How To Hire Remote Software Engineers To Build Your Dream Development Team

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How To Hire Remote Software Engineers

In 2023, remote work has become a norm that everyone is following. Well, it wasn’t like that before. COVID has made people realize the power of communication tools such as Teams, Zoom, Anydesk, and more. Leveraging this, a company operating in France can hire developers in Ukraine. But there are two questions to this- why are companies hiring such developers, and how to hire remote developers? 

According to the reports by SimilarWeb, the number of remote software engineers in the US increased by 18% from May to April. Similarly, a report posted by Apollo Technical stated that 22% of US developers will go remote by the end of 2025. 

Companies- Big or Small, are using remote hiring models and are enjoying many benefits, leading to greater efficiency and profit margins. Let’s see how to hire remote software engineers and whether they are a good option or not. 

How To Keep Yourself Motivated If You Work As A Remote Developer?

As a remote developer, it can be challenging to stay motivated without the traditional office environment and daily interactions with colleagues. However, there are several things you can do to maintain your motivation:

– Clearly define your goals and break them down into smaller, achievable tasks. This will help you stay focused and motivated as you work towards completing each task.

– Establish a routine that works for you and stick to it. This will help you stay organized and motivated throughout the day.

– It’s important to take regular breaks to avoid burnout. Get up and stretch, take a walk outside, or engage in another activity that helps you recharge.

– Communication is key when working remotely. Stay connected with your team through regular check-ins, video calls, and instant messaging.

– As a remote developer, you may have more time to focus on learning and professional development. Seek out online courses, tutorials, or other resources to help you expand your skills.

– It’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem. Take time to celebrate your achievements and reflect on what you’ve learned.

Why Remote Development?

We are sure that you have seen companies like Handle Global and Roth River posting jobs, saying they want to hire a remote programmer. Why are they doing it? Obviously, if such big players are shifting towards remote developers for hire, there are benefits. Well, there are plenty of them, and if done right, they can give you outstanding results. 

With Remote, talent is At Your Fingertips

Going will remote developers will widen the future of your company and expand your workforce, which will be comprised of state-of-the-art skills. With remote workers, you don’t have to compromise the quality, budget, and time in developing that software. Remote work enables you to check all points. In simple words, you will have access to skills and expertise that is not available locally in the market. 

Productivity is At its Peak

Great Place to Work released a report stating that 76% of people feel comfortable when they are working from home. This is because people can forget daily commutes and long meetings. Since they are comfortable, their productivity is more. 

There is another point to this. Some people work at night and day; time can kill their productivity. With the remote model, developers can put up their own schedules, allowing them to manage their own time. This adds responsibility, enabling them to be more productive. If you hire remote software developers, it is for sure that you will see real productivity.

Flexibility is the Real Flex

Yes, flexibility is one of the many factors that come with when you hire a remote development team. Imagine the daunting experience of gathering everyone and pulling them away from their tasks just for a short meeting. That is not the case with remote work. Just an invite, and everyone is on the video call. 

Redefined Expenditures

Hiring a software developer can put up a lot of costs when developing a project. Nowadays, the costs vary at an unimaginable level. For example, In the US, the net scale is as follows

Junior Developer: $82,000

Mid-Level Developer: $138,000

Senior Developer: $180,500

If you hire remote software developers, all of these costs can be cut down. You don’t have to pay incentives, pensions, extra pay, etc. You can get an average developer at the rate of $12-$30.

Apart from hiring costs, with remote developers, there is no need for infrastructure and tech stack costs. Since the developer will be using his own, you need to buy one. 

How To Hire Remote Developers

Hiring a remote developer can go sideways if not done right. To prevent that, here are the essential steps that you can follow to make sure your developer is the right one. 

Your Hiring Options

Yes, you are going to hire remote development team. But the question is, how will you do that? The amazing part is there are plenty of methods to hire remote programmers. 

  • First, you can ask someone who can refer you to a programmer. We are sure that one of your friends is an IT expert and will have access to someone who is looking for a job. Ask for the resume and check whether they are a good fit. 
  • Secondly, you can attend IT conferences. Plenty of IT conferences like PyCon, Javaday, and Frameworks Day are held every year. Die-hard developers from all over the world attend these conferences. There is a good chance that you will land your remote developer if you attend such seminars. 
  • Freelance is one of the best and easiest options if you are looking to hire remote software developers. Platforms like Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer, and Guru are filled with renowned developers. Another advantage of platforms is that you can view the profile and see what other clients are saying about the developer.

Interview Process Guidelines

Ok, so you have a list of potential candidates. What should you do about them? Well, here is what you need to do.

Goals and Priorities

Make sure you are telling everyone why you need a development team. That is where the job description comes in. Write a powerful JD that enlists details on skills required, experience needed, etc. Once your goals and priorities are defined, you will be able to hire a developer. 


If someone applies to your remote job posting and seems like a good fit, that doesn’t mean that they will be a match. You can check that using the screening process. An online interview using Zoom is the perfect way to see why and how that candidate can add value to the development team.

Job Offer 

It is too early to pop the bottle of champagne. There is still one process left. That is offering the job to the selected candidate. A job offer is not like you bringing a developer to the team. With the job offer, you have to create NDAs, non-competes, and more. Apart from that, you have to introduce your developer to the workflow and the existing team. 

Not everyone wants to go for the “How to Hire Remote Developers” scheme because they find it extremely unsettling. However, you can get your perfect developer if you follow the proper steps and methods. Just be patient and go with the flow. 

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