How Much Are Fishing Licenses At Walmart: Read The Best Answer

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How Much Are Fishing Licenses At Walmart

Fishing is a fun-filled outdoor activity. It is not just a source of income for many. A lot of people feel relaxed when fishing.

Unfortunately, you can’t just visit any fishing site and cast your hook into the water. There are guidelines and requirements to do so.

In the United States of America, there are strict rules governing fishing. One of them is that fisher folks must possess a valid fishing license.

The license whether you’re fishing on freshwater or in an ocean. A fishing license is a permit that the government gives to those interested in catching specific fish species.

In this post, you’ll learn about the price of various fishing licenses, their durations, and many more. Keep reading!

How Much Is Fishing License At Walmart? 

So, how much are fishing licenses at Walmart? Each state sets its fishing license prices. On average, an annual state resident fishing license costs $25, but non-resident licenses cost an average of $60 to $70. But you can get a single-day permit at cheaper rates. In this article, you’ll get details about how much fishing license costs at Walmart.

Why Obtaining A Fishing License At Walmart Is A Wise Decision

You may be wondering why citizens would require a license to capture fishes. Consider how overharvesting has reduced some fish species. Overharvesting of fish is affecting our aquatic environment adversely.

The limitations government placed on fishing is to ensure no species becomes extinct. Also, the money you pay for the license helps protect and conserve water bodies in each state.

You can obtain a fishing permit from various stores. But have in mind that it differs from state to state.

However, Walmart has made buying a fishing license a breeze. And because there is a Walmart store across the country, obtaining the license won’t be that difficult.

Just head to the sports and outdoor department and inform the store clerk about what you’re seeking. The clerk would help you to pick the best license for you.

A fishing license sold on Walmart costs the same as purchasing the license online. So which one would you prefer? Buying online or getting it from a physical store? The physical store should be your answer. You’ll be able to hold your fishing license after payment and ask pertinent questions.

Factors That Determine Prices Of Fishing Licenses At Walmart


The required age to buy a license varies from state to state. However, you can start purchasing a license from 12 to 16, depending on your state. If you’re buying at these ages, you can obtain a discount for the first or second year. After this period, you’ll need to buy an adult license. Also, you may not require a fishing license if you are over 65 in some states.


Your state determines the price of the fishing licenses at Walmart. Some states charge higher than others. For example, an annual license in Florida costs $17, while in Pennsylvania costs $22.9

Resident status:

It’s cheaper for you to apply for a fishing license in your state. But if you go to another state, you will apply as a non-resident. For instance, a man in Florida may buy an annual resident fishing license for $17 but pay the same price for a 3-day fishing license as a non-resident.

Period of license validity:

The duration of your license validity determines its price. If you opt for an annual fishing license, you’ll pay higher than a single-day fishing license.

Saltwater/freshwater or both:

The prices for saltwater and freshwater licenses are different.

To get a Walmart fishing license, you need to present the following means of identification.

  • A valid ID card or driving license
  • An official document proving your residency

However, you may be exempted from a fishing license if you fall under the following categories:

  • You are a veteran
  • You are with disabilities.
  • You’re a child under a particular age group.
  • You are active military personnel. It will be an approved military leave for you to be able to fish.

Types Of Fishing Licenses At Walmart

Walmart gives fishing licenses based on one’s need. You can request a license that best suits what you want.

Single-day fishing license: 

This type of license only lasts for a day. It’s for those who want to test if they will adopt fishing as a hobby or occupation. You can choose either freshwater or saltwater. But the fees will vary for freshwater and saltwater. Consider that before applying for this license.

An annual fishing license:

This license lasts annually. So you won’t be facing the constraints of renewing your license whenever you want to go fishing. You can embark on your fishing expedition in the permitted areas whenever you want for 365 days.

Freshwater fishing license:  

Every single state in the United States of America has freshwater bodies where you can fish. You can access these spots by boat or from the shore. The price of the license varies from state to state. It also depends on whether you are a resident and the duration of the license.

Such a license may be an annual license or a lifetime license. It is cheaper in the long run. You won’t have to bother about renewing it at the end of each year. That’s one of the benefits of a lifetime license.

Saltwater fishing license:

you can enjoy saltwater fishing along the US coastlines. You’ll always find a stunning saltwater fishing spot, but you will need a saltwater fishing license to fish.

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Fishing License At Walmart

Here are a couple of things that you should know before you buy a Walmart fishing license online or offline:

  • If you intend to fish in a group, every group member should have their fishing license. One who doesn’t have a license shouldn’t fish with the group.
  • If you’re caught fishing without any license, get ready to pay a hefty fine, imprisonment, or both. It’s just not worth taking such a risk, considering that a fishing license is quite affordable.
  • You can choose from several fishing licenses based on what you want.
  • The cost of the license differs based on the type of water body you want to fish in.
  • If a fishing spot is not specified as a river, ocean, stream, or pond, it will attract a high license fee.
  • You won’t undertake a test when you apply for a fishing license at Walmart. However, you’ll obtain a booklet that highlights the regulations. You’re expected to read and adhere to the instructions in the booklet.
  • Make sure that you’re fishing at a spot that allows it. Else, you can be fined even when you have a fishing license.
  • Don’t litter, urinate in, or pollute the water body in any way when you go fishing as it can affect the delicate ecosystem that the fish live in, and it could lead to a fine.
  • Ensure you’re carrying the required safety gear while fishing, especially in the ocean or river.
  • Don’t fish when the weather is bad. So, before you head out to your fishing spot, check the weather forecast to avoid danger.
  • Your fishing license does not give you access to fish endangered species or fish in areas where fishing is not allowed. You could be fined, imprisoned, or both. Also, Walmart and the government may impose a lifetime ban and prevent you from fishing anywhere.
  • Being safe from injuries while you fish is important. So, carry a first aid box along with the right gear. It’s more important when you take kids.
  • Make sure you’re wearing a lifejacket while fishing if you don’t know how to swim. It can help to save your life if you fall into the water by mistake. It’s important for all water bodies.
  • You do not have to apply for a fishing license if the water body is on your property.

How To Obtain The Fishing License At Walmart            

There are different ways to get a fishing license at Walmart. Obtaining such a license from Walmart is also hassle-free.

Here are diverse ways that you can get your fishing license at Walmart.


Go to the nearest Walmart and make sure you’re carrying a photo ID and proof of residency. You can get the license form at the Sports and Outdoor department of the store. Fill out the form, answer the questions, then pay for your license, and you are done.


If you cannot visit the store, you can apply for your fishing license online. Your license will only be issued after Walmart has verified the documents submitted with the license application. You need a debit or credit card to pay for your license. When your license is approved, you can print it out.

By Phone:

In most states, individuals are allowed to apply for a fishing license by phone. But you have to provide your details and bank information over the phone. After doing this, the license will be approved. You can then print it out or get it from the store.


You can use this process if you’re unable to get your fishing license via any other method. It can be a stress-free way to get your license, especially if your fishing trip is a few months away.


Now you know everything about getting a fishing license at Walmart. Make sure you always follow the rules and understand the steps to get a license. When you do this, you will find out how easy it is to get a Walmart fishing license.

When you obtain a license, you’re helping the government protect the water bodies so that the fish and other species living in the aquatic environment can thrive. That way, you will be able to fish and have fun without getting on the wrong side of the law.

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