Reasons To Buy Paid WooCommerce Templates

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Reasons To Buy Paid WooCommerce Templates

If starting a new online business, you think about the money. After all, the resources and budget are not unlimited. However, keeping a balance between the economy and quality things is necessary. For example, on TemplateMonster, anyone can find paid and free WooCommerce templates. After viewing free goods’ demos, you may choose non-paid items but take your time.

Today we will tell you the main differences between these products. We will also reveal the reasons for paying for a theme, but the decision will be yours.

Where To Search WooCommerce Templates

Web developers made these goods to work only with WordPress. After all, the WooCommerce plugin is a uniquely valuable tool that turns an ordinary WordPress website into an online store with a complete basic set of functionality for online sales.

You may find ready-made designs for the future online store in WordPress CMS and marketplaces. For example, on TemplateMonster. However, if you choose where to load, it is better to know all the alternatives rather than relying on suggestions from your CMS.

Here are the reasons to look for items on marketplaces:

  • Many people get WordPress themes from the CMS. But you like the idea of becoming unique and standing out from the competition. If you visit TemplateMonster, you discover that other people are also loading products. However, the downloads number is small compared to WordPress goods in CMS. So you get a product from the marketplace that only a few people have used. In addition, TemplateMonster visitors may find new themes or buy a special license and become the last buyer.
  • WordPress has no support system. Cool news. You won’t need it. All layouts on TemplateMonster have six free months of support from the web developer.
  • A small number of novelties. New designs appear more often on a big marketplace compared to WordPress. In their appearance, you may find styles and colors that perfectly emphasize the specifics of the goods — for example, women’s underwear, auto parts, sports clothes, or children’s toys.
  • Additional bonuses. Web developers on other sites and marketplaces offer valuable bonuses for each purchase to persuade the buyer to order. These presents may be a discount, plugins, colorful pictures, original vector icons, additional graphics, etc.

Explore the alternatives and get the most suitable product for your needs.

The Main Differences Between Paid And Non-paid WooCommerce Templates

Many immediately recall the age-old wisdom that free cheese is only in the mousetrap. However, today there is such an abundance of non-paid themes that it is intriguing to try such a theme.

Before doing so, read the reasons for paying money below and conclude what is best for you. So, down we will talk about the most exciting and intriguing benefits of paid items.

Number Of Settings

Often, the functionality of paid goods is so great that you may create any appearance and apply many changes. So, if you are a creative person and have a similar experience, you get a chance to create a unique online store. Moreover, even a novice specialist needs many settings. After all, it would help if you chose a color scheme combinable with the logo. Also, it’s essential to think about the type and color of the font to create a particular style in the appearance of your sections. Also, Drag and Drop allows you to move and arrange blocks on the page as you wish.

Non-paid variants usually have a smaller list of settings. So what you see in the demo is what you get, nothing more.

Support And Instructions

We have already mentioned this point above. These valuable additions greatly simplify your life and the settings of purchased layouts. Free products never have good manuals, or they are so complicated that beginners need help to cope even with simple editing. The structure and how web developers present information in their instructions for paid WooCommerce templates make their manuals very useful for buyers. There is no need to search for anything additionally on the Internet. And, in particular situations, write your question to the support manager.


Often, the task of a web developer of a non-paid product is to make it and place it on a web resource for download. However, WordPress is updated, and the time comes when the layout of your online store becomes broken or the design ceases to be compatible with the site and stops working.

This thing never happens with purchased WooCommerce templates. Instead, programmers maintain their layouts in working condition and, if necessary, update or fix bugs themselves.


To buy or not to buy largely depends on you. But remember that you can achieve a fashionable, modern, and functional online store only if you allocate a budget. Furthermore, it is essential to use high-quality designs if you plan to work in your field for a long time or build a new brand and conquer the market.

WooCommerce Templates FAQ

1. How to download WooCommerce templates?

If you buy on TemplateMonster, you will receive a letter with the product in the attachment immediately after payment. That’s why checking your contact details when placing an order is essential. Then, please open the email, click on the archive, and download it to your laptop.

2. How to install WooCommerce templates?

You can install purchased designs in 1 click, where all actions buyers reduce to pressing a couple of buttons. In the second case, we advise you to refer to the instructions from the web developer. The process programmers described step by step. This differs slightly depending on how the programmers envisioned the installation.

3. How do WooCommerce templates affect SEO?

High-quality layouts contribute to your promotion in search engines. However, in most cases, free designs don’t have such qualities and never affect the process in any way.

4. Are these WooCommerce templates responsive?

All items you buy are 100% responsive. So they fit more beautifully into the screen size of a smartphone or tablet. Consequently, the visitor sees a completely adapted appearance of the sections.

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