How Can I Get A Birthday In Sims 4? The Ultimate Guide

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How Can I Get A Birthday In Sims 4

The fascinating part of The Sims 4 game is when you grow up your sims. It provides you with a whole set of explorations on new experiences and challenges. Before engaging in these new adventures, you need to initiate a birthday party.

And, where is the fun of having a birthday party without a cake? Most of us know that most significant parties in Sims 4 have birthday cakes.

How can you, therefore, get a flawless birthday in Sims 4?

You will be required to bake the cake manually. Sims can choose to bake between chocolate and white cakes. The type of cake Sims can bake depend on the skill level.

Keep on reading to learn more about birthday in Sims 4.

How To Get A Birthday Cake In Sims 4

Unlike the previous versions of the game, the Sims 4 requires you to bake a cake manually. The earlier games provided you with a buy mode to purchase your cake.

Sims in this version can bake several cake options, either chocolate or white cakes. If you are lucky to install the Up All Night digital content, you can bake a hamburger cake.

Baking a cake might seem a tedious exercise. However, it spices up the realism of the online game. Also, it grants you a memorable activity to enjoy with your family members.

When initiating the baking process, you need to head over to your fridge and click on it. Different food options will then display based on your cooking expertise.

You need to make up your mind on the type of cake you desire and select the cake. Your sim will swiftly begin the baking for you.

Besides, you might have the gourmet cake option if you possess the right cooking skills.

Types Of Birthday Cakes

Let us check on some of the various kinds of birthday cakes eligible in the game.

The cakes that might contribute many flavors to your sims may include:

  • Strawberry cake
  • Honey cake. You can get honey from beekeeping.
  • White cake
  • SimCity cheesecake
  • Blue Confetti cake

All these cake types may present an outstanding appearance for your family.

How To Blow Out The Candles

The most exciting part of having a birthday cake is the time to blow out the candles. To achieve this, you need to select the completed baked cake and press the add birthday candles functionality.

The sims will then bumble their hands over the tasty cake and include the desired birthday candles. Toddlers and babies cannot handle the task of adding candles for you—only the adults.

After having the candles ready, you can click on the cake and select any older or child sim to blow out the candles.

In case you have a toddler sim, you can request anyone for assistance. To do this, you only need to click on the cake and click on the option to get help to blow out birthday candles. The game will provide you with an option of an older sim who will help you.

Or, you might take control of the older sim and select help to blow out the candles. And pick the toddler you wish to age up.

Remember, you cannot age up infants by using birthday cakes. Instead, you need to click on the bassinet and tap age up.

How To Obtain Golden Medals

Birthday parties happen once every year. You should, therefore, not miss such once-in-a-blue-moon events. You can come along with a cake, a gift and do not forget to put a smile on your face.

You can set up a party to celebrate one of your sims birthdays. In case you have sims who are twins, you can age them up at the same birthday party.

A birthday cake, as seen above, is the least requirement when throwing a party. To earn a gold medal at the birthday party, you need to accomplish several goals by topping up the social event.

Preparations For The Party

The initial step to take after deciding on hosting a party is to prepare for it. You can establish an exemplary party space or set up from the Sims 4 gallery. Identify some of the things that you may need in the room.

You can:

  • Put up suitable seats or chairs for your guests.
  • Arrange for a stereo for music entertainment.
  • Serve meals on the guest tables.
  • Initiate a card table with a minimum of three chairs for playing games.
  • Put a musical instrument in the party space for the music enthusiasts.

Tips For Earning Gold Medals In Sims 4

It would be useful to cough up few dollars on some good quality entertainers, mixologists, and caterers. You can also have more than a single sim to complete your goals faster.


You need to achieve a wholesome number of goals to throw a gold medal type of party. Every single sim can complete a goal, and this includes inviting guests.

You are provided with a set of goals to achieve at every birthday party. Goals may vary in different parties. You are advised to prepare yourself effectively for any goal.

To have a successful birthday event, you need to accomplish the main goal. Upon completing the main goal, you are awarded a bronze reward. To attain the other rewards, such as the silver and the gold medals, you need to complete additional goals under the event’s primary goal.

Examples of the secondary goals might include:

  • Making a group delicacy. You might prepare a meal that serves a family or a large crowd.
  • Enhancing playfulness for the sims. You might initiate a method or put up an object with a playful aura. A good example is the Plumbob Emotional Lamps.
  • Making jokes to your guests. You might select a sim who will be in charge of jokes.
  • Another additional goal might involve establishing a happy mood for the birthday sim. You can make the sim engage with people happily.
  • Giving out compliments to the birthday sim. You can only achieve this after cheering up the sim who is aging up.
  • Feasting on the cake. After the birthday sim has blown out the candles, you can serve pieces of cake to the guests or invite them to a tasty meal.
  • Eating the meal. You might prepare food. And grab a plate for the available guests. It would help if you let all the guests take the meal.
  • Setting up some cool music for the sims to listen to at the same time. You might enjoy the great music by dancing or inviting other sims to join you on the dance floor.
  • Games could also fit in these goal options. You can set up a game with the birthday sim. You may opt to play cards, computer or chess. You might also have other sims engage in the games at the same time.
  • You might also freshen your throats with incredible drinks. You can decide to come up with a drink at the bar. Or hire an expert such as a mixologist for greater outcomes. Then, select a glass to enjoy your drink.
  • You might practice your skills by playing a musical instrument for at least an hour. Any instrument in the Sims 4 is eligible to attain this goal.
  • Birthday parties need to have toasts. You can get yourself a drink and pick an adult sim to make the toast.

Birthday Rewards

The significant birthday reward you can acquire is the Balloons and a Banner object. You can only qualify for this reward after throwing a successful silver medal birthday party. After unlocking the item, you can set several items you desire.


Why can’t my sims bake a cake?

The issue normally arises when you leave something in the oven. You might bring it out or opt to replace the oven. Once you click on the oven, you are provided with the option to proceed with the cooking. If there is none, ensure the counter has enough space to make up the batter.

Can you host parties for babies in Sims 4?

You cannot throw a birthday party for a baby in Sims 4.

Do cakes take long to bake?

Baking a cake might take 30 to 35 minutes of your time. Let the top part attain a light gold. A toothpick needs to come clean when penetrated in the middle section. You can give the cake 10 minutes to cool completely.

Do sims need a cake to age?

Sims do not mandatory need a cake to age. You can decide on the auto-age option, which may, however, make them unhappy.


Baking birthday cakes and throwing ideal parties is an exciting exercise in the Sims 4 game. The outstanding experience brings players closer to the game.

I guess you can now comfortably bake a cake for your birthday sim in the game. Have fun with all the activities, gamer!

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