Solo or Partnered, Natural Lube Can Support You

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It’s no secret that lubricants can change up everything in the bedroom. There are so many spectacular things that lube can support you with. You can use lube alone or with a partner, use it when you need extra lubrication in the most critical places, use it as a male or a female, and spice up your sex life. What may be a newer piece of information for you, however, is that natural lube can also support you in many ways. There is much to learn about natural lube. Let’s start with some of the most essential basics. 

Why Natural Lube?

Natural lube is created with only two ingredients. Each of these ingredients contributes to the clean and natural characteristics that are found within natural lube:

These ingredients are essential in how natural lube supports you and your body. You want your natural lube to support you in the following areas:

  • Your comfortability
  • Your arousal levels
  • Penetration assistance

If your lube doesn’t help you feel comfortable during sex, it can tend to feel like it’s not doing its most important job. There is nothing worse than being in the bedroom, ready to be intimate with your partner, and the one thing holding you back is that you don’t have the proper lubrication to get the job done right. Natural lube is not only natural, but it supports you in the ways that it says it will. 

It’s important to consider that your body will absorb what you put on it or inside it. Using natural lube makes you confident, knowing that the ingredients are made with your body in mind. Natural ingredients like coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD are made to support your body.

Broad-spectrum CBD brings a variety of support to you and your body:

  • CBD can promote blood flow, closely related to your body’s ability to feel pleasure and arousal.
  • CBD can promote the relaxation of your muscles. This plays a critical part in your overall ease and comfort during sex.
  • Most importantly, CBD can support your comfort levels during sex.

Discomfort during sex is incredibly common. It’s probably more common than you think. Keeping your comfortability in mind, natural lube seeks to support you in the ways you need to feel your most authentic and comfortable self during sex. 

To keep complete transparency, you will want a natural lube that is honest about what goes inside the product. Natural lube supports that naturally occurring pH balance found in vaginas. Natural lube does not have:

  • Alcohol
  • Petroleum-based ingredients
  • Glycerin
  • Parabens
  • Dyes

Knowing what you’re putting on or in your body is always comforting. Natural lube seeks complete transparency with its consumers so that you can feel comforted in knowing what’s in your lube. You never want a lube with chemicals and ingredients that could hurt you. It’s incredibly frustrating when the labels and marketing aren’t clear about the ingredients. Natural lube solves that problem for you. 

Who can use Natural Lube?

Natural lube is for all people regardless of sexual orientation. Whether you have a partner or just want to use it yourself. All you need to know is that natural lube is for you and any consenting adult that wishes to be a part of those intimate moments with you. 

How to use Lube

Natural lube can be used anally or vaginally. It is safe in either intimate scenario. It’s important to know that the ingredient coconut oil is a tree nut, so anyone with this specific allergy needs to be mindful of that. Natural lube should not be used with:

  • Latex
  • Poly-isoprene

If you are using a condom or a sex toy, you will want these items made from oil-safe materials. 

Most importantly, natural lube can be used on yourself or with a partner. If you just need to relax and take care of yourself by yourself, natural lube is there to help. If you have that special someone and all you want to do is try something new and comfortable, natural lube is a fantastic option. You cannot go wrong with natural lube with its natural ingredients, ease of use, and versatility. 

Natural Lube is the Superior Lube

Arguably, natural lube is the superior lubricant. It can be used for multiple types of intercourse; it’s natural and can support your body when it really counts. Try out natural lube for the next time you wanna get it on. It doesn’t matter if you’re by yourself and with someone. Take the time to care your body the way it deserves. 

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