Ready To Start An Amazon Business? Here’s How To Get Started 

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Ready To Start An Amazon Business

Selling products online is a great way to make money, and Amazon is the perfect place to do it. The Amazon market is huge, and it is growing every day as people shift to online shopping for almost all of their needs. It doesn’t take much to start a small business, and with the right tools and ideas, a new business can become a great success. Read on to find out the best tips for getting started with a new business venture.

Know Amazon’s Restrictions And Fees

Products sold on Amazon do have certain restrictions. Before you are ready to launch your business, make sure your items meet Amazon’s requirements. There are additional rules for the “Fulfilled by Amazon” program, so be sure to check that, too. Amazon charges account fees and have two options: $0 or $39.99 per month. Also, consider how much it is going to cost to ship items, as this can vary depending on which methods are used for shipping.

Choose A Selling Plan

Amazon has two selling plans. An individual plan does not cost anything, but each item that is sold is assessed a $0.99 fee. With the professional plan at $39.99 per month, there are no fees assessed per item. An individual plan is good for someone starting out and planning to sell fewer than 40 items per month. It also works for sellers who do not have plans to advertise or market. 

A professional selling plan is recommended for sellers who plan to sell more than 40 items each month and have a desire to grow their company quickly with marketing and advertising. They are also eligible to qualify for a top place on the product details page. Additionally, sellers that want to sell restricted items must have a professional account. 

Create A Product Listing

There are two options when it comes to listing a product. First, a seller can add items to an existing product listing. This is the easiest method and great for beginners. Once a seller gets the hang of selling, they can try creating new product listings for things that are not currently listed on Amazon. This can be more difficult, but Amazon provides all of the directions necessary.

Manage Inventory

Once a seller has items listed and starts selling, it is very important to manage the inventory properly. When building a new business, sellers rely heavily on customer reviews, so be sure to notice when items sell and ship them promptly. The inventory can be managed manually, and this is a good option if the seller is also selling items on another platform. 

Manage Product Delivery

There are several options when it comes to product delivery. Sellers can ship items themselves using the “Fulfilled by Merchant” option. This is often how sellers begin. As their orders increase, they may choose to be part of the “Fulfilled by Amazon” method. While there is a charge for this shipping service, it also comes with many additional benefits. Once an order is placed, Amazon provides free Prime shipping to buyers. They also take care of all customer service issues that may come from the buyer. 

Starting a business may seem overwhelming, but Amazon makes it easy. Sellers can start small and, over time, build the business of their dreams. 

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