Are Spiders Scared Of Humans? Some Facts You Need To Know

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Are Spiders Scared Of Humans

Spiders are not afraid of humans. In fact, they’re usually very curious and enjoy socializing with other spiders. Some people think that spiders are scared of humans because they think that spiders can’t climb up trees. This is not the case at all. Spiders can climb trees just like any other spider. In fact, some spiders even use their webs to build nests in high-up trees!

Are Spiders Scared of Humans?

Spiders are known for their fearlessness. They are not afraid of humans, but they are afraid of snakes. To prove this, a spider was thrown into a cage with a snake. The spider crawled away from the snake and the snake crawled toward the spider. It was clear that the spider was scared of the snake and vice versa.

What Things Are Spiders Afraid Of?

  • They are afraid of their own shadows.
  • They are afraid of the dark.
  • They are afraid of black cats – especially ones with one ear up and one ear down.
  • They are afraid of being tickled under their chins (ouch!).
  • They are afraid of being sprayed by a skunk and will avoid skunks from then on (just as you avoid smelly people).
  • They are afraid of the vacuum cleaner, especially when it is turned on! (That’s because they don’t have ears to hear the sound and can’t see the moving bag to know what is coming at them.) So, be careful when you turn on your vacuum cleaner! (And if you want to be really cautious, get a small vacuum cleaner that doesn’t make much noise.) And, if you want to be really safe, just squirt them with a little water, or spray them with a little perfume.
  • They are afraid of bright light and will avoid it if they can.
  • They are afraid of big dogs! (especially the ones who bark at them)
  • They are afraid of people wearing white (and they are also afraid of people wearing black).
  • They are afraid of being picked up and held – especially by strangers!

Why Spiders Are Scary – And Why They Might Not Be So Bad After All!

  1. They only bite you if they think you are a threat to them or their babies – so they don’t bite you if you are just sitting on a web or walking by them.
  2. They can’t see very well, so they usually run away from anything that looks like it could be dangerous – which is why spiders are usually not as scary as people make them out to be.
  3. Their legs are very short, so they can’t walk very fast, and most of the time they just crawl (which is why people call them “creepy crawlers”).
  4. Most of the time they are not going anywhere – especially if it is dark and quiet!
  5. If a spider bites you, your body produces an antivenin against its venom – and that antivenin will make the spider sick (hence the name “black widow”).
  6. If a spider is really, really hungry, it will eat a bird – but only if the bird is alive and the spider can get its beak inside the bird’s body.
  7. If a spider is really hungry, it will also eat small animals like mice and insects – but only if they are alive and then they can get their beak inside their bodies (which is why people say spiders are “carnivores”).
  8. All spiders have fangs (which are like teeth) on their front legs to bite things with – which is why they call them “fanged predators”.
  9. A female spider will lay her eggs (called “spiderlings”) in an empty web that she has built-in some quiet place where she can watch them grow up together and take care of each other.
  10. Small spiders usually have large eyes on their backs so that they can see better (especially if they are inside the dark places where they live).

Facts About Spiders That People Might Not Know?

  • If you pick up a dead spider, it will die and turn black – just like a dead fly.
  • Spiders do not have hearts or blood – they have arteries that pump their blood around their bodies.
  • There are over 6,000 different species of spiders in the world – and they can be found everywhere on earth except Antarctica!
  • Spiders can’t see very well – they have only two eyes (and two ways to look at the world). They can’t move their eyes because they are stuck in place (just like eyeglasses). The spiders also have a picture-perfect memory of things that go on around them (like TV programs, friends, or family members). They use this fact when hunting for food or when looking for a mate (if you are looking for your missing pet dog or cat, webbing is usually found near the victim’s body). This is why spiders have to run very fast to escape – or they will be eaten alive!
  • The fastest spider on earth can move at about 20 miles per hour!
  • The longest spider on earth is the Goliath bird spider, which can grow up to 3 inches long (that’s about a foot!).
  • Some spiders go through their entire lives without eating anything – they just wait for their prey to come close enough for them to pounce on them and eat them alive (that’s called “sit and wait”).
  • Spiders are not born with legs – their legs are made out of little hooks that help them climb up things better than humans can (but they will never get as high as the Empire State Building!). If a spider doesn’t have any legs, it will crawl around like a caterpillar (which is what most of the tiny spiders in your house do).
  • Spiders can’t use their legs to walk – they have to hold them up like a person would hold up a cane.
  • The webs that spiders spin are not made out of webbing; they are made out of spider silk – the same stuff that is used in parachutes!


As you have seen, there are many different kinds of spiders, and they all have one thing in common – they are all very dangerous. If you ever come across a spider that looks like it might be poisonous or has lots of legs, do not go near it. Instead, find a safe place and call your parents or a licensed spider removal service immediately.

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