10 Tips For Desert Safari In Dubai- What To Wear & What To Do

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Tips For Desert Safari In Dubai

If you have decided to explore the desert safari in Dubai, first of all, that is amazing! But if you are wondering what to wear for the Dubai desert safari and what exciting things to do in Dubai, you have arrived at the correct blog.

In case you are visiting Dubai for only one day, then you must select what you want to do that day. We definitely will suggest you try the Dubai desert safari. 

Dubai is an elevated oasis of the Arabian Peninsula that embraces the Persian Gulf. This city is an outstanding city comprehended for its prosperous heritage and friendly hospitality.

The Bedouin experience is the highlight of the desert safari located in the heart of the desert in Dubai. Moreover, this trip is a must-do as the Dubai desert safari pulls you out of the craze of Dubai. 

In this blog, we have made a list of whatever you can do & what you can wear while on the Dubai desert safari. Read this, and then head to the desert!

1. Select An Evening Desert Safari In Dubai

We suggest you pick the afternoon safari to enjoy the majestic sunset. You will also munch on the mouthwatering dinner while watching an eye-catching performance. It is truly a relaxing experience. Moreover, you will feel the desert as your friend.

2. Wear Your Comfy Clothes

Even though you have read it elsewhere. We insist you wear something that you feel comfy in. Wear clothes where your skin breathes and yet stays warm.

If you think of wearing a maxi dress, you won’t be able to enjoy quad biking or dune bashing. 

As it’ll be inappropriate while getting down and riding. Whereas, jumpsuits & palazzos may suit you. Furthermore, make choices according to your preference. Biker shorts and vests will not assist you to stay under the sun. Moreover, do not wear a bunch of jewelry. If it goes in the sand, no one can help you.

3. What If You Get Sick, So Bring Your Medicines

Dune bashing gives you the ultimate adrenaline rush. But at the same time, some travelers tend to get motion sickness. 

So, you must carry medicines with you. Moreover, the dune bashing activity is not an 

easy joke. So think before getting on the adventure.

4. Bring A Backpack And Have Water & Wet Tissues 

Carry only the necessities which you want for the desert safari trip. During the trip, we suggest you bring your own water bottle as there is plenty of free-flowing water. 

Moreover, it is an hour’s drive. You may wipe your face with wet tissues to stay fresh to click some stunning snaps.

5. Wear Your Flats

If you try wearing heels for a desert safari, then it is a huge ‘no’ from us. Indeed a pair of comfy flats will serve you best during this adventure. Hear from the experts because they say the same. Moreover, on the desert safari, remember to wear only flats!  

6. Sunglasses & Jackets

Trust us. The sunglasses will be your best friend during the daytime as it gets hot. Moreover, the jacket will be your best friend during the nighttime as it gets cold. Take them with you!

7. Witness The Sun Hiding Behind The Dunes

Without mentioning, you will tend to witness the sunset while in the desert. But we ask you to stop clicking snaps for your IG and really enjoy the sunset. 

Moreover, you must stand there, hold your loved one’s hand and witness the breathtaking view of the descending sun. The gorgeous sunset is worth staring at, and the desert offers it the most dazzling shades!

8. Make New Friends

You will make friends with both avians and humans. Moreover, you will love the birds, especially the falcons there. Furthermore, you may make new buddies on the desert safari. You never know, you might even find your new BFF there!

9. Stay Hydrated

You will have so much fun exploring and playing in the sand. But at the same time, you tend to get dehydrated easily and quickly. So sip water every now and then. Moreover, it is essential to replenish yourself.

10. Visit The Sand & Stay For The Performance

Almost all the Dubai desert safaris end with a spectacular performance under the sparkling stars in the night sky. Moreover, belly dancing will be the highlight of the performance. You will undoubtedly have loads of fun!

Final Thoughts

Well, don’t forget to stare at the beautiful desert during the Dubai desert safari. You may wonder standing at the vastness and the majestic of the Arabian desert. This trip will surely go down your memory lane for a lifetime.

We hope you discovered what you must wear and the things to do there. If you have doubts, ping us in the comments!

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