How To Make Your Hair Go Grey Faster: The Ultimate Guide

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How To Make Your Hair Go Grey Faster

Many people struggle with getting their hair grey. It can take years to get that perfect shade of silver and the process is often long, tedious, and expensive. However, there are ways to make it happen faster and even better than you thought possible. Here is a guide for how to achieve your desired hair color in the quickest amount of time possible!

How To Make Hair Go Grey Faster?

1. Make sure your hair is well-conditioned

Your hair’s health is important for it to be healthy and strong, and if your hair’s health is good, it will also be able to grow faster. Also, you should make sure that your hair has been properly washed before applying a dye or bleach. If you want to make sure that your hair doesn’t go grey too quickly, wash it with a clarifying shampoo before applying any kind of dye or bleaching product.

2. Get the right product

The type of product you choose when getting rid of unwanted grey hairs depends on the shade of the color you want to achieve. There are products that are specifically made for treating light brown hairs and there are also products that can treat dark brown or black shades as well. To get the best results, it’s important to use the right product for your desired shade.

3. Start with a low dosage

If you’re going for a lighter shade of silver, try using a low dosage of dye or bleach. If you are going for a darker shade, start with a high dosage and then reduce it as you see the progress. It’s also important to note that the more you bleach or dye your hair, the faster it will go grey.

4. Use masks

You can use masks to speed up the process of getting grey hair faster. It’s important to not only use them on your hair but also on your face to make sure that everything is kept clean and healthy. Masks are made out of different ingredients and they are great for treating both hair and skin at the same time!

5. Get rid of dandruff

If you want your hair to be treated well, it’s essential that you get rid of dandruff as soon as possible! As mentioned earlier, dark hairs will go grey faster than lighter ones, so if you have dandruff on your scalp, it will be more visible on your dark hairs than on other shades.

6. Try a shampoo to remove dandruff

If you’re not able to get rid of dandruff, you can always try using a shampoo that is specially made for removing dandruff. You can either use it on your hair or on your scalp, but make sure that you wash it with warm water to avoid damaging the hair.

7. Keep your hair healthy and strong

The faster you go grey, the more damage your hair will be subjected to and the weaker it will become. It’s essential that you keep your hair healthy and strong so that it doesn’t lose its strength and eventually go grey as well! That’s why we recommend using shampoos designed for treating colored hairs as well!

8. Keep your hair clean

As you’re going through this process, it’s essential that you keep your hair clean. Otherwise, the more dirt and grime gets into your hair, the faster it will go grey! It’s also important to make sure that the shampoo you use is free of chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

9. Use a wide-tooth comb

If you’re going to use a coloring or bleaching product on your hair, it’s important that you use a wide-tooth comb when washing it so as to avoid damaging the strands! Make sure that you don’t rub too hard on the strands as well as they are still fragile and sensitive at this point.

What is gray hair?

Gray hair is the result of aging and not the product of some kind of chemical reaction. It’s the natural process of brown hair turning grey. So if you want to get rid of it, all you have to do is wait for it to grow out and stop dying your hair.

The Science Behind Getting Grey Hairs

  • The speed at which your hair goes grey is dependent on the number of melanin granules in your hair. The more melanin, the quicker it will go grey. Darker hairs will go grey faster than lighter hairs. Your genetics also play a role in how quickly you get grey hair. If you have dark hair and want to get that perfect silver hue, you can’t expect it to happen overnight. It will take time, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t speed up the process with some tricks and tips.
  • One of the best ways to make your hair go grey is through bleaching or dyeing it with a gray colorant. One study found that bleach was effective at accelerating grayness by 63 percent! You can use this trick on any shade of brown–including dark brown–and still get results!

5 Steps For Achieving A Grey Hair Color In Two Weeks.

  • Get your hair professionally colored. A lot of people struggle with getting their hair to grey without the use of a colorist. However, the process is expensive and often takes more time than necessary to achieve the desired hair color. To speed up the grey process, you can try going to a professional hairstylist and having them dye your hair professionally. They will apply light grey or silver hairs dye all over your head at once for a quick and easy process.
  • You can also buy semi-permanent hair dye that has been pre-mixed by a professional colorist. This is an option if you’re not in any particular rush and are just looking for an affordable way to get some grey hairs onto your head. It’s also available online for less money than you would pay for a professional visit, plus it’s cheaper when compared to using chemicals on your own hair. The upside is that it is less likely to damage your natural hair color so there will be no risk of accidentally ruining your own hair as well!
  • If you are still struggling with achieving that perfect shade of gray then consider trying dip-dyeing your hair. This is the cheapest method that still provides great results without the need for any chemicals or professional assistance! Dip dyeing will allow you to achieve different levels of grey depending on how long you leave it in before washing it out! As long as you follow instructions correctly, this method is very safe and should produce great results.
  • You can also try using a semi-permanent dye that has been pre-mixed by a professional hair colorist. This is usually the best option if you want to stay away from chemicals and don’t have much time to spare. However, this method will still require you to go to your hairdresser for the actual application, which may be inconvenient depending on where you live.
  • If none of these options are working for you then consider trying permanent dyeing. This is the safest method of all and will not damage your natural hair color in any way! Permanent dyeing will only change the shade of your hair, but not the texture or look of it. As long as you get a professional colorist in for this service, it will be an easy process and should produce great results!

How To Care For Your Gray Hair?

1. You don’t need to color your hair every time you want to dye it!

If you want a fresh new grey look, then dye your hair every two or three weeks. However, if you want to maintain the color of your hair, then dyeing it once a month is recommended.

2. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Sulfates can strip the hair of its natural oils and make it prone to damage from over-processing. This can lead to breakage, frizziness, and brittle ends. If you’re going for that smooth look with grey hair, use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

3. Don’t over-process your hair!

Processing is best done by professionals who know how to take care of the delicate strands of your hair. Overprocessing can cause breakage and damage the integrity of your hair follicles as well as cause excessive frizziness and dryness, especially in curly or wavy hair.

4. Change your hairstyle!

If you want to go for the grey hair look, then one of the best ways is to use a low-maintenance style that doesn’t require much upkeep. This can help you save time and money because you won’t have to spend as much time on your hair. You can also avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage your locks by choosing a style that doesn’t require much maintenance like long hair or short cuts.

5. Trim your hair!

If you have long hair, then make sure that you trim it regularly. This will help to keep your hair healthy and prevent breakage. You can also opt for shorter styles that don’t require trimming in between. If you have short hair, then make sure that you don’t over-process it either because this can lead to breakage and damage as well as frizziness and dryness.

6. Don’t wash your hair too frequently!

Washing your hair too often can cause unnecessary damage to the integrity of its cuticles and the strength of the bonds between its strands. It’s better to wash it once every three days or less if you want a healthy-looking head of grey hair!


You may have noticed that the silver hair trend is still going strong. But what you may not know is that with a little help from some hair dye, you can achieve silver hair in just two weeks. It’s as easy as applying the right mix of colors and giving your hair a little time to process. With this tip, you can make your grey hair go silver in a fraction of the time.

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