4 Ways To Find The Owner Of A PO Box

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Ways To Find The Owner Of A PO Box

A post office box is a specially addressed, locked box on a post office’s property. There is no door-to-door mail delivery in several areas, most notably in Africa; one such location is Kenya. As a result, in these nations, renting a PO box has always been the only means to receive mail.

Most people who utilize a PO box don’t want everyone to know where they are. The person’s address might need to be known in some circumstances, but it shouldn’t be made public. For instance, security is a common justification for owning a PO box. However, people want to know about PO box owner lookup.

Although a post office box may appear anonymous, there are ways to learn the name and genuine address of a post office box holder. The law permits you to ask for this information in specific situations and for particular reasons that vary depending on whether you are dealing with an individual or a corporation. 

4 Ways To Conduct A PO Box Owner Lookup

The following are ways how to find out who owns a PO box.

1. Check the local post office to look up the box owner 

The first approach we’ll discuss is a direct one. You might consider visiting your neighborhood post office instead of relying on data centers. Try to request the data you require there.

Make sure you have the legal authority to request the name of the owner of a post office box first. According to the Superior Court of California, you can ask for a person’s identity and address if a post office box is used commercially. However, before the information is made available, if the PO box is used for personal purposes, you must submit legal documentation proving that the search was conducted in connection with judicial proceedings or another good act.

2. Make use of address lookup

To find the owner of a PO box, you can use an address lookup. Suppose you cannot locate the PO box owner’s address in your neighborhood. In that case, you must conduct additional research, such as contacting data firms, to obtain the required information. Using a USPS Address Lookup and Address Verification tool, you can use this option to determine or confirm whether the address is legitimate. This tool is excellent for determining whether an address can accept mail, packages, or deliveries. Enter the address to check its status for yourself. A complete deliverable USPS mailing address, the kind of address (commercial, residential, high-rise, PO Box, etc.), and the address status (valid, unoccupied, non-deliverable, apt. missing, etc.) are typically included in the results.

The data append tool can produce additional information, such as the name, phone number, and email address of the person associated with the (PO box) address you’re seeking to append, once you have confirmed that it is deliverable and legitimate.

3. Make use of a reverse PO Box Lookup

The reverse PO box search is another alternative approach to consider. Finding out someone’s mailing status or activities using a PO address is unlikely. However, a reverse PO box search enables you to locate a forwarding address and obtain information regarding the owner. This reverse post office box owner search can only be done using a few tools, and the service may be free or charged. It will help you find the owner of the post office box.

4. You can hire a private investigator

Additionally, you can use a private investigator to find the owner of a PO Box. If all other options fail, it should be your last option. Using the assistance of these search professionals almost always results in an exciting turn of events, but one thing is sure: it is never free. You pay the same amount for these people to follow the person and discover the data you need. You will frequently receive updates regarding the owner of the PO box, even though their methods are unclear. 

Why People Want To Know The Owner Of A PO Box’s Real Address   

You are likely looking for someone’s genuine address if you conduct a PO box search. There are several advantages to finding someone through this method, and it is the most significant way to find them. Knowing someone’s current address makes sending them packages or letters easier without fearing they will get lost on the road if they have moved away from their old residence but still want their mail forwarded to them.

It also enables people who have been physically apart for various reasons, such as military deployment or family relocation, to reunite with a measure of comfort, knowing that their loved ones have been informed about what transpired over the previous few months while they were apart.

In addition, there are times when it is required by law. A PO box owner lookup would be the ideal way to begin the investigation process if a judge orders that someone be tracked down in connection with legal proceedings and the legal teams are having trouble locating that person.

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