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Does Dunkin Have Pup Cups

Famous American coffee and Doughnut Company, Dunkin, features many deals. Its services extend beyond merely serving humans.

The new product, Puppy Latte, invites the dogs to dine at Dunkin’. And if they’re into it, cats too may partake in the whipped cream.

The cream does not contain any flavor or additives, and the meal shouldn’t cause any harm to your pet. Dunkin’ allows customers to place orders on the pup cup.

It is also amazing to know that the pup cup won’t cost you a dime! It is free. Select outlets may request $1 donations for Dunkin’s charity initiatives.

Does Dunkin have pup cups?

Yeah, Dunkin’ offers pup cups just like the Starbucks Puppucino. The Puppy Latte is a 4-ounce cup of soured cream. The whipped cream is pure and free of additives or flavors. Furthermore, Dunkin’ offers the pup cup freely.

However, select Dunkin’ outlets may request $1 donations to further their charity plans. The Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood foundation comes in aid to children suffering from hunger or illness.

Toys are also available at the Dunkin’ stores for free. Like for the Puppy Latte, Dunkin’ may request donations from customers.

Coffee Drinks Offered By Dunkin

Despite offering an array of delicacies, Dunkin’ chains are famous for their coffee drinks. The evolution of this East Coast’s coffee drinks has exploded since the 50s.

Dunkin’s menu mainly featured regular or decaf coffee with basic donuts in different color and taste variations.

The menu has expanded over time, and you can enjoy their delicacies and beverages however you want to. Dunkin’ can offer foods hot, cold, or iced.

If you are looking to explore Dunkin’s cuisines, consider some of the drinks discussed exhaustively below.

1. Dunkin Classic

The Dunkin’ classic is an original coffee blend. It tastes fantastic, whether hot or iced. Moreover, the addition of flavor shots refines the taste of this classic drink.

Even though years have passed since the launch of this drink, Dunkin’s original is still great. It is smooth and features a modest taste that rivals other coffee chains.

The classic brew drink is made from medium roasted Arabica coffee. The coffee is prepared in a significant way delivering an even taste.

This Dunkin’s original is the primary differentiating product that makes the East Coast chain stand out. Adding Dunkin shots (sweetened or not) will surely enhance the taste of your morning coffee. 

This classic still hits even with the extravagant options included in the Dunkin’s menu. It rarely has whipped cream toppings or any added flavors to it.

2. Americano

Americano is a mix of espresso and drip coffee. This beverage is diluted with water to create a shot of classic espresso. You can enjoy Americano either when iced or hot.

Its origin dates back to World War II when the American militia looked for coffee abroad. However, getting drip coffee in Europe was not easy.

The rising demand for Americano prompted cafes to start mixing espresso with water, and Dunkin’ hopped aboard too. This beverage aims to offer American consumers tasty coffee locally or overseas.

Americano is smooth and less sweet due to the effect of water on espresso. Water removes the bitter taste of espresso, leaving an enjoyable drink.

3. Caramel Swirl Latte

The Dunkin’s swirl caramel latte is slightly creamy and comprises less chocolate. These ingredients make the drink more luscious.

The rich espresso base perfectly blends the caramel flavor, and the high cream content smoothens the drink.

The perfect ratio of the caramel, milk, and espresso, besides the use of a single swirl flavor, tantalizes this drink amazingly.

The sweetened Dankin’ swirl-caramel Latte isn’t available, but you can add your sweetener. Adding a caramel shot to your Latte eliminates the drink’s sweetness.

Caramel macchiato is similar to the Latte and tastes great when hot. However, the main difference between the two is the milk composition besides the recipe followed.

Latte majorly comprises milk, unlike macchiatos. Steamed milk and ingredients layered in macchiato while Latte adds espresso shots. Latte appears entirely creamy, unlike the bold-creamy experience associated with a macchiato.

4. Dunkin’ Pumpkin-spice Latte

The start of the third decade in the 21st century saw Dunkin offering Pumpkin spice latte. This drink has gone ahead to topple similar products from other coffee brands.

It is an upgrade of the swirl and frozen pumpkin coffee beverages. Whether hot or cold, this beverage is ultimately palatable.

