5 Important Tips on what to wear on your Charter Fishing Trip


Fishing can be fantastic, especially in the summer unless of course, you choose the wrong type of clothing. You should wear clothing that provides comfort while fishing and still protects you against the dangers posed by UV rays. All Rivers & Saltwater Charters said, “Today, the technology involved in the creation of quality clothing for fishing is incredible, what with the incorporation of both style and functionality.” In this article, we list what you should wear while on your charter fishing trip.

1. Sun Screen
Start by protecting your skin. Use a high-quality sweat proof sunscreen that bonds to your skin upon contact and does not run down your eyes or sting. Find a sunscreen that leaves no greasy residue, which might adversely affect your grip. A waterproof, oil free, and hypoallergenic formula is your best option. A suitable sunscreen should quickly soak into your skin. Remember to reapply your sunscreen every few hours, particularly during the summer. Inside your boat, keep baby wipes which you will use to wipe off your hands after the application of sunscreen. Since sunscreen expires, make sure you purchase a new tube.

2. Hats
Although a hard hat liner might seem a bit unconventional, it will keep your head, ears, and neck warm in cold weather. A wide-brimmed hat is suitable for your charter fishing trip during the summer since it guards you against overheating, sunburn, and overexposure to the sun. A wide- brim hat is the most preferred head covering and not a cap, and even though traditional ball caps help a little, a full brim hat is made to protect the face, head, ears, and neck. Be sure the hat is of a breathable material so that your scalp can breathe. Water reflects sun rays, intensifying their effect.

3. Base Layers
While on your charter fishing trip during the summer, form your base layer using a thin t-shirt. Try the specially treated 100 percent polyester fabric that has a 50+ UPF rating. There are also several types of fabric available that wick away moisture and the most popular are those developed to repel water and resist staining. Such materials also feature anti-odor properties that help you battle the outdoor elements. Seeing that the base layer is in direct contact with your skin, it is important that you opt for a material that allows moisture to escape from your body. Dried sweat on your skin can quickly make you cold.

4. Footwear
A water shoe is ideal footwear while on your charter fishing trip, particularly as it is vital to have comfortable feet when fishing. Lightweight shoes featuring a soft footbed make a perfect option. In case you wear sandals, a flexible, light-weight, and ventilated material is what you should look for, although sandals are not a strong recommendation.

The upper material of your footwear should easily conform to your foot. High-quality footwear products for fishing are slip-resistant, odor-resistant, UV-resistant, and easy to clean. Shoes made of waterproof materials are ideal for fishing during the day. Fishing shoes should also dry fast; most have a drainage tunnel that quickly removes water from inside the shoe. In this way, you will not be sloshing around, which might cause blisters on your feet. Shoes that feature elastic bungee laces are suitable since you can pull them tight whenever they get loose due to wetness. The shoes also need to have a non-slip as well as non-marking rubber outsole.

5. Shirts and shorts
Wearing a nylon top on top of the base layer helps to keep you cool. Go for the ultra-quick-dry 100 percent nylon button up shirts that are breathable and light. Opt for the long-sleeved version that offers additional protection to your arms since you could always roll them out whenever needed. Most of these shirts come with front and back ventilation, maintaining air flow while the roll-up collars protect the neck from the harsh UV rays. Light blues and grays provide the best blends when fishing in shallow waters.

You need versatile clothing for long days on the water and pants that feature a zip-off can convert to shorts. In this way, you wear shorts during the day, and you could always add the legs back on if it gets cold. Your pants should also have pockets to carry your fishing stuff.

It is essential to wear the right clothes since it is inevitable that you will be in the sun for extended periods. There is little physical movement involved even when actively fishing, which makes it necessary to dress with safety and protection in mind. The most important item to have before you go fishing is a high-quality life jacket. It is also important to note that should you ever fall into the water while wearing the items mentioned above, you most likely will be able to swim. Additionally, a life vest must be worn on top of every other clothing item.