Using Press Releases As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

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Using Press Releases As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

There are so many marketing and branding development strategies that today’s businesses use that press releases have become somewhat forgotten. Press releases can be a very effective marketing tool for major and important announcements, whether regarding a business or the release of its new products and services. Press releases, just like other marketing strategies, need a bit of work and strategizing to ensure they produce the best results.

But What Is A Press Release?

A press release is a statement that summarizes the announcement of something a business is promoting. The thinking is that the content of the press release will be so interesting that news publications will want their audience to know about it.

Press releases are not stories that news publications copy and paste but should instead be used as a source of information for the creation of new news content. It is up to journalists and news publications to follow up, include additional details and use the press releases for official statements and quotes.

When To Do A Press Release

Companies should do press releases when they have something significant to announce. This is because news sites and journalists want to work on stories that will interest their audiences, catch attention, drive traffic, and that are worth their time. Releasing too many press releases dilutes the effectiveness of each one, making publications less likely to report on your news.

Providing enough details while being helpful and not wordy and boring ensures that journalists and news sites do not ignore your press release.

What To Include

A press release includes four main things:

  • The main announcement
  • Relevant dates for a release or event
  • The location
  • Contact information

You can flesh out your press announcement a bit more depending on your industry and announcement, but these are the absolute must-haves. The press release should also have a professional tone and be checked for grammar and spelling mistakes. This is because it is an official announcement for your business and as such is a reflection of it.

Even though you should try to include as many details as possible, keep the press release as short as possible, ideally within one page.


Your press release will not be an effective marketing tool if it does not reach the right audience. While you can take an approach where you send the press release as widely as possible, it is better to be a bit more targeted in your approach.

It is possible to reach out to different journalists and news platforms to pass the press release, but it is usually much more effective to work with companies specializing in their distribution. Picking the right distribution service for your industry will work best. For example, crypto brands in need of a crypto press release service will see better results when working with companies working in the niche.

These companies have relationships with hundreds of news sites and blogs where you are more likely to reach your target audience.

Press releases can be very effective marketing tools if they are used the right way. They should be created with the right information and hook to ensure those who receive them are interested and then distributed to the right audiences for the best results. Working with a press release distribution company can help with ensuring the right reach.

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