5 Ways To Use Letters Balloons At A Party

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5 Ways To Use Letters Balloons At A Party

Letter balloons allow you to create perfect themed party decorations, congratulate a loved one, arrange a cool photoshoot that will blow up Instagram, decorate your festive table, or make a baby shower or children’s party unforgettable!

You are intrigued, aren’t you? Then, we’re happy to present you with these 5 party letter balloons decoration ideas!

Create Stunning Wall Decorations

There are many ideas on how to create jaw-dropping wall decorations with letter balloons. Check these out:

  • use letter balloons to assemble congratulations for the birthday man, attaching them to the wall one by one. Then, wrap the LED garland around the inflatables, fixing it to the wall in several places. Such a centerpiece looks magical when it gets dark outside;
  • decorate a name or a whole congratulation created from inflated letters with fresh flowers – such a decoration looks very romantic and is ideal for a wedding or birthday of a woman or girl;
  • use them to make a festive bunting! Pull two strings along the wall: decorate the upper one with multi-colored tassels, use the other string to hang your balloon congrats;
  • decorate the area behind your buffet table: a slogan made of inflatable letter balloons that whet your appetite will be in that place just in time;
  • decorate the place above your mantelpiece. This is another idea where your letter balloons will look stunning and instantly catch an eye. Take your time and create a real masterpiece: hang balloon congratulation above the fireplace, stuff multi-colored balloons of different sizes along with a huge foil heart into the fireplace, and place pots with beautiful flowers on the mantelpiece and in front of the fireplace. We guarantee you that your birthday boy will remember this centerpiece for a long time!

Use Them As Unique Photo Props

If you’re planning to have a nice photo shoot at your party, there is one cool hassle-free idea.

To create a letter balloon backdrop, simply hang some pretty fabric on the wall (for example, use red velvet with pleats if you’re having a 1920s or Cabaret-style party). Now, place a large box with different letter balloons of a contrasting color (for instance, gold or silver) nearby.

The more balloons there are in the box the better because your guests will be able to use them to assemble various words. This photoshoot can easily turn into a fun game!

Stand Out With These Balloon Table Numbers

Do you think that your holiday table is the most beautiful one on the whole Earth? That’s because you haven’t tried to decorate it with shiny foil letter balloons yet!

Simply attach the inflatables to other decor items on your table (or to the tablecloth) using threads and pins. You can use either letter of one thematic color, or choose various colors for different guest table zones. By the way, this idea will help you to solve the problem with the seating chart for your celebration!

Make A Perfect Wedding Cortege Decor

Letter balloons always work perfectly for decorating weddings. However, you should use some romantic elements for additional decorations for your balloon inscriptions… White ribbons, fresh flowers, and greenery are just a perfect choice!

There is another idea that everyone will love: attach a balloon inscription to your car’s radiator grill! Gold or silver letters decorated with fresh flowers will look just amazing on a vintage-style Rolls-Royce or Mercedes!

Get Everyone Inspired With A Floating Inscription

Several letter balloons inflated with helium will make an interesting centerpiece if you attach them to a base on the floor, and place them in the middle of a room or backyard.

To make your inscription look more beautiful, you can decorate it with colorful ribbons or tinsel, fresh flowers, and greenery!

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