What Is The Best Glass Color For Shelves?

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What Is The Best Glass Color For Shelves

Glass shelves offer the distinction of transparency for your home. Some homeowners prefer a translucent look while others want added texture or frosting. You may even want your glass shelves to bring in a pop of color.

However, for many homeowners, deciding on glass colors for shelves is as difficult as choosing a shape, edging, or finish. Custom glass shelves can be crafted to the size, style, color, and look that you want for your home. With colored glass, you can add another design element to your home.

If you’re wondering which glass color is best for shelves, here’s what you should know.

Clear Glass Isn’t Completely Clear

When you look at clear glass shelving, you may notice that it has a little light blue-green tinting to it. You won’t see it when looking down on the glass, but you can see it through the long edges. Choosing crystal clear or low-iron glass has a paler tint. This can illuminate your artwork and other cherished collectibles.

Ultimately, the glass used for interior design can be made the way you want it in size, color, and other factors. Customizable glass shelves can go beyond the typical bronze tint and be crafted in a variety of other ways.

Bronze-Tinted Glass

Bronze-tinted glass is one of the most popular as it creates a coppery look. It provides another degree of sophistication to your home.

Gray-Tinted Glass

Some homeowners choose gray-tinted glass for their shelving. It can be pale and smokey or dark gray. Dark gray doesn’t let as much light in and can come across as black in certain light.

This may be a perfect option if you are designing an entertainment area in your living room or for your home theater. You may want to place a TV or audio-visual equipment on this type of glass as it can blend in and let the system stand out.

Other Color Tints For Glass Shelves

Often, tinted architectural glass can appear in peach, green, and blue to help cut down on heat and light entering a building. However, these colors can also be used to enhance your home with a pop of brilliance in glass shelving.

The thing that makes blue, peach, and green glass shelves a great idea is that they contain the same properties as clear glass. They can be polished just the same and offer that reflective quality while imparting subtle hues. This may be ideal if you have a room with more muted colors, allowing it to truly shine.

Laminated glass can give you even more color options for your glass shelves. It is made with an interlayer of vinyl that can be custom-crafted into any color. Since it can’t be fully polished as it is softer inside, you will want to be extra cautious to avoid breaking it.

Colorful LED Options

One way to bring in more color through glass shelves and let it change with your moods is by using LED lighting. With backlit custom shelves, you can always change the way your glass shelves appear. It’s even better than simply choosing a color or tint because you have greater versatility for your displays.

Mirrored Glass Shelves

While it’s not a color, mirrored glass shelves do offer the ability to reflect the colors of your room. This may be a harmonious way to bring in more color that is cohesive with your design. If you have a room that bursts with colors, mirrored glass shelving is the way to enhance it and simultaneously make the room appear larger and brighter.

How To Choose The Best Glass Color Shelves For Your Home

Deciding on the right finish for your glass shelves may seem like another impossible task. There are tons of options you can choose to have customized for your home. The best way to decide is by looking at a glass studio and browsing the portfolio. It’s likely that you haven’t seen all the choices you have available, and taking a look can inspire your ideas.

If you know you want glass shelves for your home but have no idea what to do for the finish, or if you should get them in colors, an interior designer can offer ideas. Ultimately, working with a designer and having a custom glass studio craft your glass shelves will give your home the elegant appearance you desire. 

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