4 Unique Party Favor Ideas To Try

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4 Unique Party Favor Ideas To Try

When planning a celebration for a graduation, wedding, baby shower or anything in between, it can be easy to overlook the smaller details that go into making the big day extra special. Between finding a venue, getting a head count, booking entertainment and caterers and even simply finding the best decorations, things like party favors can be a last-minute thought – but that doesn’t mean they need to cause unnecessary stress or scrambling. 

In fact, finding party favors can be the funnest part of the planning process! From baked goods to accessories to custom lapel pins and magnets, the sky is the limit when it comes to sending your guests home with a fun and thoughtful knick knack. Here are a few ideas to help stir up your creativity:

Something Sweet Or Savory

Party favors don’t have to be anything too extravagant – sometimes, the most exciting party favors are a simple baked good or other yummy treat. If your party is small enough, maybe you’ll opt to bake the party favor yourself – however, there are plenty of small businesses and bakeries who can also create customized goodies. 

From shaped mini waffles to infused olive oils to DIY cookie kits, the possibilities are endless. If you really want to go above and beyond, create your own custom coffee blend, custom cocktail kit or a mini bottle of liquor with a custom label. 

Something Beautiful And Relaxing

You can’t go wrong when offering someone the gift of self-care, beauty or relaxation. Personalized soaps, mini bubble baths, custom candles, colored hair scrunchies…you can find pretty much any bath or beauty product in a mini size to include in your party favors. 

Next time you’re treating yourself to a self-care night, take a look at the products you’re using and ask yourself if any of them would make good party favors. This is an especially fun idea for a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or birthday party. If you custom order your mini self-care gift, go above and beyond by having a custom label made to commemorate the event or person of honor. 

Plant Seeds Of Celebration

Depending on the type of celebration you’re hosting and the interests of your guests, you may find it fun to give your guests the gift of plants or flowers. If you have the budget for it, mini succulents are always a fun gift that don’t require a great deal of intensive care or watering (making them the perfect gift for your friends without a green thumb).

If you want to add a more thoughtful touch, buy mini packets of seeds and give those away in your party favor kits. Seeds are a symbol of growth, harmony and new beginnings, so they’re the perfect party favor for a wedding or bridal shower. Add a little note that encourages guests to set an intention before they plant the seed so they can literally watch their wish come to fruition. 

If your event is small enough (or if you have a lot of hands on deck to help you), another idea is to gather a bunch of dried flowers and arrange them in a decorative frame along with each guest’s name. Not only can this serve as a placeholder at the table, it can also be used as decoration once your party is over.

Another go-to idea (especially for weddings) is gifting each guest mini vases so they can take home one or two flowers from your decorations and centerpieces as a parting gift. 

Get Quirky

You can’t go wrong with party favors like candies, candles, or mini treats. These types of gifts are always welcome and are sure to please most, if not all, of your guests. 

However, there are so many more unique routes you can take with your party favors – in fact, sometimes those unexpected goodies can be the start of great conversations and fun moments with your guests. 

For instance, did you know that you can get custom temporary tattoos made as party favors? This is the perfect way to acknowledge the star of the show with their favorite phrase, symbol or even their face!

Other unique (and useful) party favor ideas include custom printed sleep masks, handmade fans, vases, matchboxes, or t-shirts. If music was a centerpiece of your event (or you’re super proud of the perfect playlist you made for the occasion), burn a CD or give guests a small flash drive with the playlist so they can enjoy it for years to come and reminisce.

If your event has an open bar and you’re anticipating a crazy night, another unique (and very welcome) party favor could be a “hangover kit,” featuring a packet of a hydration multiplier beverage, some painkillers, a $5 gift card to a coffee shop or food delivery service and cheap sunglasses, along with whatever else you’d find fitting. 

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