Why It’s Worth Creating A Stock Trading App And What It Should Be Like

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Why It's Worth Creating A Stock Trading App

It is important for every trader to always be aware of all movements on the market, make quick decisions and promptly perform actions to buy and sell assets at any time and in any place. Mobile trading applications help to do this – you can trade directly from your smartphone.

The main thing that any trader needs is an application that is convenient, fast, and error-free. At the stock exchange, where the price can change several times in a second, a “slow” application is a complete failure: users will lose money and time, and then they will move to another application where there are no such problems. How to make stock trading app?

The App Should Work From The Phone And The Tablet

The future users include both experienced and novice traders. That’s why the app has to work from both a phone and a tablet. Beginners are just getting acquainted with the stock trading app and don’t need most of the complex options. It is enough that the program allows them to buy and sell, see statistics on the portfolio and monitor changes in the open position, and, if necessary, close it promptly. All of this can be done from a smartphone.

A Smartphone Requires Only Basic Features: Portfolio Value, Quotations Of Cryptocurrencies, Performed Operations

For the advanced traders, these features are no longer enough. He prefers to use a tablet because it has a bigger screen. They need a full-featured trading terminal, where they can analyze the stock market or place complex trading orders. They need additional tools for analyzing stock trading apps: charts, candlesticks, and indicators.

Advanced traders also use the application on their phone, but only to promptly follow the open positions. Virtually all stock trading apps work in this way now. True, not everyone is able to carry out a complete optimization. 

The Application Must Be Convenient

This is an obvious point, but nevertheless, many stock trading app users complain about the fact that it is difficult to understand on the spot. When developing an application, identify the main elements that users want to immediately see in the application: the chart, the stock market, applications, and currency pair quotes. They are brought up on the main screen.

How Is The Design Of A Stock Trading App Different?

Most stock trading apps are designed in a dark theme because it is more suitable for evening and night work and more friendly to the eyes if you spend a lot of time near the screen. It is worth choosing a dark theme. Make the other elements stand out and contrast, so they are clearly visible against the dark background. For fonts, choose white, but a certain degree of intensity.


Charts are a key element of any application that is somehow related to trading. Therefore, the task of your potential product is to work in such a way that all data is accessed as quickly as possible and in real-time. In most cases, developers prefer terminals from TradingView. They also have all sorts of add-ons and extensions that many traders use. 

If we consider the visualization of price movements in the stock market in terms of technical implementation, everything is much more complicated than it may seem at first glance. We will have to use WebView. It’s a component that will allow you to embed a web page in a mobile application. But for this, you will need to further refine it by embedding a special native wrapper. 

What Problems Can Be Encountered During The Development Of A Stock Trading App

A trader’s earnings may depend on the speed at which the quotes update on the application screen. Therefore you should do your best to update them as quickly as possible. In the development process, the frequency of data updates is a priority. 

Device Battery Overheating And Screen Flickering

In the stock trading app quotes change very frequently, several times a second. This data is constantly coming from the server. The change is immediately displayed on the chart, which means that the application has to redraw the interface instantly.

Such intensive work causes old or low-powered devices to overheat and the battery to drain at an alarming rate. There can appear screen flickers or freezes – this happens because the processor does not have time to process events. And the developer of the app needs to prevent this problem.

What Is Important In A Stock Trading App

  • The app should work on both tablets and smartphones. That way, you can take into account the needs of both beginners and advanced traders.
  • It is important to provide a user-friendly experience with the application.
  • Most often, the design of applications is done with a dark theme. It is more convenient than the light one because traders look a lot at the screens and often work at night.
  • Stable operation of the application and fast data updates are very important.

Good trading apps must be modern, comfortable, and stable. An excellent indicator is if the developers regularly release updates with improvements and bug fixes.

The program should work without crashes and brakes, broadcast price changes without delays, and send all important notifications on time. The interface should be intuitive and not overloaded, but at the same time, it should have everything you need for the operational execution of deals, analysis of charts, and portfolio.

A section with news, forecasts, and analytical reviews inside the trading app will be especially useful. Many applications have blogs with helpful articles on how to learn the functionality of their product and trading in general. Some have tutorials and example strategies that can be helpful.

Mobile applications for trading are convenient. You can react quickly to changes in the market and trade anywhere and anytime right from your smartphone. However, due to a number of common shortcomings, they can lose out to web-based versions of trading platforms or PC-based trading apps in some respects. But if you can figure out how to solve these problems, you stand a good chance of launching a very successful project. 

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