How Do You Convert XRP To WAX?

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How Do You Convert XRP To WAX

The concept of digital money has long gone beyond just Bitcoin. Undoubtedly, BTC remains the most expensive and popular cryptocurrency. But in parallel, several thousand virtual coins were created in the world – official sources report about 10,500 different coins and tokens listed. And this number is changing every day. Some of them are unable to keep their positions among stronger opponents for a long time, while others show sufficient strength and continue to develop. In today’s article, we will talk about two cryptocurrencies from the latter group. In particular, let us see where you can get and use these and how to exchange these. It is about famous coins XRP and WAX.

Ways To Exchange Cryptocurrencies

When a user has received or transferred cryptocurrency to his wallet, sooner or later, he will think about using these funds. And if, in the case of payment for goods and services, the algorithm of actions is clear enough, then what to do if you need to exchange some digital assets for others? There are two most common options for such transactions – cryptocurrency exchange platforms, where the main emphasis is on cryptocurrency trading and online crypto exchange services that deal exclusively with the exchange of some coins for others. In the first case, you will have to register on the platform and even go through the verification procedure. But many crypto holders often want their transactions to remain anonymous. You can still find services to convert XPR to WAX without disclosing your details. And Godex is one of them.

Where To Convert XRP To WAX?

With a variety of online exchanges, it is still not easy to find sites with an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies. Most services offer only common coins – BTC, Ethereum, XRP. is ahead of the market, offering more than 200 coins for immediate conversion. A complete list of these can be found on its official website. The exchange process from XRP to WAX is very simple. You deposit coins you want to exchange and get the requested WAX coins within 30 minutes.  You only need to have a valid crypto wallet. It is not an obstacle since you can activate a huge number of online crypto wallets with no effort and absolutely for free.

How Does Godex Online Converter Work?

Once you are ready to make the transaction through the Godex service, you may go directly to its exchange page. It is designed in the form of an online calculator. This approach allows you to immediately see the amount you will receive after the operation. The site continuously processes the information from the largest crypto exchanges, and you will be offered the most profitable rate for the moment of your request. This rate is fixed and will be kept after you confirm the transaction. No personal data is needed, and even your wallet address is not kept in the system.

About XRP And WAX

XRP was launched in January 2013.  Initially, 100 billion coins were issued, and that is total emission. Only 39 billion were sold to users, and the remaining quantity was frozen through smart contracts. One of the contracts expires every month, and 1 billion coins are released. You cannot mine Ripple directly. A coin can be obtained in two ways – by becoming a member of the Ripple network or by exchange. You can use online exchanges like Godex or trading platforms that offer transactions involving this coin to buy or sell XRP. Until 2017, the value of XRP was around $0.01, and then it sharply reached $0.46. Today, XRP is traded at $1.08.

WAX is an internal token of the World Assest exChange platform. This platform was created in 2017 specifically for gamers, allowing them to exchange virtual goods, for example, skills. WAX is meant for payments between gamers. The tokens were listed on exchanges at the end of 2017. In total, 64,750,000 tokens were sold during the ICO. The current circulating supply is 1.76B WAX. For September 18, 2021, the Wax value is fixed at $0.287.

Why Is Godex The Right Place For The XRP To WAX Conversion?

You can find WAX and XRP on many exchanges. But the Godex platform favorably stands out from the crowd of its competitors as it managed to combine all possible advantages such a service may have:

  • 200+ coins are available for operations;
  • No registration is needed – all your actions are fully anonymous;
  • No restrictions on the amount and quantity of transactions;
  • Bests rates in the network are guaranteed;
  • All transactions are very fast;
  • Advanced security protocols are used;
  • Affiliate program for partners.

The pandemic forced the entire world to move to remote mode, and users are often deprived of the ability to use fiat money. It has a positive effect on the spread of digital money. Cryptocurrency quickly becomes a payment alternative for goods and services. But always remember to work only with reliable services when you need to make a crypto exchange. Study the Godex site – it can become your full-fledged partner for all your operations with crypto assets.

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