7 Amazing Firefox Tricks To Improve Your Productivity

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7 Amazing Firefox Tricks To Improve Your Productivity

Firefox is one of the top-rated and extremely popular browsers nowadays. Frankly speaking, it has always been like this, so users prefer it among many others for rational reasons. But Firefox is much better than you consider and you are going to agree with this statement right now.

That’s why you need to reveal these greatest and most efficient tips for your productivity improvement. By using them daily, you’ll save time, speed up your job, and level up your personal performance. So let’s go!

Tip #1. Manage Your Homepage

A standard Firefox homepage is showing you the favorite websites you have visited, news, search, highlights, etc. But in real life, these elements encourage users to click somewhere without a purpose and only distract.

So make your homepage a place of your relevant websites or even better – make it clear. Such a trick allows you to think and concentrate on your plans. For boosting your inspiration, you may also add on the homepage an inspiring wallpaper you enjoy. So click on the icon on this page and remove all options for new tab preferences.

Tip #2. Customize The Interface

As with most others, the Firefox browser may be very filled up with content. If you look at the page, you’ll see many features and options to click on. On the one hand, that’s good because you will be aware of what this application is capable of. On the other hand, the useless elements will keep distracting you from your tasks.

The best you can do is to customize your interface. This simple browser trick helps you to rely on the idea “the less is more” and take advantage of free space. For instance, manage your bookmarks and delete the standard folders you don’t need at all. It will allow you to save space for useful bookmarks you rely on regularly.

Tip #3. Use Firefox Addons

These little apps inside the Firefox world are precious. Thanks to them, you may evaluate your browser’s features and complicated things simply. So click the extension bar and select the apps you are interested in. Many extensions could play into your hands. For instance, you may be interested in trying addons for removing advertising in your browser, VPN extension, digital to-do list, grammar checker, virtual notes, and so on.

You are free to select those addons which suit your personal and professional occupations. One of the top extensions nowadays is the VPN Firefox addon. Its features are essential for customers who aspire to take care of their security. Just find the best Firefox VPN add on to take advantage of its features. Prefer the fast security VPN with positive reviews from customers.

Tip #4. Synchronize Your Mobile And Desktop Browsers

You may have more than one gadget to work or use for your personal purposes. In most cases, users prefer the same browsers for their computers or laptops and mobile devices. That’s because Firefox and other browsers have versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. In addition, customers are familiar with the app interface and are comfortable to keep using the same one.

In such a case, synchronization is in demand. Thanks to this option, you can use the same account on all your devices, and sync bookmarks, browser history, and other elements. Just turn on the synchronization option and feel free to evaluate your experience with this software.

Tip #5. Use Hotkeys

This tip is one of the most well-known but still many people ignore it. They believe it isn’t as useful as everyone thinks. In addition, you have to memorize the  list of hotkeys and their meanings. But what a wrong myth! Using hotkeys can make a real spy of you.

This is a truly advantageous trick. Just let yourself use several hotkeys and you would encourage yourself to memorize more of them. Here are examples of great hotkeys you may be interested in trying:

– click Spacebar to go page down;

– click Ctrl+C to copy something;

– click Ctrl+D to open the bookmark page;

– click Ctrl+T to create a new tab;

– click Ctrl with “+” to increase the size of the page;

– click Ctrl with “-” to decrease the size of the page;

– click F5 to reload the current webpage.

It seems that you have to memorize a lot to take advantage of hotkeys. But in real life, once you repeat the same actions several times, you’ll easily remember them and start using them for better productivity.

Tip #6. Delete Search History In The bar

Firefox has many great features but sometimes even those awesome features may be annoying. The overwhelmed homepage is a good example, and another similar case is the address bar history. When you are going to type a new keyword for a search, you may see this history. In most cases, you don’t need it or don’t want to see it again

So this Firefox tip will help you to get rid of annoying URLs you have typed in the search bar before. You should go to this bar, use the button down-arrow to select the line you want to delete, and press “Delete” to remove it from your search bar history. Repeat the same actions if you aspire to delete more than 1 search.

Tip #7. Improve Your Firefox Speed

When you are using your browser, especially with addons like VeePN, you aspire to speed it up. The browser productivity directly influences your personal productivity. So this is the right and easily achievable task.

To make it real and workable, you can use pipelining. This simple trick helps Firefox to load multiple elements on the exact page at the same time. You just need to use “about:config” settings and set “0” as the amount of time for Firefox to wait before starting to act.

As you can see, your Firefox is even cooler than you thought. It allows you to take advantage of many features by using hotkeys, VPN extension, additional settings, and so on. For instance, if you aspire to use a Virtual Private network Then you should install the VeePN addon; if you desire to level up your inspiration then select inspiring wallpaper. The list of your opportunities is endless so give them a try!

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