10 Things To Understand Before A Lip Augmentation Treatment

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Things To Understand Before A Lip Augmentation Treatment

Lip augmentation has become a popular procedure for anyone who wants their mouth to have a plumper appearance. It is a common cosmetic treatment in 2023, but it must be carried out by a professional, experienced clinician. If you are thinking about having a lip augmentation treatment, there are ten top things you need to know, and this guide has all of the answers. 

Only Professionals Should Do The Treatment

The top thing to understand about lip augmentation is that it takes a professional to do the procedure properly. The risks are too dangerous if an inexperienced person carries out the appointment – the biggest one being you will end up with a botched appearance and lots of bleeding and bruising or an infection to manage afterward. Look for a clinic with professional experience that provides a top-quality service and protects its clients.

Lip Augmentation: What Is Injected?

There are a few different types of filler style techniques about, but the most common and safest practice is to inject hyaluronic acid. This is shown to cause the least side effects and be the most sustainable way to carry out this procedure for the highest number of clients. Trained clinicians will opt for the most relevant, up-to-date treatment methods and ensure that their customers are receiving the best possible care throughout. It is best to avoid this kind of treatment if you have diabetes, oral herpes, or are on any blood thinning medications just in case it makes things worse or has an adverse impact on a pre-existing condition. 

It Is Not Permanent

Lip augmentation can last up to eight weeks in full effect, but it can start to slow down at around the four-week mark too. It is one of those things that you will have to keep up with every 6-12 months if you want to maintain the appearance of your plumpness. This is the only way to ensure you have long-lasting results and maintain the level of quality that you have envisioned. 

Expect A Little Bit Of Pain

Lip augmentation entails a needle being inserted into the area. This will always bring a little bit of pain. However, there are ways for this to be managed including numbing creams and after-care products too. If you have a low pain tolerance, talk it through before you undergo any procedure, and make sure you are prepared for what’s to come. It will not be a pleasant experience if you are flinching, and it won’t be safe either. 

It Doesn’t Always Work

While these treatments have a high rate of success, it doesn’t always turn out the way you want them to. It may not take, or your body may reject the treatment in another way. The truth is, until you have given it a try, you won’t know how your lips will respond. The appointment will always take into account a full health profile to ascertain viability and ensure that nothing major is missed. 

You Need To Be Realistic

It is okay to want a procedure that will enhance your appearance in this way, but it is also useful to stay realistic about what it can achieve. If you want the biggest lips around with maximum plumpness, then this won’t happen after just one appointment. You are only allowed a certain number of injections in any given time period in order to minimise the risks and protect both mental and physical health. Your clinician will talk through all of the options and help you stay focused on what is possible vs. what is not. 

Typical Side Effects

It is always beneficial to understand what potential side effects may come about as a result of any procedure that you do to your face, especially in an area like your mouth that you need for eating, drinking, and communicating. The good news is, as discussed above, though there is a little bit of pain during and after an augmentation service, it doesn’t last too long. So, this should provide peace of mind to some extent. Other side effects, however, should also be put on the table in order to assess all of the facts for what they are. These include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Redness
  • Soreness and tenderness

It is important to note that not everyone experiences these side effects, and how it feels and looks is different for every person. Any consequence of treatment shouldn’t last more than a week at most, and your clinician should follow up with a post-care appointment at least seven days after your fillers are in place. 

You Can Have Them Dissolved

If you decide that actually you don’t like lip augmentation post-treatment, it can be dissolved. However, that doesn’t mean that you should take the decision lightly. This is a cosmetic procedure, after all, and will change the way you look and feel. The fact that you can dissolve it if it really doesn’t feel right is a nice safety net to have but is not justification for going through with something you don’t feel entirely comfortable with.  

How Much It Will Cost

Each appointment will cost between £250 and £350 depending on the amount of filler you have injected. So, you can expect to spend upwards of £1000 if you want repeat appointments to uphold the new appearance. Take a look at this clinic for example pricing if you want to get a better idea.

Recovery Time

In general, if the procedure goes well, the recovery time should be no longer than a day (if that). So, you don’t have to worry about taking a week off work or avoiding any social gatherings too much because you should be back to feeling normal quickly after the appointment is complete. 

Lip augmentation, when done right, can enhance the appearance and size of your lip area. It is essential that you find a professionally accredited clinician to perform the treatment and engage with the correct aftercare to minimise the possibility of complications. Take the time to think it through and make sure you get answers to all of your questions. 

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