The Dunkin pumpkin-spice latte is somewhat less sweet than other pumpkin drink options. The drink tastes less like coffee in some cases since the pumpkin flavor is dominant. The cold pumpkin-spice latte tastes less like coffee.

5. Blueberry/coconut iced coffee

Dunkin’s continuous innovation proves that flavoring coffee with fruits is possible. Furthermore, the East coast coffee outlet has demonstrated how fruits, like berry, may be used to refine coffee’s taste.

If you are planning on trying out new coffee tastes, consider adding the blueberry shot to your daily coffee. You will enjoy the fruit-enhanced coffee experience.

You may use coconut shot in place of blueberry if the taste doesn’t hit the way you wanted. If you like nuts and are looking for something less robust, you have to try this drink.

Hazelnuts, almond milk, and other additives can be used with Dunkin’s blueberry coffee to bring your desired taste.

6. Caramel mocha coffee 

This Dunkin drink can be served either hot or iced and still offer exquisite taste experiences. It is designed uniquely for the sweet tooth or anyone craving savory drinks.

Sprinkling some salt on top of your coffee makes it yummier and creates a delicious salted caramel experience.

Dunkin’s caramel mocha is sweet since caramel and mocha swirls are in this coffee. Skim and almond milk options may cut the calories in mocha coffee since Dunkin doesn’t offer sugarless options.

7. Espresso

Dunkin’s espresso production is optimized to deliver quickly without compromising the flavor. The coffee prices are also competitively priced.

The dark-roasted coffee Arabica beans give Dunkin’s espresso a bold and balanced flavor.

Dunkin’s espresso is pretty excellent, just like espresso prepared by other chain stores. This plain espresso is ideally an excellent base for espresso drinks. 

You should note that Dunkin’s espresso is slightly bitter than contemporary espressos when taken as a straight shot. 

8. Dunkin’s hazelnut mocha

Dunkin offers this beverage, either iced or hot. The drink is a chocolate spread with some touch of hazelnut and measurable coffee flavor.

The mocha in this drink tempers the bitter taste of hazelnut, making it smooth and consumable by most individuals.

It is less sugary compared to most Dunkin’ drinks. You can consume the hazelnut mocha if you want to take it easy with sugar.

The drink tastes better when hot. However, the addition of whipped cream may offset the hazelnut’s acrid taste to enjoy your cold drink. 

9. Cold-brew

Dunkin’ offers more options for enjoying coffee, and the cold brew is an excellent choice for you if you’re crazy about coffee.

It is less acidic and contains a lot of caffeine. Despite these characteristics, the Dunkin’ cold brew is for anyone.

You should consider this if you’re looking to shift from your regular cold coffee. It doesn’t contain a lot of whips and flavor swirls like most Dunkin beverages.

10. Iced pumpkin coffee

Dunkin’ can customize the frozen pumpkin coffee by adding swirls, flavors, or shots by adding pumpkin spices up the frozen drink.

You can also enhance the taste by including a hot pumpkin shot in the coffee shot. It provides a strange and tingly ice sensation to your beverage.

11. Frozen coco berry coffee

The iced cocoa berry coffee is a hack for anyone nuts about nuts and berries (pun intended). Vegans can get along pretty well with this drink too.

It is a delightful drink consisting of almond milk, coconut flavor shots, and blueberry flavor shots. This drink is refreshing and doesn’t contain cream.

With all these ingredients stuffed together, the coffee taste may degrade, falling outside the coffee purists desire.

Dunkin has a modified coffee variation for this iced cocoa berry ice coffee. The modified version replaces cocoa with coconut and may be a favorite for mocha lovers.


Dunkin’ offers pup cups for customers owning dogs. The pup cup is a 4-ounce scoured cream occasionally referred to as a puppy latte.

You should note that the puppy latte is free, but select chains may request $1 donations. The money raised from the donations is then used in charity missions to aid children suffering from hunger and illness.

Aside from pup cups, Dunkin’ has a range of drinks and snacks for fast foods fanatics. The distinct design of the drinks accommodates customers with different needs.

Dunkin’ may use shots, flavors, and other ingredients to enhance the taste of your coffee. Moreover, serving these beverages may be either hot or iced.

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