Why Is My Face So Fat

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Why Is My Face So Fat

There is nothing more embarrassing than seeing pictures of yourself and being shocked at how fat you look. When you have a fat face, it does not just reveal itself on camera but also when you are talking to someone or simply walking past them. If you think that this is just a temporary phase and will go away with time, think again! Some people never manage to get rid of it. So what is causing people to have a fat faces? We all know what a ‘fat’ diet means – lots of high-fat foods such as meat, fried food, butter, and cheese. But the problem is that almost everyone seems to be following this advice at the same time! It has led to an epidemic of fat faces everywhere. Keep reading to find out what’s causing you to have a fat face.

Why Is My Face So Fat?

Fatty foods, in general, trigger a reaction in our bodies that leads to the accumulation of extra fat cells. According to research, our bodies have a ‘fat switch’ that determines when the body should store fat or burn it. In addition to this, the body is also able to store more water in the face area and causing it to swell up. This is why some people have round faces, despite being skinny or having flat stomachs.

Excessive Consumption Of Sugar And Carbohydrates

1. Sugar And Bread

Simple carbohydrates are converted into fat by the body faster than any other source of food. The body does not even have to digest these foods! This is why you see many people at parties or in clubs carrying packets of biscuits and candies around with them. Eating a lot of sugar and carbohydrate will not only make you fat but also cause diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.

2. Starch

Starch is a type of carbohydrate found in potatoes, beans, corn, and peas. When this starch reaches the large intestine it is broken down into sugar molecules which can then be absorbed back into the bloodstream causing high blood sugar levels followed by diabetes.

3. Fatty Proteins

They are similar to carbohydrates in that they are digested very rapidly giving you a sudden boost in energy followed by fatigue as your blood sugar levels fall again. This pattern leads to excessive consumption of food with no lasting benefit to your health or appearance!

4. High-Fat Diets

The quickest way for your body to get rid of any extra stored fat is through excess consumption of food that is high in calories and low in nutritional value such as fast food, fatty meat with lots of sauces, etc…

5. Alcohol

Although alcohol does contain calories it gets converted into glucose quicker than almost anything else you eat! Alcoholic drinks like beer contain lots more calories than wine due to the unfermented sugar found in most beers which passes straight through the body unchanged.

6. Refined Carbohydrates

These are refined carbs that have had most of their vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients removed during processing. When your body receives refined carbohydrates it must break them down into simple sugars which are then absorbed directly into the bloodstream leading to elevated levels of insulin in your bloodstream followed by a rapid drop in blood sugar levels resulting in fatigue, weakness, and hunger… The feeling you get after eating a fast food meal or a quick sugar fix!

7. Caffeine

This is found in tea, coffee, and chocolate (cocoa) products. It speeds up the nervous system causing you to experience a rush of energy soon followed by feeling tired again… And so the cycle continues!

8. Alcohol Consumption

The problem with alcohol consumption is not about quantity but about quality of choice! Most alcohols contain more calories per gram than fats or proteins so make sure that whatever you drink is quality alcohol!

Lack Of Exercise

  • We all know that regular exercise is essential for us to remain healthy and trim. In addition to increasing your metabolic rate, it will also increase the number of calories you burn at rest! The most effective way to do this is by exercising a lot of muscle groups simultaneously through a vigorous workout!
  • Our bodies are made mostly out of lean muscle so if we were to lose some muscle through lack of exercise this would result in a decrease in our metabolic rate making it much harder for us to lose excess body fat.
  • Muscle burns calories faster than anything else in your body! If you were to increase your muscle mass (by lifting weights) then you could potentially speed up your metabolism by as much as 100 calories per day! By eating slightly less than normal and exercising regularly you can use this calorie surplus to build lean muscle and eventually burn away those extra pounds!
  • Certain foods aid in faster recovery after intense workouts. Protein shakes are an excellent choice since they provide essential amino acids which aid in building new muscles in combination with carbohydrates that replenish energy stores fast giving you an excellent opportunity to build more muscles even faster!
  • Finding the right type of exercise that fits your personality and lifestyle is essential! Depending on your taste you could choose running, swimming, biking, Zumba, or any other workout as long as you give it you are all the time!

Improper Skin Care Practices

1. Improper Skin Care With The Use Of Toxins Such As Parabens And Sulfates

Our skin’s health is in our hands! Choosing organic skin products and avoiding anything with a chemical label will help preserve the youthfulness of your skin for longer. Unfortunately, most commercially available beauty products contain these toxic chemicals that could harm your body. So be sure to research everything you put on your skin!

2. Using The Nastiest Chemicals On Earth To Remove Hair

If you do choose to remove unwanted hair then make sure it’s done without using poisonous or carcinogenic chemicals! Invest in the best quality wax or laser hair removal system that’s available out there!

3. Improper Use Of Artificial Tanning Creams

A lot of people desire to look tanned especially during summertime, but using sun beds or other tanning creams is not worth it! They cause more harm than good and can even cause cancer over time so you are much better off with spray tans done by professionals instead!

4. Skin Aging Too Young

As we get older we tend to forget about protecting our skin from sun exposure which results in premature aging including wrinkles, age spots, liver spots, freckles, and saggy-looking skin in general.

5. Getting Lip Injections And Botox Injections

This is not worth it! These injections will not rejuvenate your skin or improve your looks at all! You are much better off with a proper skincare routine, free from wrinkles and blemishes!

6. Getting Non-Organic Face Cleansing, Moisturizing, And Toning Creams

Skincare routines are essential to keeping your skin looking healthy and young but investing in the right products is a must! Go to your local health store, Whole Foods Market, or other organic “boutique” stores instead of purchasing bad quality mass-produced products that could cause more harm than good because of the chemicals they contain!

7. Too Much Sun Exposure 

Excessive sun exposure causes wrinkles and age spots and can even cause you to develop Melanoma which is deadly if untreated. So be sure to enjoy the sun using sunscreen or stay indoors when necessary.

8. Failure To Wash Makeup Brushes Regularly 

Skin conditions can easily be spread when sharing makeup brushes with others so make sure you clean them at least once a week for hygienic reasons! Remember that most cosmetics contain harmful chemicals that could harm you over time so never share makeup with anybody else unless necessary!!

9. Using Foundation With Artificial Ingredients Such As Parabens, Formaldehyde, Toxic Dyes/Chemicals (Even Fd&C Colors)

Always read labels on anything before purchasing it because if it has more than five ingredients listed you should avoid using it! These chemicals are poisonous and can cause severe allergic reactions over time!


The best way to avoid having a fat face is to start making healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating fewer carbs and sugar, exercising regularly, and taking care of your skin. Other than that, there is no permanent solution to having a fat face.

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