How To Tell If The Golden Goose Is Fake; A Guide To Acquiring Authentic Sneakers

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How To Tell If The Golden Goose Is Fake

The golden goose is a special edition hand-finished by Italian craftsmen. The high-quality leather employed makes them expensive, and it would hurt if you incurred an expense for counterfeit ones. 

Authentic sneakers lovers will consider the finer details it takes to identify genuine golden goose sneakers. 

Most replica companies do the details carelessly. It’s possible to identify faults and differences if by keen inspection. 

Doing this will help you get the right product. By merely observing, you should be able to distinguish between a real and a fake golden goose fast.

Here is a detailed guide on distinguishing fake golden goose sneakers from the original ones.

How to tell if the golden goose is fake

Authentic golden goose sneakers usually are well stitched. If poorly stitched, the sneakers must be fake. Be sure to check the stitching at the toe box. It would be best if you also inspect the stitching at the heel. 

More obvious stitching is an indicator of a fake. Aside from stitches, there are other ways of inspecting the authenticity of your golden goose sneakers. Check the branding at the insole, dots, and the rear Golden Goose/DE text inscription to verify the sneakers.

Side Of The Sneakers

The authentic heel is made out of a textureless material wide at the end. The fake heel has bubbles on its surface and is not wide at the end.

The font on the side of authentic sneakers is more extensive and square. However, counterfeit sneakers may have a small font that is more rounded and vibrant in color.

The stitching on the side of a fake sneaker is sloppy due to the narrower heel collar. For an original model, the stitching is spread across smoothly.

The holographic material on the side of a fake golden goose is not supposed to be visible from the side. The font on the side of fake sneakers is way thicker than the actual pair.

Inspect the curvature on the toe box. Authentic shoes are curvier at the toes and are further away from the ground. However, counterfeit shoes are flat and tend to be more on the ground.

The star 

Here, we compare the most iconic part of the golden goose sneakers, the star. We compare the authentic and counterfeit sneakers’ shape, size, and color in differentiating the products.

The star is made up of multiple colors in authentic goose sneakers, creating a stunning appearance. Fake sneakers may be of a single color and lack glare.

Each point of the authentic star is longer than the fake one. Furthermore, the authentic star is sharp at the ends, unlike the blunt ends associated with fake sneakers.

Heel counter 

The thread in the authentic golden goose heel is thick and high-quality. This information implies that legit sneakers are incredibly durable. In the counterfeit pair, the thread used is thin and may pull off anytime.

The original golden goose logo has a distinguished bold look and is less sharp than the fake ones. The degraded boldness of the star may be a pointer for a fake sneaker.

The fake heel counter is more expansive, and the shiny material extends to the sides. This heel counter is unlike the original one, whose shiny material doesn’t extend to the sides.

The authentic collar is shiny and not necessarily holographic. However, the fake golden goose collar is shiny and holographic material.

The toe-box 

The original toe box is taller and more defined, whereas the fake one is more flatter. The fake laces are vast, but the real laces are thinner and fine-textured.

The sole 

Replica companies ignore some of these minor differences, which are the difference. The zig-zags on the original sole are more diminutive and narrowly spaced. The zig zags are big and wide on the fake sole. 

The insole 

The original font is bolder and sharper against the black background. Letters on the counterfeit sole are smaller and not similarly shaped. They are less bold due to a light background.

The size number also dictates the sneaker quality. The original size is more prominent and deeply engraved, whereas fake insoles have small and lightly engraved numbers.

Authentic shoes always have the same font, unlike counterfeit shoes, which blend the fonts in the insole. 

The word ‘GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND’ on the fake pair is less visible and of a thin font. Moreover, the insole’s word ‘VENEZIA’ may be less visible than on the original pair.

The label 

In the fake model, the label is rectangular-shaped, while in the original model, it is square-shaped. 

The letters are thinner and tend to tilt to the right in authentic ones. The fake models have bolder and thicker words.

The stitching on the original label is originally black. However, fake labels have differently colored thread stitching.

The tag

The background on the fake pair tag is fuzzy and unclear. The letters in the fake model are small and much narrower. The letters are well visible and with a less fuzzy background on the original golden goose. 

There may be a stretch on the fake pair’s words ‘MADE IN ITALY’ tag. On the flip side, there is plenty of space between the words, in thin font, on the original sneakers.

The size of the text contains similar features in the original pair. Original shoes have a thin font and underline compared to the fake pair.

The dust bag

The fake dust bag is made of poor-quality material, while the original is cotton. The font on the original dust bag is much bigger than the fake one. The rope on the dustbag should also be black, but counterfeit dustbags have a white rope.

How to Spot Fake Golden Goose Sneakers in Less Than 60 Seconds?

To save your time from differentiating genuine and counterfeit sneakers, here is a brief guide for you.

  1. Inspect the stitching on the corner of the toe box. Fake golden goose sneakers have a stitching rarer compared to the actual pair.
  2. Evaluate the stitching on the heel of your golden goose sneakers. The fake stitching is less deep and can be visible easily.
  3. Check the rear ‘GOLDEN GOOSE/DE’ text. The fake text is ordinarily small and too broad.
  4. Confirm the three dots on the side of the sneakers. Legit pairs have equally spaced dots, but there is some distance between the dots in fake ones. Moreover, the dots may be misaligned. 
  5. Check the distressing on the golden goose sneakers. Legit golden goose has a natural-looking distressing, while the fake pairs have a distressing that seems to be handmade.
  6. Inspect the edges of the star on your pair of golden goose sneakers. The fake pairs are more frayed and less glued than the legit pairs.
  7. Verify the inner soles of your golden goose sneakers. Fake soles have significant-looking texts and fonts. Legit soles have mode fonts that are equally spaced.
  8. Check the shoelaces. Fake shoelaces are wide and typically rough, but the legit pairs have thin laces with a fine texture.
  9. Check the curviness of the toe box where authentic shoes are curvier, and the front part of the shoe lifts away from the ground.

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive?

High-end leather is necessary for the manufacture of quality golden goose sneakers. Furthermore, it takes a long time to stitch them beside the cost incurred when paying wages.

The artisans deal with one shoe at a time, making it durable. Each pair comes with its authentication to protect it from counterfeits, making it unique. 

The hand-distressed aspect makes them expensive to produce as it takes time to produce each shoe. The sneakers are also unique in that they are ready for wear once they reach the consumer.

Golden goose sneakers also have a taller leather insole that provides comfort and cushion. The height advantage also affects its sizing and fitting. Hence more material is needed. 

Finally, most designs use multiple pieces of leather and patterns, which leads to complexity in production and material sourcing.


Golden goose sneakers are a stylish product handmade to perfection to suit the customer’s comfort. Golden Goose produces new styles with new finishes and new designs related to skillful artisans every season

Each pair is unique, making it such a unique brand. The shoes are long-lasting and worth each penny. Each model design varies with seasons depending on the model and gender. 

For this reason, they authenticated the golden goose to satisfy their customers. You can now dodge the bullet of purchasing fake products, which won’t last with this information. 

It’s possible to distinguish the counterfeits and get the quality golden goose you deserve quickly. Be sure to refer to the highlighted points to avoid acquiring counterfeit sneakers.

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