10 Ways To Increase Hair Density

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10 Ways To Increase Hair Density

We often talk about hair thickness as a permanent personal trait that can’t be changed, but you might be surprised by how much power you have over volume and density. If you’ve noticed your hair starting to thin over time, or you’re looking to gain more body, you will want to know what you can do to help.

In this article, we’re going to look at 10 ways to increase hair density that are proven and effective so that you can start treating your hair better today.

1. Be Gentle With Your Hair

One of the simplest things you can do to start making a big difference in the thickness of your hair is treat it with more love and care.

A significant cause of hair thinning is overwashing and rigorous scrubbing, but you don’t need to be rough to get an effective clean. You shouldn’t wash your hair more than three times a week and apply your shampoo and conditioner nicely and gently rather than attacking your scalp.

2. Massage Your Scalp

It is gratifying, but a gentle scalp massage with some oil (coconut, olive, and argan are great options) can also help increase blood circulation and strengthen your hair at the roots.

The stronger the roots are, the thicker your hair will be, but you should only massage once or twice a week to avoid causing unnecessary wear.

3. Improve Your Diet

It should come as no surprise that the food you eat and the nutrition you put into your body will affect the health and thickness of your hair. Protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and biotin are essential for encouraging growth, and vitamins like A, D, and C help to strengthen the follicles.

An iron deficiency is also likely to contribute to hair thinning, although you should consult a doctor if this is something you are struggling with.

There are all kinds of foods that contain beneficial ingredients for your hair. Try eating more eggs for protein and biotin, fatty fish like salmon for omega-3, and spinach for extra vitamins and iron.

4. Utilize Supplements and Multivitamins

You can also try some helpful supplements to ensure your hair is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Although a well-balanced and healthy diet can provide you with what you need, supplements are a great way to ensure you get all the important things.

Many supplements are specifically designed for hair growth but look for those containing biotin, collagen, and folic acid – as well as vitamins like A, B12, C, and D.

5. Reduce Stress

This is not necessarily an easy tip to follow, but lowering your life’s stress has been proven to reduce hair thinning and improve hair health overall.

Stress has numerous negative effects on health and well-being, so you should always find ways to reduce it if you can.

6. Stop Overheating Your Hair

Many of the daily hair rituals we partake in have a negative effect on the thickness of your hair. Straightening irons, curlers, blow drying, and other heating tools can weaken your hair and cause it to lose body and volume.

Lower the heat settings where you can, keep your blow dryer at least 6 inches away from the hair itself, and avoid using heated tools more than three times a week.

7. Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel sometimes feels like a cure-all for any issue – it’s just so useful! Applying aloe to your hair can help improve density because it contains nutrients that strengthen the follicles, and you get to increase blood circulation by giving your scalp a gentle massage.

Leave your hair covered for around an hour before washing it out, and it should look glossy too.

8. Drink More Water

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but drinking enough water is genuinely important for so many different aspects of your health. If you want to see more hair growth, you must stay hydrated. It’s recommended that you get at least two liters of water daily, and you should see improvements in more than just your hair.

9. Invest In Better Hair Products

The best thing that you can do for your hair thickness is to treat your hair better. Many products on the market are cheaply made with low-quality ingredients and harsh chemicals. Bad products can cause your hair to become damaged and thin.

Tayloani’s hair products are a great example of an effective solution. Investing in superior products like Tayloani’s Infinigrowth Shampoo and Infinigrowth Masque can significantly affect growth, volume, and density. They prevent hair loss, they’re clinically proven to promote faster growth, and they minimize breakage and damage.

10. See A Trichologist

If you are genuinely worried about hair thinning, you can visit a licensed trichologist to get some advice. They are trained professionals that specialize in the structure and health of your hair and will be able to diagnose any underlying conditions that might be affecting you.

Summary: 10 Ways To Increase Hair Density

So, how can you increase your hair density? You can do many things, but it all starts with treating your hair the way it deserves to be treated. That includes looking after your body and your mind too.

The key to promoting thickness is using the right products that are high-quality and carefully formulated to support growth and hair health and avoiding harsh chemicals and damaging treatments.

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