Online Security: How To Create Strong Passwords

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How To Create Strong Passwords

Your online privacy and security are only in your hands. It is as protected as your passwords. Sadly, most online users use weak passwords that give very little protection against cybercrime. Passwords should be as safe as you keep your home key. Strong passwords can help protect your sensitive information. Your confidential bank details can be at risk of someone getting your password easily. Moreover, they can access your personal emails and messages and fulfill their intention. Basically, it is risky. 

That’s why you must use choose to use a strong and unique password for all personal online accounts. I would recommend choosing a password that has a minimum of 12 characters and which is a mixture of numbers, letters, and everything. Importantly, it should not be a dictionary word that is simple or any have any fixed pattern. You can read Cyberghost’s article to get more ideas on this.

While creating a strong password is not that tricky. Regularly changing your passwords and credentials is the best way to achieve high privacy. Those who are stressed about how to create a strong password related to online security, then stay tuned. I have given below all the details that you can follow. 

Which Are The Elements That Make A Strong Password?

Now that you know the importance of a strong password for your online security, you must think about the elements you can consider while making a strong password. If you want to make your password identical and unique, check out the tips below for that. 

Length: A strong password always contains at least 12 characters. It is the perfect length of the password, and make sure you mix all the things into that, like symbols and other things. This thing makes it trickier for hackers. They cannot guess or crack your password.

Common words: It’s crucial to avoid using some common words or as well as phrases, and proper nouns, as they are quite predictable for hackers. Instead, create an identical and complex password that can not be guessed or associated with you or any of your personal information.

Old passwords: It is important to use a unique password for each of your online accounts, website, and device, as old passwords are easy to guess for hackers. You can create a strong password by following the above-given tips.

How To Create Strong Passwords?

If you want to generate a strong password, then you need to plan it accordingly. Make sure you keep yourself aware of password generation. Most of the time, when we generate passwords, only a few things come into our mind, like birthdate, name or pet name, etc. Be alert if you feel the same or are afraid of online cheating. You can easily learn how to create a unique password to save your personal accounts. Try below given easy tips for that. 

  • To make your password unique, you need to use the lowercase and uppercase combination. So the hacker will not be able to guess it easily. Suppose you are keeping it as “Sunshine,” then try to make it “S@uuw0ine!”.
  • Try to generate longer passwords that have (at least 12 characters). Longer passwords can not be cracked easily in comparison to shorter ones. 
  • Try to avoid common phrases; instead of that, use unique ones and replace them with single words. You should try those phrases which are easy to memorize and robust as well. For example, suppose “S@uns0in!”; you could use “Su!n0s@s1h#n”.
  • The best way to protect yourself from password crackers is not to use common phrases or quotes. Rather than using words and numbers, use symbols and phrases that are unique to you.

What Are The Tips To Manage Passwords?

If you want to protect your generated passwords or create a strong ones, then one of the best options is a password manager, which securely saves all your passwords in an encrypted vault. You only need to create one mast password in the password manager, and you are good to go. Try to use the password manager that is free and easily available online.

One more option is to try a browser-based password generator, which can be found easily in your day-to-day browser as a built-in feature. You can consider the generators most easy. You do not need to pay anything for it; many are available online.

If you want to protect yourself from online crimes, then generating strong passwords is the important thing. Try to do it with a password manager. 


In conclusion, I have shared all about how to create strong passwords, which help better in online security. If you are a person who often uses weak and apparent passwords, then this is for you. Passwords are like your home key. You need to make your password unique and unpredictable. To simplify things, I have shared a few tips you can follow to generate strong passwords. As well as software that helps you manage your passwords, a password generator and a password manager are also free to use. I hope you have found this information useful and got all the details you need!

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