the type of shoe or dress to wear. For example, you will want to wear something that pretty much matches the theme of the wedding.

It is advisable to put some essence of the occasion in your dressing. Don’t choose the shoes blindly. Wear a pair of shoes that matches your dress and the event.

3. Palette

Always strive to match what you wear with the color pallet. It can save you from a lot of trouble. Luckily several applications and sites can match the colors for free.

The color pallet sites are easy to use. You need to select the base, the site highlight other colors beside it. You can compare and contrast the colors to your navy blue dress.

A bit of advice, it always matches the color palette with your skin tone. No matter the color of your dress, the skin must be exposed. If the skin color and the dress do not fit, it will negatively vibe to your whole dressing.

4. Color shade

Color shade is found when we darken the original color. If pure red is darkened gradually, we get the crimson.

Matching color shade with shoes is a perfect idea. It blends well and very quickly with style. It is the best option if you have problems choosing the right shoes.

Best Accessories For Your Navy Dress

Jewelry sparks you dressing a little bit. Therefore be sure to choose the best accessories to get that great love. Here are some of the top picks of colored accessories that can be matched with your navy dress.

Silver jewelry

Silver is a classical and timeless accessory that will never go out of style. You can go for silver jewelry encrusted with precious stones or the plain 925 silver.

For an understated look, the small, medium-sized silver accessories are the best jewelry option. To look extravagant, wear more extensive accessories or those entrusted with precious gemstone.

Champagne accessories

It’s a muted form of gold. If you want something that resembles gold but is lighter, go for champagne.

It’s an elegant accessory color. Like pearl and gold, its color is noticeable against the navy dress. This makes it both stylish and understated.


If you want to look more formal, go for this accessory. The pearl has graced many magazine covers in the past, with the likes of Princess Diana. It has made them an iconic style for women who want to dress formally.

Unlike gemstone, pearls do not shine; their white luminescence color brings out a sense of glamor for any woman who wears them.

Yellow accessories

It’s a substitute for gold accessories. Some people find gold to be too formal and glamorous. However, yellow is one of the bright colors around.

Many might find it challenging to pull up in a yellow accessory. If you carefully choose your yellow accessory, you will look stylish, fun, and trendy.

However, be sure to check on the event to see if wearing a piece of yellow jewelry is appropriate.

Coral accessories

It’s warmer than yellow, not as bright as yellow, pink. However, it’s still eye-catching and makes a perfect match with the navy dress.

When paired directly, it will give you a kind of majestic look. Since the color is not so striking, you can consider adding a third neutral color like gold or silver.

Gold accessories

The dark color of your dress makes gold the best fit, unlike other accessories that compliment your navy outfit. Gold is meant to stand out from the navy outfit.

However, be keen on the amount of gold you wear. Too much of it will make you look odd. Be simple by selecting between a brooch, hair clip, bracelet, or earrings.


We all never want to go wrong when it comes to dressing. It is because dressing defines us. The navy dress, just like black, is quite popular. Most women prefer navy since one can rock it in almost all events and occasions.

However, it would help if you were keen not to mess up your great style with the basics, such as shoe color, accessories, and many others. Shoes are so noticeable; you should be creative when choosing them to stand out from the normal. Normal is boring.

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