5 Tips To Enrich Your Cat’s Life

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6 Tips To Enrich Your Cat's Life

Having a cat can be amazing. Cat’s are loving, funny, weird, and wacky animals. They will make you laugh, question the laws of physics, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Cats can live indoors, outdoors, or a bit of both. No matter how your kitty is living they need enrichment in their lives to be happy and fulfilled. This counts for every breed of cat too, while it is true that no two cats are the same, all cats have the same basic needs. 

Enrichment is important for any animal to live a successful life. In some ways, we incorporate enrichment into our lives, with trying different foods, having hobbies, those comfy pillows and blankets we love, and making our restrooms look pretty. 

This might give you an idea of what cats need in their enrichment. However, there are some specifics, so, here’s what your cat needs, for more information on cat enrichment it’s always wise to speak to a vet.

Why Is Enrichment Important?

Enlightenment is important as it helps to keep your cat healthy and happy, which is the job of the owner and goes well beyond simply providing food. 

Cats are active animals that need plenty of stimulation in order to stay healthy in their mind and body. It also helps to prevent bad behavior.

#1. Food

Cats do not need a three-course meal with a side of champagne, but they do need several small meals each day. It is better to give them several meals per day in small portions in place of one or two big meals. 

When you feed your kitty, it is best to hide these meals around your home, or in food puzzle feeders to encourage them to think and be active as they fulfill their instinctive urges to hunt. This simulates their natural hunting environment, and is also a form of play all in one. 

#2. Time To Play

Your cat needs play time, even if it is just for a small while. Introducing short sessions of playing into their day helps keep their body and mind working

You can try using something they could play, bite, or simply attack. These behaviors mimic hunting while also burning calories and using up excess energy helping them engage more. 

Keep in mind that not every cat’s version of play is the same, they will choose their favorite toys, so try around a few different ones. It is also good to have plenty of variety in their toys, as some cats can get easily bored with the same thing after a while.

#3. Somewhere To Go To The Restroom

Always ensure you have enough litter boxes for your cat. You should always have one extra for every cat in the house. So if you have 2 cats, you want 3 litter boxes, if you have 5 cats, you want 6 litter boxes. 

Litter boxes should be placed on each floor of your home in easy to get to places for the best access, which is extremely important, especially as your cat gets older. 

You also need to remember to clean out the litter boxes every day, you want them to use the same litter box each time. The best way to encourage this is to provide enough boxes and keep them as clean as you can.

#4. Cat Trees & Scratching Posts

Cat scratching is normal behavior. It helps the cat to show where their territory is via pheromones and through visuals. It also helps cats to stretch out their muscles by reaching high up to leave their mark

It is ideal for you to provide many scratching posts in different areas of your home. Ideally you want one near where they sleep so that they can reach onto the post and have a good stretch post-cat nap. 

You should also offer scratch posts that are vertical and horizontal. 

#5. Plenty of ‘Nap Zones’ 

Speaking of cat naps, they need plenty of areas to do so. Cats sleep a great deal more than we do, and so need plenty of options when it comes to where they should take their naps. 

They need somewhere safe and comfortable, you might find that some of their favorites are on the couch, on the bed, or somewhere higher up, dark and quiet. You can provide them with a cat tree that has plenty of nooks and sleeping areas, or a cat bed. 

However, if you are happy being close with your cat, they can always curl up with you.

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