10 Celebrity Skincare Habits Anyone Can Replicate

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10 Celebrity Skincare Habits Anyone Can Replicate

Having good skin is one attribute we can associate with many celebrities. They always work so hard to keep their skin looking flawless, as they spend most of their time in front of the lights and cameras, and need to look sensational for viewers. And with all the money they earn, they sure can afford access to some of the best dermatologists and skincare products like famous Dr. Bronners soaps.

While keeping up with most celebrity skincare habits may appear to be quite tasking, they really aren’t. As a matter of fact, they easily grow on you and are worth the effort. 

If you crave glowing skin that is spot-light-ready and will make you stand out like your favorite celebrities, we have the right tips for you. We have compiled ten of the best celebrity skincare habits that you can follow without having to visit the most expensive dermatologists.

1. Drink A Gallon Of Water A Day

Your skin needs a lot of water to stay hydrated. Sure, moisturizers are cool, but you need to do more than just hydrate your skin on the outside, you need to hydrate it from the inside too. Staying hydrated is Gabrielle Union’s secret skincare recipe to better skin, hair, and nails.

While many celebrities have said that their daily intake of water is a part of their radiating and flawless skin, there are no scientific backings that support this claim. Water alone might not give you the skin you desire, but it sure plays a huge role in achieving your skin goals. Health experts also highly recommend the daily intake of water with specific instructions to avoid overhydration, which could put a strain on the kidney. 

2. Keep Your Creams In The Fridge

The fridge? The same place where I keep my food? Well, yeah! Keeping your beauty products at a cooler temperature helps improve their function. You may also need to dedicate a little compartment to keep your products if you’re concerned about keeping these products right beside your raw food.

Cooler temperatures also help improve the way these products feel on your skin, especially water-based products. The coolness reduces redness, puffiness, and inflammation. Store your moisturizers and night creams in your fridge for better skin, it takes some getting used to, but the results are impressive.

3. Eat Your Greens

Skin health goes way beyond what you apply topically, right before you go to bed or after you wake up. In addition to your water intake, eating the right meals can help you achieve better skin. Celebrities like Olivia Culpo, former Miss Universe, focus more on her diet than skin products. 

Cut down your sugar and fat intake, and include more greens in your diet. Taking in a lot of dairy products and a high-glycemic diet – consuming processed food, white flour, or white sugar could cause acne. Try consuming more leafy greens, high in zinc, they reduce inflammation and keep you in a healthier state overall.

4. Don’t Overuse Products

Applying a bunch of products to the skin will not only irritate it but also exposes it to danger. Use as few skin products as possible. And this applies to the number of ingredients used in making these products.

Only purchase products with the essential ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, and Retinol, amongst others. This way, you don’t have to put your skin under so much stress with multiple products, but give it all it needs to stay healthy and attractive.

5. Get Plenty Of Sleep

Treat your skin to a good night’s rest to improve cellular growth. Just like Jennifer Lopez, you too can get flawless skin when you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. 

Sleep is such an important part of getting your skin healthy. You can see signs of aging when you don’t get enough of it, dark circles, and eyebags. Most skincare products also work better at night, when you close your eyes to rest from all the day’s stress.

6. Exfoliate Frequently

Literally, all celebrities exfoliate. Kim Kardashian exfoliates with a hot washcloth and Christie Brinkley uses the exfoliator from her skincare line. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin to give it a smooth and younger look. 

However, the products you use to exfoliate are just as important as exfoliating. Heavy exfoliating can also damage the skin, so be gentle and keep exfoliation to three times weekly, not every day.

7. Let Your Skin Breathe

Give your skin a break sometimes. Go make-up free and stay away from applying any products on your skin. Also, go for products that are labeled “non-comedogenic” to reduce the chances of you having clogged pores or frequent breakouts.

8. Utilize Under Eye Patches

Get rid of dark circles with under-eye patches to make your eyes shine. With this product, you can tighten your skin and reduce puffiness in 15 minutes or less. And the good news is, eye patches aren’t pricey, you can get rid of under-eye issues without breaking the bank.

9. Indulge In DIY Facial Masks

Make your face masks right in the comfort of your home with natural ingredients to brighten your skin. Priyanka Chopra makes a face mask with yogurt, turmeric, and oatmeal to give her skin the extra glow she needs to look flawless. With organic facial masks, you can reduce redness, dryness, and itchiness. 

10. Adjust Your Routine As Your Skin Needs Change

Do not be afraid to try out new products as seasons change. Jessica Hart uses heavier products during winter and changes them depending on how her skin reacts over time.

Your skin type can change with time, location, and seasons. So, be prepared to use different products at different times to always meet the demands of your skin.


Not all products work for everyone. You should be willing to experiment carefully until you find the one that suits your skin. Before adopting any skincare routine, ensure that you check in with your dermatologist first for approval.

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