Types Of Personal Injuries In Truck Accidents

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Types Of Personal Injuries In Truck Accidents

A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh more than 80,000 pounds. You can expect serious injuries when a massive truck collides with another motor vehicle, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or bicyclist. Unfortunately, many of the victims succumb to their injuries. According to the National Safety Council, around 5,799 people died in large-truck accidents in 2021. Here are the most common personal injuries in truck accidents. 

Head Trauma

Head trauma is not only one of the most common but also one of the most severe personal injuries in truck accidents. The chance of severe head trauma increases in truck accidents because of the high force of the impact. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a type of head injury that can result in severe consequences. Common symptoms of TBI include loss of consciousness, memory loss, seizures, slurred speech, headaches, confusion, and weakness in the extremities. Surgery may be required to treat severe head trauma, especially in cases that need emergency medical care. 

Cuts And Lacerations 

Cuts and lacerations happen when a sharp object penetrates the top layer of the skin. While cuts and lacerations are not as serious as some of the other injuries in truck accidents, they can require professional treatment, especially if the cut is deep or has resulted in excess bleeding. Stitches may be required for deep cuts or lacerations. Some cuts and lacerations can leave scars, and getting rid of scars may require additional treatment or surgery. 

Back And Spinal Injuries 

The back and spine are vulnerable to various types of injuries in truck accidents, including spinal dislocations, fractures, and disc herniation or bulging. This is a sensitive area of the body, as any injury to it can lead to paralysis. While the severity of back and spinal injuries can be reduced by wearing seatbelts, the severe impact of a truck collision can often cause injuries. Some back and spine injuries may require months or years of physical therapy, adaptive devices, and other forms of treatment or management. 

Fractures And Broken Bones

The forceful and abrupt impact of a truck accident can lead to fractures and broken bones. All bones of the body are vulnerable to damage in a truck accident. The bones that are most commonly fractured or broken include the femur, clavicle, tibia, hip, ribs, wrist, and bones in the arms. While most fractures and broken bones heal over time, severe injuries may require extended immobilization, surgery, or both. Broken bones can lead to major complications if they puncture other organs, such as the lungs. 

Wrongful Death

The most severe injuries in truck accidents can lead to death. Common causes of severe truck accidents include distracted truck drivers, negligence in truck maintenance, reckless driving, and poor driving conditions.  Wrongful death lawsuits are most commonly filed by the victim’s surviving spouse, children, or parents. 

Psychological Injuries 

Truck accidents often involve physical injuries but can also lead to psychological injuries. For example, victims can suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and several other types of mental health issues as a result of the accident. The insurance company or the opposing legal team can try to downplay psychological injuries, but they can be as severe as physical injuries and can be devastating for the victims. 

Compensation For Injuries In Truck Accidents 

Suppose you or your loved one was involved in a truck accident and suffered injuries as a result of someone else’s reckless conduct, gross negligence, or wrongdoing. In that case, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your suffering. This includes economic and noneconomic damages. While you don’t necessarily need an attorney, hiring one can increase your chances of securing full and fair compensation for your suffering. 

One of the first goals of the attorney in a personal injury claim will be to establish liability for the accident. There are multiple parties that can be held liable in a truck accident. For example, the truck owner, truck driver, maintenance company, and cargo loading company can all be liable parties in a truck accident. It is important to keep in mind that a truck accident could also be the fault of the car, pedestrian, motorcyclist, or bicyclist, so it is important to clearly establish liability if you want to strengthen your case. A St.Louis, Missouri personal injury lawyer can review the merits of your case to guide you on the best course of legal action. 

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