Boosted Sales In Real Estate: The Power Of 3D Floor Plans

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Boosted Sales In Real Estate

In the world of real estate, where captivating visuals are the initial attraction for prospective buyers, the real estate 3D floor plan rendering emerges as the cornerstone of a buyer’s journey into envisioning their dream home. Akin to the delicate interplay of nature’s elements, a 3D floor plan, when coupled with a 360° virtual tour, forms the foundation upon which buyers can build their aspirations of a property.

As stated by the marketing manager at HAUS, “A high-quality floor plan is an essential part of the visualization process agents employ to capture potential buyers’ attention. It operates much like staging and image enhancement, accentuating property features in their most appealing light.”

For the 85% of real estate agents yet to embrace floor plans in their MLS listings, this article is tailored to be a catalyst for reevaluating strategies. Additionally, this discourse underscores the value of integrating 3D floor plan renderings for real estate photographers seeking to increase their portfolio.

Revolutionary 3D Floor Plans

While traditional architectural blueprints share similarities with 3D floor plans, they pale in comparison as marketing tools. The contrast is evident, and it only highlights the remarkable efficacy of 3D floor plans over 2D architectural drawings in the realm of real estate sales.

#1 Floor plans transcend expectations in buyer appeal

Introducing a floor plan to a property listing can amplify buyer engagement by a substantial 52%. This statistic is just the tip of the iceberg in showcasing the substantial influence of the floor plan renderings.

Let us provide you with the key statistics to better explain the significance of floor plans.

  • 64% of home buyers show their interest in taking a look at floor plans (Zillow)
  • Floor plans collect 7.5 times more clicks than regular maps (
  • Time-to-market is reduced by 50% with listings featuring a floor plan (mov8 Real Estate)
  • 55% of online home seekers find floor plans valuable (National Association of Realtors)
  • 1 out of 5 buyers does not pay attention to listings lacking floor plans (Rightmove)
  • 1 out of 10 buyers don’t tend to schedule viewings when there are no floor plans (Rightmove)

The reason floor plans attract people is not only because of buyers alone. Development companies, sellers, and real estate agents also express an interest in incorporating virtual tours and interactive floor plans into their services, as confirmed by

#2 Floor plans’ role in the COVID-19 property surge

While the virtual tour rightfully receives appraisal for buoying the housing market amidst the pandemic, the floor plan emerges as an unsung hero in buyers’ minds.

In the hierarchy of real estate marketing appeal, floor plan renderings often trail behind 360° virtual tours. However, the National Association of Realtors’ market survey reveals that floor plans surprisingly outpace virtual tours in buyer preference.

When speaking about buyers’ top real estate marketing preferences, the sequence is the following:

  • 3D visuals
  • Informative Property Descriptions
  • Floor Plans
  • Virtual Tours

According to other research, like Zillow’s, a floor plan ranks as the second most pivotal listing feature due to lead generation, which underlines floor plans’ understated yet influential role. Since 2017, floor plans have been quietly embraced by buyers, evident when the National Association of Realtors started collecting insights from property buyers and sellers.

#3 Post-viewing brilliance of floor plans

The “After Effect” of a floor plan denotes its role in helping property shoppers post-physical viewing. This feature is central to decision-making.

Unlike virtual tours and 3D visualizations, a floor plan offers a holistic view of a property’s layout at a glance. This unique feature enables buyers to visualize the place they have viewed after a physical property visit to help in making decisions. Regarding the fact that real estate expeditions often encompass multiple properties, distinguishing between layouts becomes difficult without a reliable reference point.

Floor plans emerge as a go-to reference, narrowing back-and-forth interactions between buyers and agents. The elevated dimension opportunities of 3D floor plans elevate this priceless assistance. Unlike two-dimensional blueprints, 3D floor renderings enrich visual appeal with functional reference, facilitating seamless comprehension in the property-buying process.

#4 Floor plans: Architects of mental harmony

3D floor plans offer insights into the arrangement of space, facilitating buyers’ visualization of life within their potential new home. They do so thanks to involving aspects of Chinese Feng Shui and personal spatial preferences. Echoing the principles of Feng Shui, the spatial arrangement reflects emotionally and spiritually.

From door and window placements to room positioning, staircases’ orientation, and kitchen adjacency to bedrooms, floor plans incorporate the vital components of Feng Shui principles. Beyond formal practitioners, the emotional connection that floor plans nurture guides buyers to really imagine and plan their life’s flow within a property.

While 360° Virtual Tours capture this flow, they fall short in providing a comprehensive aerial perspective of a floor’s layout. A single image on a screen empowers buyers to envision space utilization and life’s rhythm within the walls of their future place.

(For enthusiasts of Feng Shui, integrating compass points, particularly the North, into your 3D floor plan also holds essential significance.)

#5 Streamlining floor plan accessibility 

Obtaining floor plans often presents a hurdle, with professionals lacking access or know-how. Herein lies the transformative power of floor plan service, simplifying the process to empower sellers and photographers.

There are many tutorials and experts to exemplify the user-friendly approach to creating rough 3D floor plans. Such tutorials cover all the aspects of a property arrangement (door swings, sockets, window placements, etc.). 

Conclusion: Embracing The Power Of Floor Plans

The world of real estate is extremely dynamic and always evolving. The potential of 3D floor plans only adds up to creating successful projects and boosting sales consequently. The amazing thing about floor renderings is that they establish an emotional connection between potential buyers and properties. As a result, people can make more informed decisions. With Visengine’s innovative services, real estate professionals are bound to reshape their marketing strategies, leaving an outstanding mark on the realm of property sales.

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