How Is Artificial Intelligence Implemented Into eCommerce?

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How Is Artificial Intelligence Implemented into eCommerce

Technology has seen many advancements lately. Many tasks or jobs deemed impossible in the old days are now possible thanks to these advancements. One of the most significant technological advancements is AI (Artificial Intelligence), which allows computer and computer-based machines to offer human-like accuracy. 

This ability of computers and machines has not only made a lot of processes automated but increased productivity significantly.

While AI is finding its applications in multiple fields ranging from healthcare to manufacturing automobiles, it has also implemented itself into eCommerce. Many people still think the inclusion of AI is a far-fetched thought. 

However, it has already done a lot to make things easier for eCommerce vendors. Its implementation in eCommerce has allowed online vendors to scale their business and offer customized merchandise to customers interested in buying things online.

If you are running an eCommerce business and want to scale your business for good, then using AI in multiple processes will help you immensely. 

However, before you start looking for the implementation of AI in your online business, it is better to understand how it can help you. 

We have discussed some use cases where AI doesn’t only help business owners but their customers who come to shop for their products online. 

Read on to learn more. 

Reverse Image Search

Back in the old days, the most significant problem online shoppers faced was finding the exact merchandise they were looking for. It was because the keywords used by them while searching on the web or a specific website were not enough to find the required search results. Sometimes they had to browse through an entire category of products consisting of thousands of items to find their favorite merchandise on a particular website. 

This entire activity used to take a lot of time and effort, and most people found it easier to purchase products from brick-and-mortar outlets. However, things have significantly changed these days.

eCommerce shopping has become easier for online buyers because of AI. You may have heard of reverse picture search based on CBIR (Content-Based Image Retrieval) algorithm. 

This algorithm takes the help of advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision to find relevant search results based on an image search query. 

Multiple online utilities can help users perform reverse image lookup of a product they want to buy online. Such utilities can display results from various renowned search engines for the ease of users. 

Additionally, many eCommerce brands also offer image reverse search features on their websites. 

The process is relatively easy, the users upload an image of a product, and the relevant search results get displayed immediately.

Customized Search and Product Display

AI is not only helping users find their required products with the help of reverse image search, but it is also helping them in many other ways. AI collects current and past data of purchases made by users and shape suggestion for buyers that visit a website frequently for online purchases to provide them with the best deals. 

This efficient solution not only helps businesses retain their clients but gain more revenue as buyers like bespoke deals especially made for them. They will surely give any special deal a thought after seeing it if it fits their choice.

Additionally, the use of AI in tracking records of data regarding the purchase of customers buying from a particular website helps businesses add value-addition deals. 

These value-addition deals display a set of products that will complement the item a customer is buying. Doing so not only helps users enjoy a customized shopping experience but increases the chances of enhanced revenue for eCommerce businesses. 

It is only possible when they use AI at the back end to keep track of the purchases made earlier by particular customers who visit their site repeatedly for online purchases. 


The most significant advantage of shopping online in the eye of average buyers is no time limitation. They can access eCommerce websites anytime during the day, and the online vendors should be ready. 

While buyers think they can purchase their required merchandise from online websites 24/7, they expect their queries to be answered as soon as they ask them. 

However, it is not manually possible for vendors to be available 24/7 to answer the queries of their customers. It will cost them a fortune if they try to hire assistants to answer those queries. It is also understandable that the chances of a customer leaving an eCommerce website without buying anything get double when there is no one to answer their queries.

 This is where AI has made things a lot easier for eCommerce vendors. They can implement AI to take control of the situation and satisfy the needs of their customers in terms of the information they need about a product. 

For example, they can use AI-powered chatbots to give customers the information they need regarding a particular product, payment process, or delivery duration. Additionally, these chatbots use the advanced AI-based NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm to understand customers’ queries and answer them as quickly as possible.

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